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Basketball Combination Drills - 8-man drill

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This is basically a continuous full court 3 on 2 game, 4 on 5, or 5 on 5.


Start off with:

4 defenders - two under each hoop

3 offensive players all on one end of the floor

1 outlet man standing out of bounds at half court

The 3 offensive players try to score on the two defenders.

They must pass the ball 5 (or so determined by the coach) times before they can shoot. This forces them to get open for the pass and concentrate on working it around to all Players.

When the two defenders get the ball off a steal, or rebound, or made shot, the outlet man yells 'outlet'.

The defender with the ball then passes it to the outlet man and the two defenders and outlet man become the offense, going the opposite direction.

If the offense gets the rebound, they start the 5 passes over.

The two waiting defenders then try to get the ball and transition down to the other end of the floor with their outlet man. Repeat the same scenario as above with 5 passes etc.

Meanwhile the three players who just lost the ball decides who will be the outlet man and who will be on defense.

Decide on a number, say 10 that will be the cut off point.

As soon as one end has scored ten, all players excluding the three that scored the 10th point at one end, will run X # of laps. This works well because if you are on offense, you are trying to score in order not to run. If you are on defense, you are trying to defend a basket to keep from running.

Number of Players:

8 minimum (can also be run by 10 or 12 men) - must go in evens up


This drill is generally fast paced and good conditioning.

Work on fast breaks with three on two and getting the ball out quickly. If 3 players can't complete 5 passes with only two defenders, they need work. Make sure they

pass and move, never standing around.

Defenders get good practice at a zone and helping one another out.


With 10 or 12 players you just add to the offense and defense - making it 3 on 4, or 4 on 5 etc.

You can also add to the outlet men - giving the option to have more than one outlet.

You can also have a defender waiting at half court to help out his teammates in the 4 on 3. Have him wait until the offense passes half court, or makes three passes before he can jump in.

Simply add lines for additional outlet men, or defenders.

This is a simple skeleton with many modifications being easily added.


Outlet passing, passing, rebounding, transition, fast break and shooting


This basketball drill is licensed under a Creative Commons License. This drill is from Pål Degerstrøm at www.degerstrom.com/basketball.

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