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Basketball Rebounding Drills - 2 Man Rebounding Drill and Continuation

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This is a simple drill that, with very little effort, can be used to emphasise various aspects of rebounding. While I don't use it to initially teach the technical aspects of offensive or defensive rebounding I find it a great drill for revision and to focus on rebounding philosophy in a competitive setting.


Two players begin on either end of the foul line (the elbows). Standing opposite them on the baseline are another two players. One of the players on the baseline has a ball and passes out from under the basket to either player on the foul line. The player on the foul line will catch and shoot the ball.

As soon as the player on the baseline passes out he will run out his opposite player on the foul line. He knows that he will shoot the ball immediately so he is aiming to get to the player and prevent him from rebounding the ball (ie block him out). As soon as the shot is taken the players on the foul line will contest the rebound.

If the players who started on the baseline have done their job they should have blocked out the two players on the foul line and rebounded the ball. If they have done this they then pivot away from the basket and make a quick outlet pass to a coach standing there - with the emphasis on a quick pivot and pass to initiate any fast break opportunities. If they have not done their job and the players on the foul line get possesion they simply try to score in a two on two situation.

Number of Players:

4 or more


This is a simple drill to vary to address you coaching needs. I have outlined some simple variations below and am sure that you will be able to use it to stress your rebounding philosophy and correct weaknesses.


Emphasising different area's of rebounding is simple by changing the scoring aims or structure of the drill.

If we were emphasising defensive block out then we would make the team blocking out from the baseline rebound until they had three consecutive rebounds and outlet passes.

If, as a team, we were struggling to block out opposition rebounders rebounding from the weakside I would change the drill to include the two players chasing the offensive rebound on one side of the court (one at a forward and one at a guard position). The two rebounders would then assume their correct weakside defensive position (usually on the split line) and when the shot goes up they would move to block their opposite players out, secure possesion and give a quick outlet pass.

If you are having trouble with your guards on the block out from a long rebound you could put two players on the three point line to try and rebound with the two player on the foul line to block them out and secure that long rebound. (in this case they could push the ball up the court quickly in a 2 on 2 situation to emphasise the possibility of a fast break from a long rebound).


Rebounding - offensive and defensive in controlled situation


This basketball drill is licensed under a Creative Commons License. This drill is from Pål Degerstrøm at www.degerstrom.com/basketball.

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