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Dave Clarke 2-Pack

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Dave Clarke 2-Pack

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  • Dave Clarke 2-Pack
  • Dave Clarke 2-Pack
  • Learn how to integrate ball-screening action into the dribble drive offense to create an aggressive, hard-to-defend offense
  • Get as many skill development reps as possible in 10-15 minutes - even if you're the only coach at practice

The Ball Screen Dribble Drive Offense

with Dave Clarke, Owens Community College Head Coach;
finished fourth in the 2013 NJCAA D-II National Tournament; 2013 Region XII District 11 Coach of the Year; 2012 OCCAC Coach of the Year

Take your dribble drive offense to the next level by adding ball screens - and some Princeton offense elements - to develop a system that is easy to learn, hard to defend and creates space all over the floor.

Dave Clarke used his innovative offense to deliver a 14 win turn around in his first season at Owens CC. In his second season, he took his team to the NJCAA Final Four. Now you can use this fun, exciting offense to create wide-open lanes in the defense and enable your players to use their athleticism to get to the basket.

A unique aspect of this offense is that all of the positions are interchangeable. Players learn the responsibilities and expectations of each position, which makes things simple for them as they move about the floor.

To open up the middle of the floor, you will see how Clarke puts a guard in the post and plays a "big" on the perimeter, especially during the "Princeton" style alignment. This enables a quick hitter set play before the motion and sets up a quick hitter at the end of the shot clock.

These concepts are similar to many other dribble drive offenses. The difference with Coach Clarke's offense is the use of ball screens. Placing the "4" on top to initiate the offense sets up many great opportunities for screening. Making the "4" responsible for setting the screens keeps things simple and allows the continuation of a fast-paced offense, which is a signature of the dribble drive.

As part of his on-court presentation, Clarke provides 5-on-0 walk-throughs and full speed demonstrations that emphasize the value of good spacing. He demonstrates how his players move off each pass, the options available to them, and how all five players react to ball movement off the pass or dribble. This offense is flexible enough to allow post players to be moved around to enhance the team's efficiency and effectiveness.

You will see seven different quick hitters that will enable you to get quick scores in the paint or create open 3-pointers.

Easily to implement, this offense is perfect for junior high, high school and junior college programs that have a lot of player turnover and for teams full of "small players."

Order now and start reaping the rewards of this aggressive, hard-to-defend offense!

83 minutes. 2013.

High Rep Skill Development Drills

with Dave Clarke, Owens Community College Head Coach;
finished fourth in the 2013 NJCAA D-II National Tournament; 2013 Region XII District 11 Coach of the Year; 2012 OCCAC Coach of the Year

Since high school teams have fewer coaches, they often run their skill development workouts as a team. Coach Dave Clarke demonstrates how he is able to run drills that can occupy 12 to 15 players at one time with a single coach. Clarke's methods teach essential skills while getting players to do the necessary repetitions to enhance their skill level. The drills in this DVD are a great way to use time efficiently as you get players ready to game day.

What makes this DVD so unique is the constant focus on combining skills into a single drill. In the Cone Drill, (this drill actually uses chairs, which Clarke believes better simulates defenders) Coach Clarke has his players make various offensive moves around a series of chairs, finishing at the hoop with a variety of game-like scoring moves. Fundamental cross-over, behind-the-back dribbles and spin moves are all used as players attack the chairs. One of Clarke's favorite moves is the floater. His players use this move along with reverse layups, a series of powerful jump stops, and a mid-range jump shot as they attack the basket.

Passing is a lost art. When Coach Clarke took over the program at Owens Community College, he saw the need to get back to the basics and work on team passing. This paid off as his team significantly improved their turnover percentage in his first year. Most passing drills emphasize straight-ahead passes, but most passes in games are more side-to-side passes. Clarke demonstrates drills that he designed to teach players how to rip the ball, step up to a pass and use the correct footwork when throwing a pass. His passing drills also include different ways to fake and use the dribble properly to improve passing angles. The passing drill shown in this presentation demonstrates how simple a drill can be but also how fundamentals such as correct passing can change a team's performance.

Teams need to be able to shoot from all over the court in order to achieve success. With his "Dave's Shooting Drill," Coach Clarke positions players at various angles. From the elbow shot to the corner 3, "Dave's Shooting" covers all possible game shots. As with all of his drills, players are constantly moving and working on other aspects of the game as they develop their shot.

Throughout the presentation, Coach Clarke emphasizes the value of drilling the whole team at the same time on the same concepts. This idea of developing the complete player allows all of his players to become better at the game of basketball.

Reach your target repetitions as your whole team develops their skills with these efficient drills.

74 minutes. 2013.

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