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Wayne Walters
SWARM Defense
August 31, 2008 07:41PM
Contact me for SWARM Defense information, handouts and packets and tapes plus DVD's in the future ... I do individual team clinics ... web site functional in three weeks ... the next
revolution in defensive basketball ...

Wayne Walters

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Wayne Walters
Re: SWARM Defense
September 01, 2008 12:14PM
Three Techniques, Four Rules, Two Concepts, One very Revolutionary Idea that helps defeat common offensive
strategies designed against help and recover, traditional
zone concepts and true trapping defenses ... counters to
every thing I have seen from offenses in 27 years from JH
to JC. Are you interested in seeing what 250 coaches world wide are "buzzing" about?
Wayne Walters
Re: SWARM Defense
September 04, 2008 11:28PM
Would your like to create 30 turnovers a game and 17 steals without pressing? Would like to do that every game for four straight years? Would you like to do it with less athletic players? I did that my last four JC years using these defensive

Call or e-mail ...
Re: SWARM Defense
September 05, 2008 12:28PM
It looks like Wayne Walters has now infiltrated this board, every basketball website that I am on, he is also on trying to sell his product, every conversation that comes up, he will revert it back to his famous swarm defense. I get sick of reading about it.
Wayne Walters
Re: SWARM Defense
September 05, 2008 03:25PM
Have you also notice an equal number of offensive posts on three other boards? I have not gotten around to offensive posts here. Are you aware that in the last year I mailed free offensive stufft to over 1000 coaches for of which none are customers. My newsletter about three times a year reaches 1500 coaches free. If you would like, I can show you a number of posts with no mention of the SWARM. Do you have questions? Please advise.I find the word "infiltrated" interesting since I was invited to post on all three other boards. You can ask their administrator. If you do not want to
hear SWARM, do read my defensive threads. I hope that this sets the record straight.
Wayne Walters
Re: SWARM Defense
September 06, 2008 01:21PM
... I meant to say do not read my posts ...
Re: SWARM Defense
September 11, 2008 07:36AM
hey coach i am from indonesia i want to know more about this swarm defense can you send me the detail about the rotation and how to run it at practise. please upload them to the notes section.

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Re: SWARM Defense
September 11, 2008 12:15PM
Give Coach Walters a break! The SWARM is not the only subject he is offering or selling advice on. Just in the last few days alone he has offered advice on the ball screen offense, 1-4 high, the DDM, Shuffle, open post, player evaluations, tryout drills, Read and React, press breaks, zone offense against a 2-3, and t-shirt slogans.

He must be an expert in all these areas because when he replies and offers his advice and/or handouts, the conversation stops. In fact, there are currently 22 threads that his reply has put an end to all discussion
Wayne Walters
Re: SWARM Defense
September 11, 2008 04:25PM

Thanks for noticing that I have offered many things but I onsider my self an expert on very few. Just food for thought or the old school of hard knock and long hours. I do have strong opions when people cannot answer basic questions.


You need to e-mail me for the basics and a materials list because I do not post notes anywhere. I look forward to hearing from you.

Wayne Walters
Re: SWARM Defense
September 11, 2008 06:24PM
I might be wrong but I think RHSInd was being sarcastic. I agree with TTrain - this is quickly becoming the Wayne Walters forum - which might be why very few respond to his dozens of posts.
Wayne Walters
Re: SWARM Defense
September 11, 2008 07:04PM

If he was being sarcastic, so be it I will stop offering help. It doesn't matter to me either way but since I first posted here I
have had 25-30 responses for free information offered not related to the SWARM.

This whole situation confuses me, first I was chastised for using this to promote the SWARM. Now, I am chastised for offering free help.

I have coached 28 years boys,girls, men ... JH to JC and although only an expert on a few things, I have information gathered on many that I am willing to pass along.

If I am limited on my number of posts, than the administrator of this board needs to let me know. I will do just fine just helping coaches on other boards.

I have asked for nothing but still appear to have violated some unwritten rule.

