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Basketball Rebounding Drills - THREE HIT DRILL

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We use this drill, primarily for our posts', but to get players used to the contact involved in rebounding and maintaining their position under the basket. This drill involves putting a player on each block under the basket and one right in the middle of the lane. So now you have three players on the floor, and the rest are in a line under the basket out of bounds. The player in the front of the line steps out and places an arm bar on the chest of the player on the block and then boxes out. The player that is getting boxed out can only push forward to the basket. Then the coach says 'shot' and the first player that boxed out moves over to the middle rebounder and places an arm bar on his chest and boxes out. While the first rebounder moves to the middle the nest rebounder in line steps in to box out the person on the block. So know we have two rebounders boxing out a block and a middle player in the lane. The coach says 'shot' and the players boxing out move to the next player on the block and to the middle while a new player steps in to box out the first block. After you have boxed out three times you go to the end of the line. So you are forming a triangle around the basket(block,middle lane, block) and making contact with each player holding that spot.


At first you want a very aggressive arm bar to make contact to the person holding one of the three spots. This gets both players used to the contact of rebounding and maintaining their position. After everyone has hit the three players, switch those players with the players that were standing in line. Also since you will either be going in clockwise or counterclockwise direction you can switch directions to mix up the drill. After everyone has had a chance at being on the spots and getting hit, change the drill so that the person receiving the arm bar is now allowed to take one step either way to get to the basket. Remember not to hjold the box out for too long because that makes the drill to unrealistic to the speed of the game. One player that is doing the box out should be getting three box outs in no more than 10 - 12 seconds, by keeping this drill moving you get used to the contact and learn to better use your body.

Number of Players:



On all box outs try to keep a wide base, feel the other player with your butt and hips, keep your shoulders over your ankles so that you can react forward to get the ball. At the start of the year many new players don't realize that there is contact and that you must be physical in order to maintain and get position. Always stress hands up and elbows out after getting position.


Place gaurds on the three spots to encourage offensive rebounding and movement on the shot.




This basketball drill is licensed under a Creative Commons License. This drill is from Pål Degerstrøm at www.degerstrom.com/basketball.

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