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Dwane Casey's Lock-down Defense Two-Pack

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Dwane Casey's Lock-down Defense Two-Pack

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  • Dwane Casey's Lock-down Defense Two-Pack
  • Dwane Casey's Lock-down Defense Two-Pack

Defending the Pick-and-Roll

with Dwane Casey,
Toronto Raptors (NBA) Head Coach; Most career wins in Raptors franchise history;
Led Toronto to the 2016 Eastern Conference Finals;
won a NBA Championship as an assistant coach for the Dallas Mavericks (2011)

With the prevalence of ball screens at all levels of basketball, pick & roll defense should be one of the foremost concerns for any coach. Dwane Casey shows you the tactics the Toronto Raptors employ to shut down side and middle pick & rolls versus elite NBA competition.

Defending Side Pick & Roll

Coach Casey will show you two ways to shut down side pick & rolls based on the player who's covering the ball. You will learn how you can match-up with the ball in the middle to neutralize any advantages that might be created off a high pick & roll. In addition to these most common ball-screening actions, you will also learn how to defend Laker cuts, split screens, doubling the post, and ball screens out of the Horns set.

Defending Mid Pick-and-Roll

Coach Casey explains how to use the "weak" strategy against pick & rolls in the middle of the floor. You'll learn important details such as how your post players can keep the ball in front and how to communicate with the on-ball defender to switch or recover back to their man. You will learn how to teach your help defenders to "tag" the roller from either single- or double-side situations.

Coach Casey also demonstrates how to handle two unorthodox situations that are created by crafty ball handlers, such as when dribblers continue their drive underneath the basket or when the dribbler uses the "cross-grain" to change direction immediately after a ball screen.

Finally, you'll learn the most popular option in the NBA for shutting down side ball screens with the "Blue" tactic. Gain strategies for defending the screener when they roll or pop to the elbow. Casey also demonstrates how to force turnovers by turning "Blue" into a trap.

This video gives you the ability to effectively guard the pick & roll, whether you are playing in man or zone defense.

46 minutes. 2017.

'Fist' 2-3 Zone Defense

with Dwane Casey,
Toronto Raptors (NBA) Head Coach; Most career wins in Raptors franchise history;
Led Toronto to the 2016 Eastern Conference Finals;
won a NBA Championship as an assistant coach for the Dallas Mavericks (2011)

Veteran NBA coach Dwane Casey has long been regarded as a defensive guru. He helped the Dallas Mavericks win an NBA championship by incorporating a match-up 2-3 zone defense that could neutralize some of the greatest players on the planet. The fundamentals of his "Fist" zone defense will enable you to keep up with even the best teams on your schedule.

Coach Casey breaks down the intricacies of his defense with practice drills that simulate common offensive strategies versus the zone. See how Coach Casey teaches members of the Humber Hawks men's basketball team at Humber College (who have never run his 2-3 zone before) to be able to run a 2-3 zone like an NBA team would.

Installing a 2-3 Zone

Build your match-up zone defense from the ground up with the essential fundamentals. Coach Casey shows you how the court is divided into quadrants to teach your players basic positioning and their responsibilities. He explains his philosophy for defending the ball and providing help support with the nearest players. You'll learn how to adjust these strategies based on the location of the ball and the defender who is applying pressure.

Communication in the Zone Defense

See how Coach Casey teaches communication and terminology within a 2-3 zone setting. Your defenders will learn how to communicate baseline runners to initiate "bumps" in player coverage. This strategy helps you counter your opponent's attempts at overloading one side of the court. Coach Casey implements a drill you can use in your practices to reinforce concepts such as forcing the direction of drives from the wing, "bum rushing" the ball, and sitting on the post to help protect the paint.

Coach Casey adds a flasher into the high post to challenge your defense's match-up responsibilities. Players will learn how to extend outside of their coverage areas based on the situational needs. You will also learn how to use communication to solve confusing situations and trade match-ups for players that are moving through multiple zones.

Additionally, you'll learn how the match-up zone can be applied to both sideline and baseline inbound situations to disrupt your opponent's carefully crafted plays with a defensive change-up.

This video by Coach Casey goes in-depth to explain the secrets to a true 2-3 match-up zone with finer detail than any other video on the market!

56 minutes. 2017.

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