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Basketball Shooting Drills - Jump Shots Under Pressure

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This drill teaches players how to:

Properly pass the ball to a player for a jump shot;

Properly catch different types of passes and bring them to shooting position;

Properly challenge the shooter without fouling or trying to block the shot;

After challenging, blocking out the jump shooter

Focus on the shot / rim after catching the pass instead of a charging defender.


Start with two players; one with a basketball under the basket, and one in his shooting range. Player 1 (with the ball) makes a pass to player 2, and charges at the player to defend against the shot. Player 2 must catch the ball in proper shooting position, square to the basket, focus on the rim, and shoot the jump shot. Player 1 may not try to block the shot; instead, he may distract the shooter by yelling or waving his hands. After the shot is released, Player 1 must block out Player 2 until the ball hits the floor. Players rotate from offense to defense on each shot. Allow each player to take 5 shots from spots on the floor that they will shoot from in a game.

Number of Players:

any number in groups of two


DEFENSE: Stress that the defender will not try to block the shot (we give 5 pushups for blocked shots and 15 pushups for fouling the jump shooter), but will instead block out the shooter and hold his block out.

OFFENSE: Stress proper catching (get player's body behind bad passes) and squaring the shoulders to the basket. Emphasize shooting with proper form and focusing on the rim with proper body balance. Players should jump as high as they can comfortably and shoot at the height of their jump. Do not encourage fall-away jump shots.

PASSING: Stress making proper passes (chest, bounce, overhead) to the player's shooting hand side.


Move players to different spots on the court. Post players should be shooting from 15' (more if their range allows)

Players should be shooting in their perimeter range. I suggest that they start the drill by spotting up inside the three-point line, then progress to spots outside the three point line.

Players should practice catching passes that are slightly to the left / right of their spot (bad passes happen often).

Advance by adding a shot fake and one dribble left / right for jump shots. Emphasize that this is NOT a 'driving to the basket' drill.


Passing and catching; shooting quickness, form; rebound block out


This basketball drill is licensed under a Creative Commons License. This drill is from Pål Degerstrøm at www.degerstrom.com/basketball.

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