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Beating a Box and 1?
February 24, 2008 06:34AM
Hey guys, I need some help. I know the team we play this week will run a Box and 1 on our best player, we usually run a play we call baseline where he basically runs off 2 post screens back and forth on the baseline. we also run a four out-one in motion offense.

Any other suggestions to beat this?

Anonymous User
Re: Beating a Box and 1?
April 08, 2008 12:26PM
Hi CoachC42,

I was thinking of beating Box n' 1 just yesterday evening, Jayhawks played it for some time in the final game. So, it's a late reply, but maybe not too late.

Well, my guess is that You can't be relying on this particular player that will be manned in Bn'1, so the other guys in team will have to do the work.

The idea is to put Your manned man, the one you claim to be your best player, next to second-best shooter in your team. After you make an extra man next to defense that is in "man" - remember, defensive guard in man is not helping, he is face to face - your second-best shooter will be alone.

Since this doesn't sound ckear even to me, smileys with beer, here is an URL, see it on my blog
Re: Beating a Box and 1?
April 08, 2008 06:21PM
Yeah, that explanation above is not clear at all, no offense. That method sounds to me like one person can guard two people.

The key is to spread the floor. You need a point, a wing, two posts, and a baseline runner.

The point dribbles over to a wing. If you can get the ball to the baseline runner (the one being boxed), get it to him/her. If not, you have a high post and a low post on the ball side to look into.

However, when you swing the ball to the other wing, your baseline runner (again, the one being boxed) will run off of a screen from the low post kid. So in other words, before the low post moves back to the other side where the ball NOW is, he/she must set a screen for the boxed player to either come in the lane and get the pass for a short jumper, or fade cut for a three pointer.

Now since this is a box, remember, you can always go high-low with your posts. If you get it to your high post, you can look to shoot first, pass second, dribble third. Make sure that he/she looks down to the possibly sealed low post for a lay-up. If he/she is not open, look for weakside guard or wing to be open for a jumper.

Any questions, my e-mail should be on the site. If not, I'll send you it.

Coach J
Re: Beating a Box and 1?
April 11, 2008 08:52PM
Screen with the one being denied (especially ball screen).

Also, Penetrate and kick as the four in a zone have more ground to cover and will eventually get out of position.
Re: Beating a Box and 1?
April 16, 2008 09:45PM
I do one of two things against a box 1 defense. One I put the player being denied on the point, and overload a side. This is pretty effective considering you are essentially playing 4 on 2 on one side of the floor. If the player being denied is not capable of playing the point, I will put them in the post. This forces a 2-3 look from the opponenet, and then I just run normal zone stuff against it.
Coach Harris
Re: Beating a Box and 1?
February 14, 2009 05:24PM
We start out in a 2-1-2 set. Your slasher runs corner to corner, shooters should be out front, center goes block to block, and put your denied player at the high post and overload the zone ( wing, corner, center on block). This will force the bottom of the box to cover corner, wing, and block. That leaves the denial man and the backside box guy. If you have a good center, This will be one-on-one action. If they start to help down with the backside box guy, the skip to the backside wing is open. Put a shooter in this position. As they start to run at the shooter, if the center seals and flashes back to the ball, he will be wide open. We call this our loaded set.
Wayne Walters
Re: Beating a Box and 1?
February 14, 2009 08:31PM
I have some unique ideas that I will send samples of to anyone interested ...

Wayne Walters
Coach Mac
Re: Beating a Box and 1?
April 10, 2009 04:55AM
In order to beat the box and 1 along with any junk style defense look at what the defense is designed to do? What is the other team trying to stop?

I might suggest you take a look at pick and roll series with the boxer (person being guarded by the 1) starts in with the ball and a screening action is set to clear a pick and roll. Often if you've got a player good enough for a box situation all they need a little day light, a simple screen can free him up. Of course do this out of an offensive set, not just the simple pick and roll action.

You might also try a 1-3-1 like the 'power series' and 'hoop shuffle' in the Hype Offensive attack.

Coach Mac
@#$%& Basketball Playbook
Wayne Walters
Re: Beating a Box and 1?
April 10, 2009 01:28PM
Key #1 : Gap the zone like you would against any zone and flash to zone holes from behind.

Key #2 : Have players being zoned screen for players being chased M2M.

Key #3 : Offensive rebound, the chasers will face guard and will find it difficult to block out plus the triangle or box or diamond is
not a regular zone with asigned block out rules.

Key #4 : Do not force the ball to players being denied.

I hope this helps!!
Re: Beating a Box and 1?
April 13, 2009 04:09PM
Here is a set if your player being denied is a good shooter you can free him for a good shot with flare screens, and we have used something I called pistol:

Denied player sets a ball screen on the wing for your next best shooter who drives middle

A post sets a flare screen for the Denied player who fades to the corner

Best player flaring to the corner for 3/drive closeout
2nd best shooter attacking FT line Pull-up/Drive
Post rolling to the block (will be open if the defense rotates out to the shooter)
Weakside Wing = 3rd Shooter
Weakside Block = Other post
Coach Mac
Re: Beating a Box and 1?
April 16, 2009 01:42AM
Coach when it comes down to beating the junk defense there is two common trains of thought; the traditionalist would say run your regular man-to-man offense and if executed correctly it will work. Others like myself see the 'junk defense' as an opportunity. We run our shooters/scorers (whoever is being boxed or defended) off of a series of carefully set single/double screening actions. You can find more in our resource regarding the fast break and beating the junk defense.

Coach McKinnis
Fast Break Offense + Attacking the Junk Defense
Re: Beating a Box and 1?
April 21, 2009 05:19PM
My thought process is a little simpler in that I try to expose the defense for its junk qualities and force them to use something else. I make a simple adjustment. I bury the man being boxed on the block, next to one of their other defenders, so that you have 2 guarding one. On the opposite side of the floor, I have my point pass to the wing and go through to the corner. So, on the ball side, I have my wing, my corner and a post player. Then I bring the opposite wing to the ball-side high post and overload the ball side completely. The ball side post defender either has to go get my guard in the corner or stay home. With the ball side wing having the ball, the ball side elbow defender must get him, which frees up the high post. If the opposite side post comes up to help, I have a 1-on-1 with my best player in the post or an open 3 in the corner. Essentially, whe you overload that side, you have 2 and a half defenders guarding 4 players.
Wayne Walters
Re: Beating a Box and 1?
April 21, 2009 11:44PM
I like the strategy but what if you have no three point threat to put in the corner or post threat that can go one on one low.

When I have had at least two perimeter shooters and a low post threat, defeating Junk D is not a problem.

What if I need to get the ball to my "star" player touches and can not afford to let him or her weak sit on the block opposite.

Good depth and talent makes X's and O's easy but what is you are junked by a team with better athletes or you don't have great shooters.

Looking forward to your response.
reginald ryder
Re: Beating a Box and 1?
December 06, 2010 04:00PM
I have used this, try it and see if it works...

I have the player being denied run the baseline and receive a double screen from the low block player(s) to the deep corner or up to the foul line extended. it will ultimately wear out the defender, and cause enough interference for my player to get clean looks. make sure conditioning is a factor for them to worry about, not your team
Re: Beating a Box and 1?
January 24, 2011 02:45PM
I know it is available through a different site, but Jamie Agnelli has produced a great DVD on attacking Junk Defenses. He lays out several attacks to various Junk D looks that you could see. The video is available through
Re: Beating a Box and 1?
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Re: Beating a Box and 1?
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Re: Beating a Box and 1?
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