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Andrea Hudy's Weight Room 3-Pack

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Andrea Hudy's Weight Room 3-Pack

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  • Andrea Hudy's Weight Room 3-Pack
  • Andrea Hudy's Weight Room 3-Pack
  • Andrea Hudy's Weight Room 3-Pack
  • Implement a teaching progression for agility and plyometric development that is effective for novice and elite athletes alike
  • Identify aspects of a weight room that can be easily overlooked, but are essential for training your athletes
  • Train different planes of motion using explosive movement exercises

Movement Efficiency: Progressions for Agility and Plyometrics

with Andrea Hudy,
University of Kansas Assistant Athletic Director for Sport Performance;
Only female strength and conditioning coach in Men's DI Basketball (Labeled as Kansas' "secret weapon" during the 2011-12 Men's Basketball Season)

Andrea Hudy has helped strengthen the men's basketball program at the University of Kansas by utilizing liner and Lateral progressions. Using demonstrations from her athletes, Coach Hudy gives you an inside look at each of these progressions. As your athletes strengthen and master each exercise, Coach Hudy shows you how to safely and logically increase their workouts to improve. The drills follow a logical and safe progression, from beginner to advanced, and give you tools to build your program into a champion from within the weight room

Linear Progressions:
Coach Hudy begins by breaking down linear progressions. Game situations occur in short spurts making acceleration a major factor in speed. These workouts are designed to increase your athletes ability to move both forward and backward (an important but neglected aspect in many sports) both quickly and safely. Both the ability to start and stop quickly are addressed, as well as strength building exercises to increase power. She utilizes an agility ladder and breaks down various stretches and agility work. She progresses into agility hurdles and various agilities to work on in this section. All of the agilities are applicable to every sport. All of the distances and expectations to each agility progress throughout the video, for maximum performance. Coach Hudy continues in her plyometric program with various jumps to progress in multiple areas.

Lateral Progressions:
Being able to quickly change directions from side to side increases an athlete's quickness. Coach Hudy's lateral (side-to side) movement drills utilize the ladder and various hurdles. These are ideal not only for sports featuring lateral action, but also to help strengthen muscles and increase coordination in all sports. She moves through a beginner to advanced progression. Each athlete demonstrates each agility within different progressions to allow you to understand the levels of progression. Hudy continues to use plyometric boxes and hurdles to continue a advanced progression of both lateral linear movement. She ends with linear acceleration and conditioning that can be applied for your program.

Finally Coach Hudy teaches you to combine both Linear and Lateral acceleration in a series of drills that you can use to mimic your sports specific challenges. Whether you are in an offensive or defensive stance the ability to beat your opponent from a dead stand still is devastating to your opponent.

This DVD is action packed with various progressions to help build performance both linearly and laterally. The agilities and progressions shown have been proven ways to build player performance both on the court and off the court each season at KU. One player with the ability to dominate a 1-on-1 match-up will be a significant factor in winning or losing. The drills in this DVD will help your athletes become a dominating force on any playing field.

55 minutes. 2014.

Weight Room Code: Technique and Safety Protocols for Success

with Andrea Hudy,
University of Kansas Assistant Athletic Director for Sport Performance;
Only female strength and conditioning coach in Men's DI Basketball (Labeled as Kansas' "secret weapon" during the 2011-12 Men's Basketball Season)

Andrea Hudy of Kansas University teaches you how to organize your weight room in a safe and efficient manner, and how to establish a weight room culture stressing safety, achievement and a "result-oriented" culture. Using clear guidelines and expectations, Coach Hudy shows you how to make your weight room a place where athletes can reach their highest goals.

When developing an effective weight room environment, you need to develop what Coach Hudy believes is a practice atmosphere. Hudy as been essential for the success at Kansas University, most recognized her role with the men's basketball program and their success. She takes you through the essential standards that you should hold your kids to when holding a weight training session. Each session should be treated like a practice and each athlete should try to get the most out of each workout.

