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Basketball Shooting Drills - Shoot For The Record

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This drill is a series of various shooting competitions against the clock. What makes this drill different and a great motivator for teams is that you attempt to set a record for your team. This record then becomes a target goal for competition against another team not your own. You can do this within a team, but it's fun to see where you stand against other teams that can even be several hundred miles away. We fax these results to other teams and each week can see if a team or team(s) have bettered our record.

We have 21 different shooting drills that we attempt to set a new record in either a given amount of time, or a set number of baskets which are timed. We record these 'team bests' and post them on a board for the team to see. We also send these 'records' to other teams or clubs to see where they stand and if they can beat our 'records'. The instructions lists a few of the shooting drills we use. Try these or make up your own.


Full Court Lay-up Drill. Lines under each basket. two balls one at each end. When a lay-up is made or missed, the next person in line grabs the ball and sprint dribbles to the other end for a lay-up. The object is to make as many lay-ups in two minutes as possible.

Full Court Figure 8-Laker Drill. with three lines under each basket, and one ball, see how much time it takes to make 30 successful lay-ups without a passing mistake, traveling, or missed shot. As soon as a lay-up is made, the player in the middle under the basket grabs the ball and initiates the 3 man weave in the other direction before the ball hits the floor.

6 Row Full Court Figure 8- (see Russian 5 Ball Drill in the Coaches playbook). 5 basketballs, 2 minutes, maximum number of passes three, only shots outside the paint count. How many baskets in 2 minutes.

2 line free throw jump shots. Two lines at two different ends of the court, each line with two balls. As soon as one player has shot, the next player may shoot. How many baskets in 2 minutes.

2 line 3 point jumpers. Same as above but at 45 degrees outside the three point line. How many baskets in 2 minutes.

21 team shooting with two balls. First team to 21 baskets from a given spot on the floor (left elbow, right elbow, left corner, right corner, left wing, right wing, 3 point line from the same locations). Time this one.

Free Throws. Most consecutive 5 minute time limit, and each player shoots 1 and 1.

Number of Players:

3 or more


No player can be a good shooter when they rush the shot, however no player in today's fast paced game can get shot attempts if they can't spot up quickly, and with proper technique get shots off in a minimum amount of time.

We think these drills teach great concentration under pressure.

No one wants to let a team down, and especially when you may be competing against another team.

Remember you should 'shoot for the record' against teams with of the same age, and skill level, but knowing the records set by older more physically developed teams is a good measure of the speed and skill required of basketball players on higher levels.


You can split your team up into two different teams for this competition.

However by finding another school willing to 'Shoot for the record' your team is drawn closer together as a team in attempting to 'break a record'.

This is a good motivational tool once or twice a week, so that the teams focus isn't just inside. It is also a very good yardstick for measuring your perimeter, free throw shooting, and free throw shooting skills, against other teams. The fastbreak drills will also give you a good idea of your teams speed and ball handling skills relative to other teams in your area or even across the country or continents.


Shooting concentration under pressure


This basketball drill is licensed under a Creative Commons License. This drill is from Pål Degerstrøm at www.degerstrom.com/basketball.

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