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2019 NABC Convention Series

(See more by John Beilein John Brannen Steven Christiansen Kermit Davis Craig Doty Jerry Petitgoue Bob Richey David Richman Russell Turner Bruce Weber)

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2019 NABC Convention Series

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  • Adjust your closeouts to take away shooters while limiting paint touches
  • Receive sets that will get your players a variety of shot opportunities on offense
  • Learn the preferred alignment and movement for the 5-out open post motion offense
  • Infuse a core team emphasis that transfers from the locker room, to practice, and finally to games
  • Integrate your coaching staff into the fabric of your team to create an environment that fosters improvement
  • Utilize "randomness" to make your transition break unscoutable through bust-out concepts
  • Teach transition defense with the Rush drill to slow your opponent's offensive attack
  • See how to set solid double screens to ensure players get open for high-percentage shots
  • Improve the stunts by your help defenders to deter drives without yielding open perimeter shots
  • Get the terminology and points of emphases for Coach Richey's motion offense

The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same

with John Beilein,
Cleveland Cavaliers (NBA) Head Coach;
former University of Michigan Head Coach;
2019 Coach Wooden "Keys to Life" Award;
2018 NCAA Men's Basketball National Championship Runner-up; 2x Final Four appearances (2013, 2018);
2018 CBS Sports National Coach of the Year; 2014 Big Ten Coach of the Year;
2x Big Ten Regular Season Champions (2012, 2014); 2x Big Ten Tournament Champions (2017, 2018);
1998 CAA Coach of the Year (University of Richmond);
1994 MAAC Coach of the Year (Canisius College; inducted into the Canisius College Sports Hall of Fame in September 2019)

John Beilein has managed to find a recipe for success with every situation he has found himself in over a long coaching career that has ranged from high school teams, to college underdogs, to major college programs, and now as the head coach for the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA. Across the decades, Beilein has been able to study the universal truths of what works in basketball no matter the level of competition or the current trends of the sport. In this video, you will get a chance to learn what you should prioritize with your basketball team thanks to the insights of Coach Beilein.

Culture and Values

Even as trends in basketball change, the culture you establish will always have the greatest impact on your program's ultimate success. Coach Beilein discusses how you can set the tone at the top through the actions you take every day. Many examples are further examined such as treating people with compassion, hiring a coaching staff that honor your values, living with integrity, treating yourself right, and more.

A special emphasis is placed on the importance of creating a positive relationship with your players. If you want players to work their hardest for you over a long season, then you will want to hear what Coach Beilein has to say! You will also learn the five core values that Beilein taught to his players at the University of Michigan. Even as the personality of each generation changes with time, the ideas provided will empower you to connect with your players and be a positive mentor.

"Constants" Drills

There are many ways to play the game and new tactics are constantly introduced that will continue to change the style of basketball into the future. Coach Beilein shows you some of the constants that have allowed him to succeed at every stop in his coaching career.

Beilein tells you why and how he prioritizes skill development through the entire year. You will see examples of how drills can be measured to increase accountability with your players, such as with the "Double Mikans" and "60 Threes in Five Minutes" drills. You will also see how to improve the footwork and passing of your players with drills such as the "Perfect Passing Drill" and "Five Star Passing." These drills will teach athletes how to shot fake, pivot in both directions, jump stop, and explode with their first dribble.

Coach Beilein also demonstrates how much of his style of play is tailored to the talents of his players. You will see how he alters his approach to offensive rebounding and transition defense based on the scouting report. This flexible system will help you optimize this phase of the game by changing how many players you send to crash the boards or drop back in coverage. You will also see how the "5-Man Weave" can be used to work on transition defense through different situations. Beilein includes different strategies for weak-side spacing and movement on ball screens based on the ability of your point guard. Additionally, he discusses how they regularly change their tactics for closing out on defense depending on the shooting ability of their opponent.

