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Basketball Shooting Drills - CELTIC 50

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Submitted by: CoachM49

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Player must make 50 shots total from five spots on the floor while having total charted by a coach. (10 makes at each spot, then rotate to next spot)


Shooting spots are corner, wing, top of key, wing and corner.

Have player start in corner with two rebounders underneath and two basketballs.

Player must make 10 shots from each spot. If it takes 15 shots from corner to make 10, his score is a "15" for that spot. He then rotates to wing and if he takes 12 shots to make his 10, his total is "12" and so on. After 10 shots are made at all five spots, you total up the amount of shots it took to make 50. that total goes in the players chart.
For example if it took "15" corner shots, "12" wing, "15" top, "11" opposite wing and "13" corner. The players total for the day is "66".

Number of Players:

One player, two rebounders and two basketballs


Make sure player is balanced, head over toes and is holding follow thru. As fatigue sets in stress the lower body gives power and the elbow provides the loft of the shot, not the distance.


1)Have player pump fake and take a dribble in either direction.

2)Have player after 6 makes in spot one, sprint to mid court and then back to finish off remaining shots. In second spot after 7 makes sprint to mid court and back. Top of key after 8 makes sprint to mid. Wing opposite after nine makes sprint to mid. And in final corner after hitting number 10 must sprint it out to mid court and back to baseline before drill is concluded.


Forces player to focus on improving.

Takes game shots from game spots.

Makes player shoot under the influence of fatigue.


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