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Basketball Shooting Drills - Range Increaser Drill

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Drill to increase a players shooting range.


Anyone who has seen Duke University play basketball this season knows that the guards (Jason Williams and Chris Duhon) have a deadly long range jumpshot. They can drain a three from basically anywhere across the half-court line. Perimeter players may often times find it difficult to get a shot off from the 3 point line when they are closely guarded. By increasing their range, they will have more 3-point shot opportunities because defenders will not guard them as tightly when they are a step or two, or even several feet beyond the 3 point line. This drill is most effective with 2 players, but it can also be performed with one. Begin with one player standing 15 feet from the basket, and the other underneath rebounding. The rebounder passes the ball to the shooter, who quickly catches and shoots. The shooter then gets his/her own rebound, and passes it to the other player who has now set up for a shot at 15 feet. The two players continue shooting, getting their own rebound, and passing until they have made a combined 5 shots. The shooters then move out to the 3 point line, and make 5 shots together. They then move out at least a step beyond the 3 point line, and as far as the NBA three point line if they have the range. After 5 shots are made, they return to the college three point line and make 5, then make 5 at 15 feet. When the players return to the college 3 point line and the 15 footers, they will seem like easier shots than they did before.

Number of Players:



Players must shoot from different spots at each distance. For example, the 15 foot jumpshots should be shot from the baseline, wing, elbows, and free throw line.

As shooters move out to the 3 point line and beyond, it is key that they they do not change their shots. Players who do not have the strength to shoot these long range shots will tend to sacrifice good form and will start bad habits.

The purpose of begining and finishing the drill at 15 feet is to remind the players that the form should be the same regardless of distance.

Remind players too increase the power under their shot with their legs, not their arms.


With good shooters, the number of shots that must be made from each distance can be increased to 10 or even more.

If only one player is available for the drill, the player must get his/her own rebounds, and then spin the ball to themselves to shoot from each distance.


Proper Shooting form, Catch and shoot


This basketball drill is licensed under a Creative Commons License. This drill is from Pål Degerstrøm at www.degerstrom.com/basketball.

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