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Gary Close: Offense and Defense 2-Pack

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Gary Close: Offense and Defense 2-Pack

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  • Gary Close: Offense and Defense 2-Pack
  • Gary Close: Offense and Defense 2-Pack
  • Learn three types of screening action that allow any team, regardless of talent, to find open shots
  • Discover how to play on- and off-ball defense to force opponents to take long, contested shots and deny layups and open 3-pointers

The Swing Offense: Breakdown and Shooting Drills

with Gary Close;
former University of Wisconsin Assistant Coach (13 years);
back-to-back Final Four appearances (2014-15), including a spot in the National Championship game (`15); 3x Big Ten Champions (1 tournament and 2 regular season titles)

Gary Close brings 29 years of college coaching experience to the court as he instructs you on the value of using the Swing Offense. Coach Close's relationship with Bo Ryan at the University of Wisconsin allowed him inside access to the system at its best, as their Wisconsin Badgers went to back-to-back Final Fours. This video breaks down each aspect of the offense and shows the viewer how simple it is to implement.

The Swing Offense is designed to help a team get great looks inside and wide open shots from the perimeter. This offense is based on movements without the basketball that include screens and cutting. Close uses on-court demonstrations to cover the advantages of the offense, positioning of the players, and the three cuts used in the offense before combining them into the continuity offense. You'll also learn different options and quick-hitters, as well as special situations to attack certain defenses and breakdown drills to build the offense.

Basics of the Swing Offense

Coach Close first talks about the positives related to the Swing Offense. Moving to the court, he breaks down the basic formation of the Swing Offense:

  • Continuity of the offense - Each move is simple and easily achieved, however the results are tough to defend. Screen after screen attack the defense as sharp, purposeful cuts slice through the defense.
  • Correct positioning and spacing - Pairs work together, wings are free throw line extended.

Running the Swing Offense Against Different Defenses

Close takes players through special situations that address many of the strategies other teams will use to combat the Swing Offense. He provides teaching tips and rules, as well as variations and how players can learn to make the right reads during the game. Close gives you the tools versus:

  • Aggressive Man Defense - Use a screen away to get open to catch the first pass, dribble-ats and look for a backdoor cut or dribble attack open space
  • Soft, Sagging Man Defense - Enter into the low post from the wing and curl off the weak side
  • Switching Man Defense - Three Up Screen options to take advantage of the mismatch by feeding the post, using a back screen for a seal/screener step allowing the screener to get the defender on their back, and the fade screen where the screener slips the screen and cuts to the basket

Quick Hitters for the Swing Offense

This video includes some great quick hitters that can be used out of the Swing Offense. Close includes a variety of sets, both inside and out, that teams can use to get their best player a look by being the primary cutter. Each number or call includes an option for each position.

Breakdown Drills

These drills cover all the screening actions and also help players practice the same shots they will see in games. Close believes it's extremely important that his players work on areas where they're going to get shots in games and he includes six drills to work both screening action and shooting.

There are some great offensive strategies being used on the court today. The Swing Offense may be the best one out there for teams that are not as athletic; however, teams that are athletic and blessed with talent can benefit from this offense as well. If you want to get your players great looks on a consistent basis, then this video is for you.

50 minutes. 2016.

Building a Man-to-Man Defensive System

with Gary Close;
former University of Wisconsin Assistant Coach (13 years);
back-to-back Final Four appearances (2014-15), including a spot in the National Championship game (`15); 3x Big Ten Champions (1 tournament and 2 regular season titles)

Coach Gary Close spent nearly 30 years as a top assistant coach to some of the top coaching minds in Division I basketball history. As a top assistant for both Bo Ryan and Tom Davis, Close knows the ins and outs of how these great coaches built and sustained successful programs.

Close teaches and demonstrates Coach Bo Ryan's dominant half court defensive system, then he breaks down two of Coach Tom Davis' full court pressure strategies. Each of these is brilliantly taught and can be adapted easily into your program.

In this video, you will learn how to control the tempo of a game, disrupt offenses, force bad/quick shots and wear your opponents out with the use of Close's defensive philosophies and 12 effective defensive drills.

Defensive Basics

Coach Close first addresses defensive philosophy and then hits on the rules of his half court defense. A strong defensive philosophy and holding players accountable will allow your team to grow defensively and play at a high level. You'll also be able to use communication and teaching points when talking with players or breaking down film.

He begins with on court demonstration on footwork and stance. A heavy emphasis is placed on the lead foot to cut off the offensive player's path to the basket. Close's rule is that a defensive player must keep their chest up and not expose their numbers to the sideline camera, thus giving up a path to the basket. He then progresses into help position and recover.

Breakdown Drills

Coach Close includes 12 drills to use daily with players, starting with a great drill that is the base of the entire defense: 1-on-1 from the Top. This drill teaches the importance of putting pressure on the ball after completing a disciplined close out. He then adds various other drills and techniques that build the defense. Once players have gone through the basics, the drills progress into live action. Close builds the defense step-by-step and gives you a set of drills to use when installing the half court defense.

Defending Screens

Pressure on the ball is emphasized by Close when defending screens. He details the roles of both the player getting screened as well as the players that are defending the screeners. This way, the players can work together to make it difficult on the offense.

You'll learn how to defend all types of screens, including: down, slip, fade, stagger and ball screens. Close demonstrates how to defend each type of screen in multiple scenarios along with his defensive drill, 4-on-4 Ball Screen Defense, that gives players game-like situations to learn how to defend screens.

55 Pressure Defense

Coach uses on-court demonstrations to illustrate his full- and 3/4-court pressure defense. He shows how to guard multiple press breaks and includes his 55 Pass Reaction drill to teach players to quickly set up pressure defense and create turnovers.

Be a consistent winner by emphasizing defense early and often! With this on-court coaching video, Close gives you three defenses that will allow your team to start winning now.

130 minutes. 2016.

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