Appropriate rules will minimize injuries and create a culture where keep athletes are focused on their development. Coach Hudy begins by going through the areas that she believes need to be covered before any student athlete enters the weight room for training. She breaks down the importance of being oriented with the facility, signing off on their manual for training, and having passed a physical and adaptations that can be made based upon results. Coach and multiple student athletes take you through the weight room and show you all of the key areas and procedures of the weight room. From weights to platforms, they show the proper steps that need to be taken in order to have a safe operating weight training facility.

As you watch an athlete demonstrate the lift, Coach Hudy breaks down the difference between an Olympic lift and a weight room activity lift. lympic Lifts are a foundation to explosive athletic movement. Performing Olympic correctly will engage the proper musculature which will lend itself to producing a finely tuned athlete on the athletic field.

The finer points are stressed in order to execute the lift in a safe and discipline manner, which includes the proper way to spot your partner. A competent/well trained spotter will reduce possible injury and is an important safeguard in your weight room. Partners need to rely on each other to make strength gains, while also protecting each other, for the best results. Hudy shows various grips and accessories that she feels are essential and non-essential within a weight training practice.

Every coach who is taking over an athletic program knows the importance of the weight room for straining their student athletes. This video is essential in order to run a safe effective program as you continue to develop your athletes into a top level program.

It is appropriate for all levels of coaches, (our weight room coach here has been at it for 20 years and loved the film!) but would really be great for a beginning weight room coach!Kansas High School Coach

30 minutes. 2014.

9 Essential Lifts for Superior Athletic Performance

with Andrea Hudy,
University of Kansas Assistant Athletic Director for Sport Performance;
Only female strength and conditioning coach in Men's DI Basketball (Labeled as Kansas' "secret weapon" during the 2011-12 Men's Basketball Season)

Andrea Hudy, widely touted as Kansas men's basketball's secret weapon, breaks down nine essential lifts, with over 150 variations, for successful training in any sport.

The nine essential lifts are explosive movements, cleans, snatch, jerk, squat, deadlift, lunge, upper body pull, upper body push. Coach Hudy uses a whole-part-whole method as she builds all nine essential lifts, using athlete demonstration in the weight room to talk through and describe the demonstration that her athletes are showing.

Coach Hudy begins with all explosive movements and explains how they help with the athletic performance in various sports. Each movement explained in this section is very detailed with demonstrations in the training room with multiple athletes. You will witness first-hand Hudy's specific instruction in order to maximize your time with your athletes and ensure their safety as well. Each demonstration has faults, identified by Hudy, that are common in technique and will happen within every weight room. Through teaching the complexity progression of each of these lifts, Hudy's athletes are given many precise variations of lifts that will pinpoint their specific athletic output needs. Each exercise can be changed to create variations of each lift.

Coach Hudy moves to her next essential lifts:

  • A variety of olympic style lifts such as the clean, snatch, and jerk exercises. These are great power exercises that recruit muscles throughout the entire body.
  • A variety of squat, deadlift, and lunge exercises that develop the lower body. The lower body is the most heavily used muscle group in our lives and in athletic performance.
  • a variety of upper body pull and push lifts. These lifts will work the entire upper body but really develop the arms and back. Push movements are some of the most common upper body movements in sports.

She takes her time with teaching proper technique for each lift to help build elements that make the clean an essential lift. You will learn the importance of grip when to use a wide grip or when you should use a narrow grip, and where to place pressure on your feet to help you obtain proper posture. Hudy shows how to advance each lift to be tailored to your athletes based upon their level of achievement in the weight room. All of the lifts focused upon test stability and core strength while building performance in those two areas.

This video will undoubtedly enhance your weight room by improving safety, structure and implementing more sport specific lifts, as well as having alternative lifts that can be used for athletes that either cannot complete certain lifts, or if an athlete is more advanced than what is being asked.

79 minutes. 2014.

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