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Basketball Conditioning Drills - Kill The Pill

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This is a whole team drill that works on conditioning, passing, and being able to catch and lay the ball up from a full court pass on both the right and left side of the court. It must be done full speed and very hard. I often end practice with this drill and then shoot free throws immediately after to get the fatigue factor. Every player will run through this drill before it's over.


You choose 1 player to start. You need two balls. That player lines up at the free throw line facing the opposite basket. He starts with the ball. The rest of the team lines up free throw line extended on the right sideline.

The coach says 'Go' and the first player in line starts to fill the rt. side lane full speed. The player at the free throw line throws a lead baseball pass (preferably bounce pass) to that player filling the lane. That player catches the ball and lays it up. The player who threw the pass trails and takes the ball out of the net and immediately throws a baseball pass to the player filling now filling the left side lane.

That player after passing sprints back to the free throw line and takes the second ball out of the coaches hand and repeats with the next player in line. This player repeats this for the whole team. The first player who started in line then becomes the next passer and the player who started passing now joins the layup line.

Number of Players:

Whole Team (At least 8-12)


It is very important that the coach stresses that the players go full speed. The passer will get very tired and slow down, it is up to the coach and players to encourage him/her.

The lay-up line will also start to creep up the side line. Make sure that they stay free throw line extended on the side line.

Also after making that first layup that player must flow right through and sprint up the left lane not waiting for the passer to pass. The passer must make a good pass.


You can make the passer throw different types of passes. Chest passes, Rt or Lft hand passes, 2 hand overhead, etc.

Team has to make a certain amt. of lay-ups or they run liners after the drill.


Passing, Layups(Rt. and Lft), catching and laying up on the run.


This basketball drill is licensed under a Creative Commons License. This drill is from Pål Degerstrøm at www.degerstrom.com/basketball.

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