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Basketball Rebounding Drills - Rebound and Out

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Rebounding drill with outlet passing and quick shot selection from the outside.


Divided players into three person teams, making sure to include two guards and one forward. The drill is played as a competitive game as follows: Using the half court you position each 'team' as follows. Both teams place their forward in the paint and team 'A' places a guard in the left corner and a guard at the left foul line extended, team 'B' takes the same positions on the right side of the 1/2 court.

To begin the coach will shoot hitting iron and the two paint players must box/rebound each other. Upon controlling the rebound they must outlet pass to their tea teammate in either corner or foul line extended as directed by coach. Coach. The Coach dictates the location of the outlet pass as well as the number of guard passes before a shot. Finally the coach requires that from rebound to shot the team has 6 seconds (or what you feel is appropriate for your level) to get the passes done and the shot off. A missed shot requires the rebounder's box and rebound, this continues until a team scores, there is no break until a shot is made. Once a shot is made the rebounder is rewarded and rotated out to the outside and the foul line player moves in to rebound. First team to score 5 wins. This drill enforces the need to box out, read the shot off the iron, control the rebound and outlet pass for the rebounder, it enforces good passing/receiving by the outside players as well as working under time constraints. I usually count out loud and any shot made after the time limit does no count. Often time I require the guards to make two passes before shooting or require they cut one another out, this helps their passing/receiving game and if they cut each other out it helps ball handling and shooting off the dribble (a lost art).

Number of Players:



Watch for poor positioning by rebounders unable to read the shot off the rim, also watch for poor shooting style of the player under the 'rushed' mindset to get their shot off. Be alert to the physical play under the rim. Also should you opt to have the guard the pass and cut her teammate than take a jumper off the dribble, note the players height off the jumper as well as her ability to square up to the iron.


Variations are created as needed, for example the time might be changed, as well as to whom the outlet pass is made and the number of passes needed before a shot can be made.


Rebounding/boxing out/passing/quick shooting


This basketball drill is licensed under a Creative Commons License. This drill is from Pål Degerstrøm at www.degerstrom.com/basketball.

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