Whether you're a beginning coach or one with a few years of experience in search of more program consistency, the coaching philosophies and "constants" showcased by Coach Beilein i

Winning Championships Through Offensive Concepts and Sets

with Craig Doty,
Emporia State University Head Men's Basketball Coach;
former Graceland University (IA) Head Coach;
2018 NAIA Division I National Champions;
2018 NAIA Division I National Coach of the Year;
2018 Don Meyer National Coach of the Year Award;former Rock Valley College Head Coach;
2-Time NJCAA DIII National Champions (2014, 2016);
2x NABC National Junior College Coach of the Year

Coach Craig Doty has had success at multiple levels of college basketball. His philosophy of running 75% offensive sets has allowed his teams to control the action on the offensive end, creating high percentage shots. Doty not only gives you multiple sets in this video, but also breaks down how to install, rehearse and implement against a defense. Additionally, Coach Doty includes thoughts on using assistant coaches and team managers effectively throughout a season.

Offensive Approach

Doty begins by breaking down his team philosophy. A major concept he touches on deals with the structure he wants his program to utilize: 75% offensive sets and 25% creativity. Coach Doty and his assistants believe this allows their athletes to get better consistently while still having some freedom to play. In his talk, Doty emphasizes that his practices always have great energy and enthusiasm in competition, no matter if the team is in 5-on-5 action or drill work.

Sets and Options

Next, you'll receive a few of Coach Doty's favorite offensive sets, which include multiple options out of each set. Some of the options presented in these sets include:

  • Horns looks
  • Flex action and down screens
  • Flare screens
  • Ball screens
  • Post ups

Next, Doty's assistant coach, Evan Lavery, runs through a set of player development drills. These drills are tailored to the offensive sets taught previously in the presentation. Players get the opportunity to get good shots up and work on specific skills that directly relate to the sets being taught.

Incorporating Assistants and Managers

Finally, Coach Doty talks about using assistant coaches and team managers effectively. Because he's worked at smaller colleges in the past, Doty has learned the best ways to use all of the resources at his disposal. You'll hear him talk about finding the strengths of your assistant coaches and letting them use those strengths in practice while also helping your assistants develop in other areas of the game.

If you're looking to add a few offensive sets to your team's playbook, Coach Doty provides effective plays that will allow your athletes to score the ball. His insights into running a program and using all of your resources to create success on the court are also invaluable!

41 minutes. 2019.

5-Man Open Post Offense with Quick Hitters

with Jerry Petitgoue,
Cuba City HS (WI) Head Boys Basketball Coach (over 50 years of varsity head coaching experience);
29 Conference titles, 3x Wisconsin State Championships; over 900 career wins;
UW-Platteville Hall of Fame (2007); Wisconsin Basketball Coaches Association Hall of Fame (2003); University of Dubuque Athletics Hall of Fame (2013);
Wisconsin Basketball Coaches Association - Executive Director

Learn from a legend! You can't beat experience, and Jerry Petitgoue has that plus the wins and championships to back it up. In this presentation, Coach Petitgoue shares his successful 5-man open post continuity offense. He details the progressions, options, and even shares great quick hitters for when you need a bucket. All the plays flow seamlessly into the motion offense and are shown with counters and details for easy implementation.

Pressure the Rim

Coach Petitgoue utilizes cuts, back cuts, screens and rolling out of screens towards the basket. With the constant movement and cuts towards the basket, scoring lanes open up. The actions toward the basket change in appearance, which ensures the defense can't cheat to defend cuts.


It's rare to get a video that addresses communication on offense like this one! Petitgoue explains that players can make their own reads as long as they call out their action. You can also call out actions from the bench if you have a younger team that needs help reading the defense. No matter the age of your team, the end goal is that your players learn the different types of cuts and options and are capable of calling out the action they use. Proper communication allows teammates to be found on offense, keeps motion going, and ensures players utilize great timing.


You'll see Coach Petitgoue run through each set with on-court demonstration, both with and without defense present. Each set shown in this video will add a layer to your open post motion offense. You'll be able to build and adjust the sets based on your players' abilities or how the opposition tries to counter your team. If an opposing defense switches everything, Coach Petitgoue has an action to adjust to it. Quick hitters are available due to the cutting and screens, but Petitgoue's sets can also be run to take time off the clock, or force the defense to foul.

