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Continuity On-Ball Screening High-Low Offense 2-Pack

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Continuity On-Ball Screening High-Low Offense 2-Pack

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  • Continuity On-Ball Screening High-Low Offense 2-Pack
  • Continuity On-Ball Screening High-Low Offense 2-Pack
  • Provide great spacing on offense and add a constant high-low threat that is hard to guard
  • Focus on essential parts of Coach White's continuity offense with drills that train different pieces of the system

Continuity On-Ball Screening Offense with High-Low Action

with Jaime White,
Fresno State University Head Women's Coach;
former Northern Colorado Head Women's Coach;
Northern Colorado all-time winningest coach;
2011 Big Sky Conference Co-Champions;
2011 Big Sky Coach of the Year;
led Northern Colorado to two 20-win seasons (only two such seasons in the program's first 32 years of existence)

The ball screen is one of the most-used actions in basketball for good reason: it is difficult to defend. Because it's become so common, defensive adjustments and strategies have become equally numerous.

In this video, Fresno State head women's coach Jaime White delivers a comprehensive explanation of her continuity on-ball screening offense. She goes into detail on the offense that has led Fresno State to become one of the top three highest-scoring teams in the Mountain West Conference. You will get an effective base continuity with counters to attack anything opposing defenses will try to use against you.

Twist & Double

Coach White begins with a marker board session detailing the structure of her offense, the setup, spacing and basic movements. She also talks about the purpose and philosophy behind the offense and why it can be successful for you as a coach.

The offense is based on two types of on-ball screening actions, Twist and Double, and each are explained on the marker board prior to hitting the floor. Twist is a single on-ball screen on the wing and can be initiated to either side of the floor. After choosing a side, the point guard cuts ball-side when the action starts. Double is a double on-ball screen for the wing player which seamlessly flows into the overall continuity of the offense.

Taking the floor with her own Fresno State team, White goes over each action that was shown on the marker board. You'll see the timing, spacing, and execution of the offense, as well as counters and change ups, like Quick and Pop. A major focus of the offense is to use your post players, as each action ends in a high-low opportunity. Pound is a call to get the ball down low when your post player has a seal or advantage on their defender. Coach White discusses the concepts of a good post-up and how to exploit teams that front, switch, or three-quarter the post.


All good defensive teams make the initial entry pass difficult and try to take away certain actions of an offense or even limit the touches of the best player. White shows her experience with the offense as she has seen every counter and defensive adjustment to it. In this segment, she goes over counters and reads within the play to attack hard hedges, switching, wing and post denials, as well as transitioning into the offense.

When teams pressure the point guard early in transition, Coach White shows how to incorporate a middle pick & roll that flows right into the Twist action. If teams start to "ice" the Twist action, White goes to the Corner action, which exploits and takes advantage of defensive positioning and changes the angle of the Twist action.

Game Footage

It's always a bonus to see plays in the context of actual game footage. Coach White shows each action in tournament and league games from previous years, which will give you an extra lead in preparation for implementing the offense.

This is one of the most comprehensive explanations of a continuity ball screening offense on the market. Coach White shares her base offense that can be run at youth levels to high school, and obviously at higher collegiate levels too. You'll also get effective counters, reads, film sessions and details that will allow you to take your offense to another level.

126 minutes. 2020.

Breakdown Drills for the Continuity On-Ball Screening High-Low Offense

with Jaime White,
Fresno State University Head Women's Coach;
former Northern Colorado Head Women's Coach;
Northern Colorado all-time winningest coach;
2011 Big Sky Conference Co-Champions;
2011 Big Sky Coach of the Year;
led Northern Colorado to two 20-win seasons (only two such seasons in the program's first 32 years of existence)

With this video from coach Jamie White of Fresno State women's basketball, you'll get 16 drills for the continuity on-ball screening high-low offense. White takes you through a multitude of drills that work the ball screening action. These drills solve the issues you may encounter as you put together this disciplined and effective offense.

Throughout the drills, Coach White also breaks down the necessary components for the offense as well as the skills and actions your players will need to be successful with ball screening action. Both whiteboard talk and on-court action help with the teaching of the offense through these drills.

Drills + Explanations

Coach White starts by explaining each drill through a whiteboard chat. This method of teaching is a fantastic way to hear what she considers as the drill is put together. Her instruction during these sessions is fantastic and helps explain so many aspects of her continuity on-ball screening offense.

Next, White takes the action to the court to demonstrate every drill that was outlined in the whiteboard talk. This multi-modality approach to teaching will help you better understand the concepts and drills presented. Some of the actions that are taught in Coach White's drills include:

  • Drive & Kick
  • High-Low Post-Ups
  • Double Ball Screening
  • Post Dives
  • Pick & Pops

Sets & Ball Screen Tips

You'll see two different sets for this offense. Twist is the initial set demonstrated. With Twist, you get some great ball screen action that leads to post-up opportunities, and Coach White also shows counters for when the initial post-up is denied.

The next set presented is Double, which starts with a double ball screen. One screener slips and the other rolls, but both players become scoring threats. This double screen action is incredibly difficult to stop. Another great aspect to Double is that it can right into Twist! This is a fantastic way to minimize the amount of learning your players will have to do, while still keeping the defense on their heels.

Another great part of this video is the teaching of specific skills related to ball screening. Coach White talks about proper footwork, screen angles, sealing on the high-low and cutting in sharp lines. These directions are great if you run any type of ball screen offense.

If you're looking for a disciplined offense to get your players high-percentage looks at the basket, then this video is for you. Coach White breaks down the drills necessary to learn her continuity on-ball screening high-low offense and you'll be able to immediately implement the exercises with your own team.

99 minutes. 2020.

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