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Basketball Ball Handling Drills - Collection of ballhandling drills

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You must remember that the dribble is one of the most important skills to master but should be the last skill to be used in offense. You must always dribble for a purpose. The purpose may be to:

- Gain distance

- Improve angles

- Establish correct position on the floor to initiate a play

- To create outnumbering situations with fastbreak

- To draw a defender through penetration to open up teammate for a high percentage shot

- Using your dribble to improve your passing angle

When you dribble, stay low, keep your head up, see your defense, see your teammates, keep your hand cupped and not stiff, never throw the ball out and chase it, work your wrist and fingers, keep your palm off the ball, dribble with either hand.

Whenever you dribble you must dribble under control, no matter what movement you attempt with the dribble.

You must execute a right dribble at right time. Keep the ball in triple threat. Do not have one bounce habit.

Dribble less and pass more to success. Dribble is a most time consuming basketball skill in the game. Time means the defensive help can arrive negating any pass or shot opportunity you might create from dribble.

A good rule of thumb is to keep your body between the defense and the ball. This means your body, arm and leg is always between the defense and the ball.


PURPOSE: To work on proper dribbling technique-using change of pace and change of direction by using cones to simulate defender

METHOD / PROCEDURE: Set cones as shown in the diagram from baseline to opposite foul line. Dribble the ball as fast as you can but under control. After the last dribble go for a lay-up.


Dribble hard to the first cone in full speed, as you reach the first cone plant your outside foot and change direction as you use a low and sharp crossover dribble. Keep the ball waist high as you go for the second cone. Plant your outside foot and execute a crossover dribble and continue till you reach the last cone, then make a hard cut to the basket for a lay-up shot.


Dribble all out to the first cone, lower your body and plant your inside foot, start on with the right hand, spin in clockwise direction, move the ball from your outside hand on the spin to your left hand (do not carry the ball) using your body and the free hand to shield the ball. Keep your head up and eyes off the ball to see the defense. Continue to spin on each cone changing hands till you reach the last cone, then go for a lay-up shot.


Dribble, as fast to the first cone, when you approach the cone, your body should be forward in front of the ball. Quickly pull the ball with your wrist, fingers then arm around you back to change direction. The ball should be waist high. As the ball changes direction use your off hand and body to shield the ball. So on keep going changing hands using behind the back dribble till the last cone then goes for a lay-up shot.


This is a combination of crossover on a crossover dribble. This is a dribble to deceive and commit the defense. As you plant your outside foot to change direction you use a low crossover dribble from right to left and left to right and speed up dribbling the ball waist high as you approach the next cone. Continue until you reach the last cone then take a lay-up shot


This is also a combination of a crossover and a spin dribble. Dribble hard to the first cone and as you approach the cone, plant your outside foot and change direction using a low crossover dribble on this quickly plant your inside foot and execute a spin dribble. It is easily taught when the spin is done with the right hand, which is the dominating/ strong hand of most of the players. So you start you dribble with your left hand, do a crossover with your left hand and a spin dribble with your right. Continue till the last cone then finish it with a lay-up shot.

No matter what position you play on the court, you will be a greatest asset to your team if you can dribble the basketball effectively.

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This basketball drill is licensed under a Creative Commons License. This drill is from Pål Degerstrøm at www.degerstrom.com/basketball.

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