Youth coaches especially can benefit tremendously from this video, which teaches spacing, moving without the basketball, and screen setting. However, if you coach older players, you'll also walk away with some great quick hitters for motion offense that can be modified to fit your players' strengths. This is a tremendous presentation with Coach Petitgoue!

45 minutes. 2019.

Eliminating Losing Plays to Win More Games

with Dave Richman,
North Dakota State University Head Coach;
2015 Summit League Regular Season Champions;
2x Summit League Tournament champions ('15, '19);
2015 Summit League Coach of the Year

If your team can win 65% of the game's significant possessions, your team will be in great position to win. Winning those possessions becomes simpler if your team has bought in to a fundamental-first basketball culture.

Coach Dave Richman of North Dakota State University lays out the framework that quality programs are forged from for crucial, late game situations. This video offers ideas on how to keep your players engaged during every play. You'll see how to get your athletes to lock in during opening warm-ups, transition drills, rebounding situations, and defensive scenarios.

Energy Drills

Not every practice begins with energy. Coach Richman offers an effective way to build energy in the first segments of practice that make way for coaches to test effort and focus through three simple drills. These drills make a for a rolling start into practice to reinforce fundamental plays on the ball. They also allow you to dictate plays on the ball that translate into fewer turnovers.

"8, to Great, to Late" Possession Philosophy

Some may criticize the "8, to Great, to Late" possession philosophy for being too up-tempo. However, Richman stands by his philosophy to let his players "hoop" within the boundaries of this simplified possession practice and details why he's implemented this approach with his team. The "8, to Great, to Late" philosophy allows his players to:

  • Be on a seamless attack throughout the possession, utilizing space and momentum.
  • Keep the game simple with east and west basketball to create north and south scoring opportunities.
  • Be comfortable in late shot clock situations to expose cracks in undisciplined defenses.

Conversion Levels

Coach Richman details personnel assignments on the defensive side of the ball through his conversion level drill. This drill will help your players work on match-up adjustments for different types of offensive threats and adjust your team defense to the level of play you participate in.

The best part of this video is it puts purpose and focus into a time-tested area of the game that leads to victory: great fundamental basketball. Coach Richman offers creative insight into winning crucial moments during games and how to keep that emphasis prevalent throughout the entire year. This video is a great guide for new coaches looking to build a program and a great refresher for seasoned veterans who need to stay on-top of their game.

39 minutes. 2019.

Make Them Love It: Team Philosophy & Drills

with Steve Christiansen,
Triton College Head Coach;
2018 NJCAA D-II National Champions;
2018 NABC Junior College and Spalding NJCAA Coach of the Year;
2016 NJCAA D-II Runners-Up;
IBCA Junior College D-II Coach of the Year

2018 NJCAA Division II National Champion and Spalding NJCAA Coach of the Year, Steve Christiansen, delivers an informative presentation that covers the methods he's used during his journey as a basketball coach. He goes into great detail about how he found a head coaching job and also discusses how he's established his program's culture before diving into a few of his essential practice drills.

Coaching Journey

Coach Christiansen begins with his history as a coach, including how his willingness to build upon his coaching knowledge benefited him along the way. He encourages up-and-coming coaches to be patient and continue to build the skills that will make players love competing within your program.

Additionally, Christiansen covers how building a program from the ground up taught him the importance of being creative to keep his players invested.

Everyday Practice Drills

You'll get several simple, but practical drills that build into relevant game skills. Coach Christiansen's drills focus on dribbling, passing, shooting and developing game experience.

Five drills in particular are everyday cornerstones of Christiansen's practices. He uses a unique version of 3-on-3 Cut Throat to give his athletes the opportunity to enhance their decision-making abilities as well as their improvisation skills.

Coaches at all levels will find the content of this video applicable to their program. Coach Christiansen does an outstanding job relaying his experience as a coach and how he progressed to the point of being a champion at the NJCAA D-II level. You'll walk away with simple practice drills that will develop your players every day at practice plus added knowledge on how to make your team culture stronger.

40 minutes. 2019.

