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Coach Sivils
Defending the 3-pt. shot
November 11, 2011 01:50AM
This link will take you to an article with 12 rules or concepts on how to defend the 3-pt. shot.

Here is the first part of the information.

By and large I still believe free throws and lay-ups are how you win games. However, as a strong advocate of the 3-point shot, I can tell you the “3″ can and will keep you in games and is a great equalizer for teams who are not as big or athletic but who can shoot the ball with accuracy.

Great 3-point shooters can keep a team in a game and on those special nights, upset an opponent seemingly single-handedly, making it essential to have to teach your team how to successfully defend either one great 3-point shooter or to defend a team of solid 3-point shooters.

Here are 12 rules or concepts for defending the 3-point shot:

1) Identify the 3-point shooter(s). You have to know who they are in order to defend them.

2) Play no help defense. Assign your best defensive player to the great 3-point shooter and do not give help with that defender, eliminating many of the easy and quick ways to set up a 3-point shooter. Penetration is one of the easiest set-ups for a 3-point shot and not helping takes that option away. In effect, the defense is playing a box and one.

For the rest click on the link.
WAyne Walters
Re: Defending the 3-pt. shot
November 12, 2011 04:16PM
I like what you have posted if you continue to use help and recover but using a rotational system my JC teams gave up under 25% FG from the three point line but more important we
gave up half as many attempts as most teams attempted IMO
because rotation got us there before to steal or on the catch.

Wayne Walters

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