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Basketball Strength Training: Progressions & Regressions

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Basketball Strength Training: Progressions & Regressions

Basketball Strength Training: Progressions & Regressions

See fundamental exercises to build the strength needed to become a better basketball player!

  • Discover techniques that vary from having no equipment needed, to techniques with weights or other equipment, depending on what you have available
  • See how to adjust the types of workouts depending on the part of the season you're in, if players are advanced, injured, etc.
  • Develop shoulder strength in basketball athletes with a progression of overhead press exercises

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with Brian Bingaman,
St. Joseph's University Director of Strength and Conditioning;
named a Master Strength & Conditioning Coach by the Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association (CSCCA), as well as Strength & Conditioning Coach Certified (SCCC), and (Level 1 Club Coach) United States Weightlifting

Strength and conditioning is an important area of any sport's program. As players are specializing in certain sports and playing year-round, injury prevention will be your most important reason to have a strength and conditioning program.

Brian Bingaman expertly breaks down the weight training exercise progressions and regressions that he uses with the St. Joseph's basketball team to teach new movement patterns, clean up technique, or provide remediation and injury prevention.

In each session, Bingaman takes you through the development in the progression as you move from the ground up. You will learn critical cues while gaining valuable insight into how to design a weight training program that can be the foundation of your program. He focuses on the development of the athlete, which is where the progression and regression philosophy comes into play. Each individual player is different, and this program allows you to individualize strength work while still maintaining a team atmosphere and working with many athletes.

Double Leg Exercises

In the double leg progression, Bingaman demonstrates the progressive lifts used to help athletes learn the bilateral squat movement pattern. Beginning with a PVC overhead squat to improve mobility and flexibility, Bingaman progresses into med ball and goblet squats to improve posture and core support before progressing on to weighted front and back squats.

Single Leg Exercises

In the single leg segment, Bingaman starts his progressions with a body weight split squat. Using this lift, he demonstrates key body positions and cues that are critical to developing balance and posture. As athletes improve, they advance through reverse and front lunges, adding dumbbells once they can effectively control their body weight with proper form. Bingaman expertly breaks down the culminating lift in this segment, the Bulgarian split squat, which is an excellent tool for developing unilateral strength and power.

Upper Body Pressing Exercises

In this segment, Bingaman teaches technique for pressing exercises. Beginning by perfecting technique in the push-up, Bingaman adds variety and difficulty by having athletes use trap bars and unstable platforms to improve range of motion and challenge core stability. Once the push-up is mastered, athletes will switch to the bench with single arm dumbbell presses, before progressing to the barbell bench press.

Coach Bingaman gives you plenty of strength exercises and ideas to incorporate into your own program immediately!

71 minutes. 2017.

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