Transition Into the 4-Out 1-In Motion Offense

˙with John Brannen,
University of Cincinnati Head Men's Basketball Coach from 2019 to 2021;
2020 AAC Regular Season Champions;
Northern Kentucky University Head Coach from 2015 to 2019;
2017 Horizon League Coach of the Year;
2x Horizon League Regular Season Champions;
2x Horizon League Tournament Champions;
led Northern Kentucky to the NCAA Tournament in their first year of eligibility;
the first school to do this since 1970!

John Brannen has built his team's identity on playing fast on offense and possessing a constant "attack" mentality. With his transition offense blended with a 4-out/1-in motion offense, Coach Brannen has been able to develop a pace and space mentality that has translated to a lot of wins.

In this video, Brannen presents a comprehensive clinic on building a fast-paced transition offense. Starting with a holistic approach, he shows how an aggressive defense helps augment the offensive transition game.

Offensive Philosophy

At the core of Coach Brannen's offensive philosophy is the three-word mantra of "Sprint, Space and Share." This mindset gets to the heart of playing fast and running both transition offense and half-court offense. If players are ever in doubt as to what is going on, they are reminded that they need to sprint the floor, have good spacing, and share the basketball. Brannen also discusses his use of the "shot spectrum" which grades good and bad shots, as well as "shot licensing" which is how he determines the players who have the green light to shoot 3-pointers in games.

One of the key benefits of this video is Coach Brannen's constant sharing of metrics he uses for various drills and in-game stats that help improve transition decision making and success. He illustrates how focusing on a few key stats can help improve shot selection and increase points per possession. You'll get key stats you can focus on to define your players' roles in transition.

The focus on important stats that define and shape your transition offense can also help players better understand the overall team dynamic and how to work with their teammates to create successful transition outcomes.

Setting Up Transition Offense

On any missed shot, Coach Brannen has players on the court who are "Bust-Out Guys" - the players who can bring the ball up the floor if they rebound it. To determine whether someone is a Bust-Out Guy, their assist-to-turnover ratio is assessed and it must be positive for the player to remain a Bust-Out Guy. Anytime someone who is not a Bust-Out Guy gets a rebound, they must outlet to the point guard.

Regardless of whether the shot is made or missed, Brannen tells his players to "Beat Up the X's." The break isn't numbered like many traditional breaks are, but each spot gets filled and there's always someone running to the rim. If a big man gets the rebound, the opposite big man will be the rim runner. However, if a Bust-Out Guy gets the rebound, the first big man up the floor is the rim runner.

To teach running in transition, Brannen uses the "Coach Izzo Break Drill." This drill is designed to work on sprinting up the sideline and getting lay-ups, post-ups, and 3-point shots in transition. A variation to this drill is having the point guard pass ahead to a wing running up the opposite side.

Building the Offense

Coach Brannen begins building his offense with half-court penetrate and pitch drills. These drills, which he adopted from Billy Donovan, are designed to work on attacking the paint and kicking out for open 3-point shots. They also help teach the spacing that is necessary for motion offense in transition.

With spacing and movement created thanks to penetration opportunities, the offense beings to heat up. The sprinting in transition and spacing created by Beating Up the X's allows the offense to become a penetrate & pitch attack designed to utilize

Developing Defense Through Practice Drills

with Bruce Weber,
Kansas State University Head Coach;
2013 Big 12 Coach of the Year;
2x Big 12 Champions (2013, 2019);
2019 USA Men's Basketball U19 World Cup Team Head Coach (Gold medal);
former Head Coach at University of Illinois and University of Southern Illinois;
In 2005, was awarded: Naismith 'College Coach of the Year', Adolph Rupp Cup, AP Coach of the Year, Henry Iba Award, NABC Coach of the Year, Big Ten Coach of the Year;
2005 NCAA Final Four & National Runner-up (Illinois);
2x Big Ten Champions;
2x MVC Champions; 2003 MVC Coach of the Year;
Southern Illinois Salukis Hall of Fame (2018)

Bruce Weber loves defense. He establishes a defensive culture on the first day of practice in the summer and then emphasizes this side of the ball through the rest of the off-season and season.

