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Gary Close: Basketball Skill Development 2-Pack

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Gary Close: Basketball Skill Development 2-Pack

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  • Gary Close: Basketball Skill Development 2-Pack
  • Gary Close: Basketball Skill Development 2-Pack
  • Tighten up your players' ball handling with six practice drills to cut through the defense for scoring opportunities at the rim
  • Develop quick and efficient release mechanics to create a more accurate and consistent shot

The D1 Player Workout: A Complete Skill Package

with Gary Close;
former University of Wisconsin Assistant Coach (13 years);
back-to-back Final Four appearances (2014-15), including a spot in the National Championship game (`15); 3x Big Ten Champions (1 tournament and 2 regular season titles)

Learn how to develop your players from a coach who is an expert at the craft!

Throughout his career, Coach Gary Close has trained college players of all skill levels and size to become collegiate All-Americans and contributing, consistent NBA players. Close demonstrates a workout (he calls it the "D1 Workout") that can be used to improve every single player in your program. You'll learn a range of skills to teach - ball handling, attacking moves, post play, and shooting.

If you're serious about getting your players to be the best they can be, then seize this opportunity to learn from one of the `masters' in player development!

Ball Handling

Every coach has that sinking feeling when facing a full court press knowing they have a `weak link' in one or two of their players' ball handling ability; instead of dreading what will happen when `that player' gets the ball in a full court press, establish confidence in all of your players' ability to handle the pressure and practice the five drills in this video that Close demonstrates to tighten up your (all of your) players' ball handling (and provide yourself, and your players, with a little extra confidence-building skills!)

The Attack & Retreat drill will prepare your players for breaking down full court defenses with four dribbles to counter pressure. You will also learn how you can work on counter moves while also improving ability to finish at the rim and make shots off the dribble.

1-on-1 Attacking Moves

Enhance the explosiveness of your players' drives with a chair drill that trains them to utilize multiple moves to create space. The Sweep & Go will enable your players to blow past their defender. Variations on this drill will challenge your players to add counter moves and controlled finishes at the rim with a jump stop. You will also learn six separation moves that will free your players up for an open shot.

Post Moves

The chair can be moved to the low block to teach your players how to take up space effectively in the paint. You will learn five post moves that give your players a complete arsenal to score in any situation. The Sikma Series will expand your post players' skill sets to be a threat off the block. Three ways to score from the short corner or mid-post are taught from this essential move.

Shooting Drills

See five shooting drills that create a competitive environment to speed up improvement in your players. All of these drills will motivate every one of your players by having them strive to meet goals, beat times, and/or earn the high score. The Quick Pick Up drill will speed up your players' shooting mechanics and build their comfort level with shooting off the dribble. The Three Shot Combo drill is a great way to help players focus their aim while they work on shots from different distances. To develop players who can make shots under pressure, the Magic Drill is a `must see'. Having your players comfortable and confident to make the final shot, with time winding down, is the end result of Close's excellent instruction!

This video gives you a variety of purposeful skill development drills that are perfect for any team at any level!

69 minutes. 2017.

Building the Natural Shot: Easy to Learn Concepts and Techniques

with Gary Close;
former University of Wisconsin Assistant Coach (13 years);
back-to-back Final Four appearances (2014-15), including a spot in the National Championship game (`15); 3x Big Ten Champions (1 tournament and 2 regular season titles)

Coach Gary Close has been regarded as a highly effective player development specialist over his 29-year career in Division I college basketball, working to develop consistent shooting from perimeter players like BJ Armstrong and with big men like 2015 `Player of the Year' Frank Kaminsky. His contributions in recent years helped the University of Wisconsin reach back-to-back Final Fours and the 2015 National Championship game.

In this video, you will learn the fundamentals to developing an accurate, consistent jump shot. In addition to breaking down multiple aspects of proper shooting form, you will learn how to teach these principles through 11 shooting drills appropriate for players of all ages. Close explains the release concept, breaks down the basic concepts for your shooting form, how to understand and measure distance on the shot for both short and long shots, as well as many shooting drills for developing your shooting technique and repetitions.

Basics of a Good Shot

Starting from the ground up with proper stance, hand placement and form, Close breaks down the fundamentals that will benefit players who are just starting out learning to shoot.

See how you can develop rotation on the ball with five teaching points that will enhance your shot release. Learn the essentials to a solid stance and ball position that will tighten up your mechanics to create a more consistent shot. Coach Close discusses essential teaching points such as footwork, arm position, and angle of delivery into your release. You will also see how you can apply these principles into correcting a player's "broken" shot with nine strategies for improving shots that are not getting spin on the ball, falling short, or going long.

The basics progress into form shooting and building upon the proper stance and hand placement.

Shooting Drills

Coach Close teaches you the Bounce Drill drill, which emphasizes getting rotation on the ball with strong wrist flicks. Multiple drills motivate players to focus on "finesse" shots that will help to narrow their aim on the rim. The Quick Release drill will speed up a player's release and remove any downward motion in their shot.

A variety of drills progress your players from focusing strictly on technique to more competitive scenarios. These drills will give you strategies for working with players in individual or small group settings. Implementing these into your practices will help your players develop a consistent shooting form that feels comfortable and puts the ball in the net.

This video will give you everything you need to transform your players' shooting form.

43 minutes. 2017.

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