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Basketball Conditioning Drills - Killer 7

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This is a special kind of 1 on 1 game. It requires that a player must be able to play offense and defense with little or no rest. You cannot win in this game if you are not a good all around player. It is played in one half of the court, and points are scored just like in a real game, only additional points are added for successful rebounding, and defense.


The game is to 7 points. First player their whether the points are earned on offense or defense wins the game. Each player chooses a number and closest to the one the neutral party (coach) chooses gets the choice of starting the game on offense or defense. Player A wins and chooses to play offense. Player B is on defense. The offense (A) must attempt to score. Three points for a three point field goal, two points for a goal, and all defensive fouls (player B) result in one free throw and one point if made, and the offense (A) retains possession of the ball.

After a made basket, the defense become the offense (B) under the basket as if bringing the ball up the court against full court pressure (ball check to begin since there is no inbounder for the pass). The former offensive player (A) becomes the defender now as if pressing full court. They will attempt to stopB (former defender) from reaching the mid-court line with the dribble. One point is awarded for player B dribbling across the mid-court line. When the mid-court line is reached. Player B will stay on offense and being playing 1 on 1 after a ball touch by Player A. On a missed shot during the first sequence by Player A, and player B rebounds, they are awared 1 point for the rebound, and will try to sprint dribble to mid-court for the additional point. Player A after missing the shot, must immediately convert to defense and attempt to stop Player B who has rebounded from reaching mid-court. One point is awarded to any defender taking an offensive foul. Plus they receive possession of the ball under the basket and can then dribble against pressure to reach mid-court for an additional point. All rebounds are worth 1 point. So a player not boxing out can quickly lose this game. A steal is also worth 1 point, and immediately following a steal, the defender facing the mid-court line may dribble to the mid-court line for an additional point. A player defending the inbound under who steals the ball as the player attempts to dribble to the mid-court line receives a point, and may immediately attempt to score for additional points. A ball lost by fumble by the offense is no points, but the defensive player now gains possession under the basket the the player losing the ball must press to stop their advance to mid-court. A defender knocking the ball out of bounds results in the offensive gaining possession at the top of the circle, or in the pressing situations nearest the sideline where the ball was deflected out of bounds.

Number of Players:



Remember here are the point values:

3 points = 3 point shot

2 points = 2 point shot

1 point = on foul and retains (or gain on offensive foul) possession of the ball

1 point = all rebounds

1 point = steals

1 point = transition across the mid-court line with the dribble

You need an official (better with coach, but can be a player), to make the calls and keep track of the points. Your players will soon discover that good defense results in wins. This is an extremely game like situation drill and competition.

The game works best in 1 on 1 situations, because you have to play intense for several minutes. Players will soon discover where their weaknesses are at and know where they have to improve.


Make a tournament out of it, where the big guys play on one end and little guys on the other. Winner plays winner.

Play a round robin type tournament as a change of pace when you want the players to work on their skills but don't want a structured practice.

Play 2 on 2 and keep points as well.


Shooting, Dribbling, Rebounding, Defense, and Offense


This basketball drill is licensed under a Creative Commons License. This drill is from Pål Degerstrøm at www.degerstrom.com/basketball.

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