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Basketball Rebounding Drills - He-Man Drill

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This is a drill that teaches aggresive rebounding and shooting the shot after the ball is rebounded. Also a good lesson for squaring up to the basket and giving head and shoulder fakes.

I have run this drill with 5th and 6th graders and they love it. It is one of thier favorite drills. They will beg to do it and their aggressive rebounding breaks out in the games.


Divide players up according to size and/or position. Each group of players should have an individual basket and a coach or manager with each group. The drill starts off with everyone underneath the basket getting ready for good box out position. The coach or manager then shoots the ball and as the shot goes up, it's every man for themselves to try and get the rebound. When a player grabs the rebound, all other players then become defenders and surround the rebounder.

The rebounder's job is to take the ball back up, under control and score. The defenders job is to distract and even foul the shooter so as not to score. If the rebounder/shooter scores they are awarded a point. This continues until one of the players gets three points. When a player gets 3 points, he then chooses the 'punishment' that the rest of the group must get, (ex. push-ups, sit-ups, sprints, etc.).

If the ball is rebounded outside of a reasonably close distance from the basket, it is quickly passed back out to the coach and the drill continues. The same thing goes for if the coach should happen to accidently make the basket.

Number of Players:

Minimum of 3


Younger players will have a tendency to just throw the ball back up to the basket in order to avoid contact. Make sure that the shooter resets themselves before taking the ball back up.

One could instruct the player to give a few head and shoulder fakes to get the defense in the air and then shoot.

If the ball is out far enough or clear underneath the basket instruct the player to make use of the power dribble.

Make sure the players are boxing out another and not going over the back or commiting fouls while rebounding.

Watch to make sure that the drill is kept under control.

The action can get pretty physical at times. Players can usually feel about how far they can go without hurting the other player and they tend to control the action themselves, but there may be the occasional elbow while rebounding. As long as I have been doing this drill (about 6 years), never has anyone got hurt that they couldn't continue the drill.

Younger kids will love this because it gives them a chance to be aggressive.


When someone in the group gets 3 points, make the ones in the group with the least number or rebounds (probably 0) run a sprint and then sit out. Keep doin this until you come up with an overall winner. The action will get very competitive once it is down to two players and the rest of the team will start to cheer for the players.

Require head and shoulder fakes before shooting.

Make those who commit over the back violations do a sprint or if they have any, take points away.


Rebounding and Putbacks


This basketball drill is licensed under a Creative Commons License. This drill is from Pål Degerstrøm at www.degerstrom.com/basketball.

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