Please advise.
Wayne Walters
Re: SWARM Defense
September 11, 2008 07:05PM
PS. I have not "sold" any advise!
Wayne Walters
Re: SWARM Defense
September 11, 2008 10:35PM
Would you say that the SWARM defense (which I do like) tilts the balance in the game of basketball to where defense is supreme?

IMO ...

1. By using help and recover, you magnify the athletic disadvantage three ways. Sliding becomes the base of your defense out and back. Sprinting not sliding is used in the SWARM which is automatically faster. Next, when on the ball players "Force" to a side and they know help will come, they will pressure more aggressively. Lastly, help players will help because recover is no longer their job.

2. You will probably be the only team in your league SWARMing for a while so teams, even if they understand it, which will take awhile will not be able to simulate it in practice. They will attack it as they think it is and they may have success against substitutes but you will run it a step faster for steaks.

3. The habits they have against other teams will lead to steals and their is enough variation to confuse opponents not your players.

4. It will make teams predictable. I know nothing about your team but can tell you what sets to practice against without knowing your league.

5. Teams stop screening because they are afraid to give up receivers.

6. Teams get very stationary then the fake help double becomes effective.

7. I have two unique ways to recover after traps that out it ahead of the scramble IMO.

8. I can teach counters to all sets that I have seen without changing the basic five rules.

9. I can teach you to customize it for your team.
Wayne Walters
Re: SWARM Defense
September 15, 2008 10:55PM
1. "Sprinting in concert" is faster than sliding over and back and produces more steals than just closing out.

2. Just closing out and SWARMing both keep 3 point FG % down but rotation (SWARM) allows less threes because players are at the shooter early enough to "run them off the arc" thus saving points and less threes per game.

3. The SWARM can be run when you are behind and without the shot clock.

4. The SWARM is a cousin of the scramble but has evolved IMO to another level. Unlike scrambles which are practiced
only 5 0n 5, I have drills to teach concepts, techniques and verbals. Most importantly getting players the repetitions needed to build habits.

5. 250 coaches world wide and growing ...
Wayne Walters
Re: SWARM Defense
October 04, 2008 07:17AM
I can give you a breakdown by state in case you might face it ... big in Texas, IL, CA, MO ... 275 coaches as of today 10/4/08
Wayne Walters
Re: SWARM Defense
October 10, 2008 05:57AM
FYI, this defense is either being played or under review by 24 coaches that have won one or more state titles at various size High Schools, six Div I colleges plus a number of smaller colleges are reviewing, and about six professional team not in the US have purchased materials ... I would like you to be next!

The bus is getting full so I may need to buy a train so that the coaches are comfortable unlike their opponents.

I believe that just to be fair any coach playing against the SWARM should have two extra time outs.

One coach that played it for the first time this summer with his HS team reported that it is " the most team oriented defense that he had seen both in the basic concepts and communication"

States most likely to face the SWARM ...

Texas 22, PA 17, CA 15, IL 16, WI 12, NY 10, OH 10, WA 9, FL 9, GA 8, MO 8, MN 8, ....

Ironically this week, I had about a dozen coaches that wanted information in case they played against it. I wished them good luck but would not offer help.
Re: SWARM Defense
October 17, 2008 12:46PM

I would love info on the SWARM. Thanks.
Wayne Walters
Re: SWARM Defense
October 18, 2008 09:52AM
Information sent. Please e-mail me to confirm. Thank you for your interest.
Wayne Walters
Re: SWARM Defense
November 06, 2008 10:07PM
Coach Walters,

I am the head women's coach and received your basic
package for women's teams last December. We installed parts of the swarm defense over the remainder of the season and unveiled it at our National Tournament for the United States Collegiate Athletic Association. The concepts helped us to our 3rd final four with a team that really lacked major athletic ability. I noticed that you are going to have a a website soon and would like to know when it is going to be launched. We are going to use more of the swarm principles this year and with 7 new players I hope that they can grow together in executing the swarm.

Coach H
Coach K
Re: SWARM Defense
November 14, 2008 01:55PM
Coach Walters,

I am very new to basketball coaching. I played some college and never thought I would take up coaching, but recently got talked into it. Athletically my kids will never be much better than anybody we play, and almost always will be smaller. I am used to a help and recover type defense because that is what i know.

