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Basketball Transition Drills - UNLV

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My teams love this drill because it is upbeat. The coaches and I love it because it practices several skills, teamwork, and team play and is a great conditioning drill and players don't even think of it as a conditioning drill. Divide into three teams of 3 or 4 players. Two teams begin on defense on opposite sides of the court. The defenders will have 2 players in the key (one at top and one at bottom), the other defender will be at half court (just out of bounds) waiting for the ball to cross half court towards his teammates. Play begins with 3 players on offense ready to attack the defense, on either a primary or secondary break.


When the ball crosses half court, the one defender that is out of bounds runs to center court and then races to help his two teammates defending the basket (3 on 2 turns into a 3 on 3). For the offense to score points they must offensive rebound (2 points) or make a basket (1 point), and (1 point for getting fouled), and they loose a point for a turnover (coaches discretion). If the offense scores they begin the next break towards the other end of the court. If the defense causes a turnover, or get a defensive board or knocks the ball out of bounds, they take off towards the other end of the court to take on the other defense, and the defeated team readies themselves to play defense by sending one person to the center line extended and the other 2 players line up in the key to stop the next offense to attack them. This is a continuous drill. As long as you score or get fouled, you stay on offense. You must stop the offense to get on offense. We run a 15-minute drill in three, 5-minute intervals with 1 minute break in-between to give water and tally scores. Whoever has the lowest score starts on offense toward the team with the second fewest points. Losers run 2 sideline 17's (under 1 minute each); second place runs 1 sideline 17 (under 1 minute each) and winners run a sideline 9 (under 30 seconds). Managers keep score on paper

Number of Players:

3 teams of (3 or 4)


Let the assistant or assistants talk to the teams encouraging them and you referee.

Also, tell to players to communicate and recognize when someone makes a great pass by pointing and saying, 'nice pass'.



If you have 12 kids instead of 9 or 10, just put them on teams of 4 and rotate as they wish. It is good for them to take some responsibility.




This basketball drill is licensed under a Creative Commons License. This drill is from Pål Degerstrøm at www.degerstrom.com/basketball.

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