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Wayne Walters
SWARM Defense: Triangle and Two Concept
October 26, 2014 06:14PM
Keep in mind that I am a big fan of using junk defenses and I have a back ground in both match up zone, Temple style 1-2-2 true match up, and hard switching M2M. I believe that the mismatches that are created by switching are created mainly on the perimeter and if you use rotation to stop the ball off the dribble than those can be negated.

The triangle and two concept is applied any time the ball is on the side against most sets which means that you only really play M2M even if you are M2M when the ball is at the point and as many of you know We stunt that dribbler using rotation to get the ball on a side in the SWARM then keep it on the side by denying reversal.

Basically, against an odd set with the ball on the wing that means we man the point and wing with the ball. We play as far out to the corner as the shooter dictates. With the ball in the corner, we are man on the wing and the ball in the corner. Against an even front, triangle and two at the top vs
both guards while on the side you play M2M on the slot and the corner. In both cases you have a triangle behind.

As far as the triangle, it allows you to help quickly from either the post or point of the triangle, deny cutters into the lane and combination block out
since we are full fronting the low post ball side. Once in the triangle, we may end up switching players because we do not match back up unless the ball switches sides. The triangle does morph and rotate to match offensive screening. The player at the point of the “Y” [Triangle + denial player at the point] switches all screen away action, ball side screening or ball side cuts and waits for that player to be replaced.

I have several drills versus all of the common offensive counters for both the triangle called the Bee drill and Y drill to reinforce action and verbals.
Although we teach all players all spots to improve basketball IQ and add to our flexibility, in games our posts guard low and corner most often and our perimeters guard perimeter and weak side or middle rebound. You can insure this by modifying the release based on talent and skill set. My JC players learned to communicate on the release to eliminate mismatches.

I would be interested in your thoughts on these concepts. Please advise.

Wayne Walters
Kyle Sperfslage
Re: SWARM Defense: Triangle and Two Concept
October 06, 2016 06:20AM

Is there any chance you could explain the "Bee Drill" and "Y Drill."

Re: SWARM Defense: Triangle and Two Concept
July 17, 2017 12:38AM
Thank you for giving them this great knowledge, really thank you for sharing, hope you will have such great posts as this more.
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