In this video, Coach Weber explains how he maintains one of the top defenses in college basketball year in and year out. His style of man-to-man protects the paint while still managing to excel at defending 3-point attempts. Weber presents six practice drills in total that will help you install a foundation for your defense along with a discussion of important concepts that you should consider regardless of the style of defense you play.

Run to the Ball Closeout Drill

Coach Weber teaches several interesting concepts within this drill that will teach your players closeout technique, on-ball defense, and helping in the gaps. You'll see how you can adjust the path of your closeout to cut off dribble penetration by "looping." Learn how to refine your terminology to get players recovering to the ball faster. You will also see how Kansas State deters passes with their ball pressure, rather than denial in the passing lanes.

Ball Screen Coverage

You can't be a one trick pony in an era of basketball where higher levels of competition use ball screens nearly every possession! Weber demonstrates three different ball screen coverages used by the Wildcats. You will see a 3-on-3 format for teaching the hard hedge that reinforces the two defenders on the ball, along with the help defender who needs to tag the roller. You'll also see how to set up 4-man and 5-man drills to teach the flat hedge and how all five defenders should support their teammates with stunts. Lastly, you will see a 5-man set up for teaching how to ice the ball screen.

3-Pass Drill

Breakdowns occur in even the best defenses. The top defenses in the country are still able to prevent the opponent from scoring in these disadvantage situations. This drill will challenge your defenders to improve their closeouts, communication, and rebounding while playing in a drill that simulates a scramble situation.

Rush Drill

Preventing early basket opportunities is paramount for building a great defense. Coach Weber demonstrates a drill that is run every day at Kansas State to reinforce their transition defense principles. You will see how to deter fast breaks by slowing the ball and dropping to the rim with great communication. Three additional variations to the drill to are shared to help you add variety to the drill over the season and integrate other concepts into this practice segment.

Shell Drill

A great defensive coach considers how their team will defend every situation they might encounter in games. More importantly, your players need to learn how to guard these actions. Weber shows his go-to drill for installing these concepts. Defending the stagger screen is demonstrated along with explanations of additional variations that can make your Shell drill more competitive.

Play Hard Drill

Build a culture for playing tough, energetic defense by reinforcing these concepts in practice drills. This drill teaches how to get out and pressure passing lanes, help rotations from the weak side, taking charges, and diving for l

4-Out and 5-Out Man Offense and Skill Development

with Kermit Davis,
Ole Miss Head Coach;
2019 SEC Coach of the Year;
former Middle Tennessee State University Head Men's Basketball Coach;
2017 Conference USA Tournament and Regular Season Champions;
led his teams to six conference championship titles in eight years (three Conference USA and three Sun Belt titles);
2017 Conference USA Coach of the Year (sixth overall Coach of the Year honor, including back-to-back Sun Belt Conference Coach of the Year awards in 2012-13)

Kermit Davis has built programs that last and teams that play hard consistently night after night. His players take pride in developing offensive skills that can fit any style of offense. In this video, Coach Davis breaks down the 4-out and 5-out actions that have helped his teams compete against some of the best in the country. Davis' presentation is loaded with actions you can use within any offensive system.

4-Out Motion

With today's game being heavy on ball screens, Davis uses screens off the ball to create movement and scoring actions. Starting with a single stagger screen away, he demonstrates how to prepare for and set the screen in order to avoid illegal screens being called against your team. The single screen builds to a screen-the-screener action away from the ball and lets your post players get into the action, demonstrating their range from the outside.

If you like using ball screens, you can incorporate your post players into your ball screen offense. Davis shows how to maintain good spacing, opening the floor for a shot, drive from a pick & pop post player, or re-screen action to get your guards attacking downhill. You'll also see how to allow your trailing post players to get action going toward the rim, which creates space for a pick & pop post player or another guard to attack.

5-Out Motion

Catering to today's trend of running a 5-out no post offense, Coach Davis demonstrates how to use a pin down and read the screen to create a scoring opportunity. These opportunities will spawn movement within your offense and keep the defense on their toes. By using a physical style of play and cutting hard off the ball, you will push the opposing defense to its limit.

Next, Davis teaches various hand-off actions, pin down actions, and follow-your-pass ball screen actions to create movement. These concepts help make his offense dynamic and multi-dimensional within 4-out and 5-out motion settings.

