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Basketball Shooting Drills - Triangle Lay-up Drill

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This is a passing, cutting and lay-up drill tied to an out-let and fast break lay-up drill that stresses the fundamentals of the jump-stop, catch and pivot, entry and lead passes, and the running and fast-break lay-up.

Players move from spot to spot to practice all the skills, and the ball keeps moving the entire time to stress timing, quickness and speed.


Start with two players (or line) with basketballs at the far free throw line (Spot A), a player or line at the half-court line near the out of bounds line (Spot B), on either the right or left side of the court (to work on either right or left side lay-ups), a player (or line) at the block on the same side as Spot B (Spot C), and a player (or line) at the 'outlet pass' area on the opposite side of Spot B (Spot D).

On your signal, the Spot A Player 'attack dribbles' into the forecourt. When the ball crosses half-court the Spot C Player V-cuts and breaks, hard, to the top of the lane on their side where they jump stop and aggressively set up for entry pass.

The Spot A player can dribble pass, fake high and bounce pass, or fake bounce and high pass to the posted-up, Spot C player. As soon as the pass is made (not sooner) the Spot B player executes a strong V-cut and dashes straight to the basket with their outside hand extended for a lead pass.

The Spot C player aggressively receives the pass and performs a strong drop-pivot (dropping their outside foot toward the basket and turning, athletically, to face the sideline) and passes to the onrushing Spot B player, leading that player toward the basket. The Spot B player catches the ball with two hands and makes a running lay-up (or reverse lay-up for advanced groups).

The Spot C player follows the pass and seals for an aggressive defensive rebound. The Spot C player rebounds the shot and executes a breakout dribble. The player at spot D calls 'outlet' and sets up for a lead outlet pass with their outside hand outstretched. Spot C player throws a strong lead outlet pass to the player at Spot D who 'speed dribbles' the length of the court for a fast break lay-up.

The Spot A player moves to Spot B, the spot B player moves to Spot C, the Spot C player moves to Spot D, and the spot D player brings the all right up to start the sequence again. (Of course, the second player that was lined up at Spot A will have already initiated a second sequence with all the preceding players who have just moved up a Spot so the team will now be on their third sequence.)

Number of Players:

5 to 12


Stress the fundamentals of each step. I often break the drill down and teach it one step at a time, starting with the jump stop, then the jump stop and pivot, then the V-cut, then the power rebound and break-out dribble, before I add any passing or shooting.

It is good to place a coach at Spot A to control the tempo of the drill. (A Coach at Spot B can watch for the fundamentals of the V-cut the jump stop and the drop-pivot.)

It is extremely important for the players at Spot B to cut and drive directly (straight) to the basket near Point C and never curve away from Point C toward the baseline.

It is also important that the drop-pivot be performed correctly to seal and protect the cutting player from Point B from help defenders.


For more than 4 players it is best to put a second player in each line that you can populate, from Spot B to Spot C.

Continue to expand the lines at Spots A through C with additional players, but leave Spot D to one player to be followed each sequence by the player from Spot C. It helps the flow.

Coaches can eliminate the breakout dribble if they want to teach an immediate outlet pass.

The drill can be simplified to a half-court drill by moving Spot A to just outside the half-court line and by eliminating Spot D, the outlet pass and succeeding lay-up. The player from spot C rebounds the ball, executes the breakout dribble then power dribbles to Spot A.

To add stress to the drill, coaches or managers can play defense at Spots A, B, and C*. (Or you can have a second set of Spots - E (defending Spot A player), F (defending spot B player), G (defending spot C player, and H (starting at the baseline and chasing the player from spot D - don't let this player leave too early.) that the players would move to, before getting into the offensive lines, i.e.: the player from Spot E would move to Spot F and then to spot G and Spot H. The player from Spot H rebounds the ball from the fast-break lay-up by the player at Spot D and goes to spot A. The player from Spot D moves to spot E and goes through the defensive cycle.

This variation with defenders can be run as a half court drill also by eliminating Spots D and H. The player from Spot G rebounds the lay-up by the player from Spot B and moves to Spot A. The Player from Spot C moves to spot E to go through the defensive cycle.

If you add defenders it is good to allow the cutting player from Spot B to pull up and shoot or pass to the player from Spot C cutting to the basket if the defender at Spot G steps out.


Attack dribble, entry pass, jump stop, drop-pivot, V-cut, running lay-up (or reverse lay-up), power


This basketball drill is licensed under a Creative Commons License. This drill is from Pål Degerstrøm at www.degerstrom.com/basketball.

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