After reading your posts I was wondering if you could send some more information on your SWARM defense. I would like to be able to cause a few more turnovers without giving up more easy baskets. I appreciate all your info. Here is my email.
Wayne Walters
Re: SWARM Defense
November 14, 2008 04:15PM
Information on thw way in the next hour ...
Re: SWARM Defense
November 14, 2008 05:24PM
Coach Walters, I am current a head girls coach in Oklahoma and I am very interested in your SWARM defense. I have implemented the 1-1-3 zone defense for years with some success. We are running the scramble defense in the 1/2 court on made shots and full on FT''s. I am looking for a zone package that is pressure orientated and has scramble principles. After reading post after post about your SWARM, I would like any diagrams and rules you could give me to help my program. Please email me @

Thanks in advance
R. Hamilton
Wayne Walters
Re: SWARM Defense
November 14, 2008 06:44PM
To be honest, I do not send many diagrams, rules or concepts. I describe how rotation is better than help and recover and how that effects the whole defense. I talk abut Force, Sheriff, Full Front plus Combination block out. I send a list of coaches to talk to but most are secretive. I have a low cost introduction on tape and handout for about $20 because it is visually based.

Most Rotational defenses are taught Five on Five which to me does not allow enough reps. of the verbals and techniques. I have developed rules, verbals and communication that is consistent in all drills.

Coaches that take the "leap of faith" get alot of free stuff and unlimited consultation with SWARM questions. I will send the materials that I send to all that inquire.
Re: SWARM Defense
November 16, 2008 10:32PM
I would be interested in anything you could send me on your swarm

thanks in advance
Wayne Walters
Re: SWARM Defense
November 17, 2008 05:38AM
On the way ...
Coach Low
Re: SWARM Defense
November 22, 2008 02:21AM
Any Swarm information you could send my way would be greatly appreciated.
Wayne Walters
Re: SWARM Defense
November 22, 2008 05:56AM
Information on the way!
Blake K
Re: SWARM Defense
November 29, 2008 04:22PM
Coach Walters:

You claim your team forced a lot of turnovers in your teams in the past. Yet VMI - one of your clients - actually experienced a significant decline in their opponents' TO% (percentage of possessions in which their opponents committed a turnover), and their overall opponents points per 100 possessions declined by > 2 pts/100 poss (an insignificant margin) after implementing SWARM. Hardly a ringing endorsement for your allegedly foolproof system.

Using proper and honest metrics would be nice, if you wanted to convince people about the propriety of your system(s). I understand you're just trying to make a living, but I'm also trying to learn the game without being inundated with propaganda, and I'm also free to point out how full of crap you can be. This is not the first message board you've SWARMed with spam, either.
Blake K
Re: SWARM Defense
November 29, 2008 05:12PM
Excuse me...I made a typo...VMI's defensive rating decreased by < 2 pts/100 possessions (1.9, in fact) after shelling out the coin for your system, not > 2 pts/100 poss...still statistically insignificant.
Wayne Walters
Re: SWARM Defense
November 29, 2008 05:56PM
First, VMI bought some materials, that means that they looked at it so I am not sure they are playing it are you? They primarily run the Scramble so bash Jim Larranaga at George Mason.

Proper and honest metrics ... these are the stats that I have from my teams and teams that report back to me about their success or failure ...

You have a right to your opinion but I am really not sure how professional it is to claim that I am "full of crap" without ever talking to me, viewing the diagrams, tapes, DVD's etc. or talking to any of the 300 coaches on board world wide.

Are you saying that I made up the stats are invented as are my testimonials? Please advise. I have the originals.

When did I claim that this was a full proof system?

What about all the none SWARM posts that I make and free stuff that I give away? (about 2000 a year)

Blake K. as far as I know you and I have never met or been in contact. If I trashed a post of yours with no information, would that be fair? How about if I called you or at least hinted that you are a liar and a cheat? Would that be fair?

I have been nothing but honest. Please advise. I would be interested in an honest not rude discussion. If that is not possible, have a great life and best wishes in this and many successful future seasons.

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