Coach Davis is a master at getting the most out of his players. He takes actions his players can use without having to use a ball screen, and incorporates them into early offense and motion offense. This video will give you many actions to incorporate into your offensive system!

41 minutes. 2019.

Protecting the Rim with Man-to-Man Defense

with Russell Turner,
UC Irvine Head Coach;
4x Big West regular season champions ('14, '16, '17, '19);
2x Big West Tournament champions ('15, '19);
3x Big West Coach of the Year ('14, '17, '19);
former Golden State Warriors Assistant Coach

Teams at every level are shifting their offensive approach to focus on driving and kicking for points in the paint or 3-point opportunities. Drawing from his experience as an assistant coach in the NBA, Russell Turner has implemented a defensive system at UC Irvine that will challenge teams to score inside. In the 2018-2019 season, the Anteaters led the country in 2-point field goal percentage defense. Nobody made it tougher to score at the rim!

In this video, you will learn some of the defensive concepts Turner uses that will help your team improve its interior protection.

Developing a Base of Protection

UC Irvine plays a style of man-to-man that focuses on limiting rotations and switches while forcing opponents away from their tendencies. This system is first established with great on-ball defense to stop the opponent at the point of attack. You will see how to develop great on-ball defenders with the "Defensive Stance Drill." This drill will improve your player's defensive slides by helping them move on balance with their hands up.

Learn how to implement your big men into this system as rim protectors. Coach Turner explains their strategy for changing ball screen defenses with either "Hedge" or "Cover" depending on the athleticism of your post players. In the "Straight Up" drill, you will see how your posts can get airborne to challenge shots at the rim without drawing fouls.

Stopping Dribble Penetration

The "Finish the Defense" series is a great way to progressively teach your players how to defend against dribble penetration. Starting 2-on-2, your posts will learn how to stunt at the ball to deter the drive while the perimeter defender recovers back into the play. Adding a third defender will teach help side defenders to sink into the paint while still arriving on time to challenge the perimeter shot on any skip pass. You will also see how a fourth defender can be added and positions rearranged to work on stunting versus dribble penetration. Additionally, Coach Turner shares a unique approach to determining match-ups that will allow your shot blocker to anchor the rim at all times.

This video will give you exciting new approaches to shutting down dribble penetration without having to implement strategies that will eventually result in breakdowns or mismatches.

46 minutes. 2019.

4-Out 1-In and 5-Out Motion Offense

with Bob Richey,
Furman University Head Coach;
led Furman to a school-record 25 wins in the 2018-19 season, including wins over two of the 2018 Final Four participants (Villanova & Loyola)

Bob Richey develops his players to ensure they always work hard on the court and has established a culture of success in just a few seasons as the head coach at Furman University. He's done this by running a simple offense that appears complex to opponents.

Richey develops his offensive flow by teaching players how to read what the defense is giving them. His players no longer stall out when defenses take away the first, second, or even third option in a more traditional patterned offense. In this video, you'll get a sample of how Coach Richey teaches his offense, his approach to coaching, his team philosophy, and how he gets the most out of his players.


Furman plays in a tough conference, which requires Richey's players to all be on the same page in order to maximize their talents and abilities and come away with victories. He describes that in order to build a sound program, you must have players and coaches that know the language you want to speak on the floor. Every coach on staff has to know the program's plan and vision and be able to spread them through every teaching interaction with athletes.


Using a 4-out motion offense, Coach Richey describes the basic terminology that he teaches players that takes his offense to a more complex level. By getting the ball into the post, both low block and short corner, your offense will be able to create space on the strong side and get backdoor layups on defensive overplays. With post players occupying most of the defense, perimeter players can cut and fill looking for open shots. With a kick-out of the post, your guards will be able to take advantage of ball screens to use a pick & pop option or attack for an easy bucket.

Coach Richey uses an offense that is orchestrated based on defensive reads. Players take simple actions and can make them hard to guard because his offense isn't run in a strict pattern. This is a great video if you are looking to evolve your motion offense to center around reading the defense and creating scoring opportunities through cutters.

40 minutes. 2019.

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