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Jamie Dixon: Open Basketball Practice 4-Pack

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Jamie Dixon: Open Basketball Practice 4-Pack

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  • Get a multitude of drills that will help you build your defensive principles using a variety of 1v1 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, and 5v5 situations
  • Discover a 1-3-1 continuity offense that can attack a 2-3 zone
  • Learn how to run transition offense to create more scoring opportunities early in the shot clock and avoid letting the defense set up
  • Improve passing and shooting ability through competitive drills to motivate players to focus on technique while under pressure

Open Practice: On the Line Half Court Defense & Full Court Presses

with Jamie Dixon,
Texas Christian University Head Coach (TCU) Head Coach - 2017 NIT Champions;
former University of Pittsburgh Head Coach;
2009 Naismith College Coach of the Year; 2x Big East Regular Season Championships (2004, 2011);
USA Basketball U-19 Team Head Coach - 2009 FIBA World Championship Gold Medal

Jamie Dixon has led an immediate turnaround at Texas Christian University having won the NIT Championship in just his second year at the helm. This video of a live, 'Open Practice' session showcases the drills and concepts Coach Dixon has installed to construct a successful man-to-man defense.

You will see why Dixon has become one of the top defensive coaches in today's game through the multitude of drills and skills he runs his team through in this session. The TCU coaching staff provides specific teaching points throughout practice and in whiteboard segments where Dixon personally explains the important details to many of the strategies you will get a chance to observe in this practice.

Individual Defensive Fundamentals

Great team defenses are composed of strong individual defenders that do not allow the breakdowns that lead to the offense gaining an advantage. See how Dixon raises the skill level of his defenders through four defensive fundamental drills that will develop closeout technique, improve instincts to jump toward the ball, challenge shots, help on dribble penetration, and play great denial defense in the post. These are drills any program can use daily in practice to build solid defenders.

Disadvantage Drills

Coach Dixon demonstrates a variety of methods to get defenders connected into a united front. The George Karl drill intentionally creates confusion for your players to force them to quickly recognize the biggest threats and communicate every possession. See how to use a 3-Out 1-In alignment with your Shell drill to accustom your players to different angles on the floor while also involving post play in the defense. Two additional team drills force disadvantage situations to teach your players how to scramble and provide constant help defense. Your players will have to learn how to use great positioning, communication, and technique to succeed in these demanding drills.

Shell Drill

Learn how to instruct your players to fight through down screens set from different angles of the court as well as flare screens with Shell drills that will maximize the number of repetitions for your players to improve in practice. Dixon provides detailed teaching points on the technique required to utilize his technique for extending the down screen and chasing on flares. He also shows how additional defenders contribute to managing these screening situations beyond the two directly involved in the action. Adding in post defense makes this one of the most comprehensive Shell drills you will find.

Help rotations are important for preventing layups when defenders are beat on dribble penetration. Dixon breaks down the responsibilities of players in help positions to provide this support and properly recover.

Transition/Press Defense

Rounding out his defensive playbook, Dixon outlines his transition defense and press defense to make sure you're prepared for any situation. Learn how to protect the rim in transition and trap ball screens in the man-to-man defense. You'll see how you can convert into a 1-3-1 press out of free throw situations. This defense is a great way to create traps and force turnovers as your opponents struggle to get the ball safely across half court!

You'll also see how TCU extends their pressure with the Diamond press. Thanks to his past battles in the Big East, Dixon's press is one of the toughest to beat for any opponent.

Coach Dixon's defense has been a signature of his career. Since his days in the Big East, he's always had some of the best 'lock down' defense strategi

Open Practice: Beating the 2-3 Zone with the 1-3-1 Set

with Jamie Dixon,
Texas Christian University Head Coach (TCU) Head Coach - 2017 NIT Champions;
former University of Pittsburgh Head Coach;
2009 Naismith College Coach of the Year; 2x Big East Regular Season Championships (2004, 2011);
USA Basketball U-19 Team Head Coach - 2009 FIBA World Championship Gold Medal

With today's game centered around the drive, more teams are finding ways to incorporate zone defense into their program. Having a zone offense that includes counters, set plays, transition offense, and in-game adjustments is 'a must' for every program!

Jamie Dixon has faced some of the best zone defenses in the history of NCAA basketball, such as Jim Boeheim's legendary 2-3 zone. During this time, he has developed a zone offense that is effective regardless of the type or style of defense played by the opponent.

In this video, Coach Dixon takes you inside of a TCU practice session and outlines what it takes to beat a zone defense, and, how to make little adjustments to be two steps ahead of your opponent. With white board diagrams and on-court demonstration, you'll get an insider's look at how Dixon prepares his team to play against even the highest pressure 2-3 zone!

13 Move

Most teams have a typical 2-3 zone defense installed and ready to use in their repertoire. Dixon has adjusted his zone offense to beat any type of 2-3 zone: packed in, extending with the forwards, and guards pressuring the wings. The basic principle of his zone offense is to keep constant pressure on the defense. By being a threat every time you catch, the zone will constantly be on their heels. Wings have three options when they catch - drive, ball reversal, or shot. Dixon details every offensive situation - high post entry, short corner entry, ball reversals, etc.

Counters and Set Plays

Using the 13 Move offense, Dixon draws up numerous actions that players can use, including high/low actions, ball reversals and actions from a 1-4 set. During their practice session, players are given multiple scoring options to run. You will get a feel for how players can transition from a rebound to fast break against a 2-3 zone.

Adjustments Against the Zone

In this segment, Dixon outlines the special situations you could see a zone try. He includes:

  • How to use the high post against extended 2-3 zone
  • What to do when the defense traps the short corner

As he demonstrates on the court, players must find what the defense is trying to do and look to attack and take away their strength.

Guard/Post Breakdown Drills

Every drill in this segment is a shot or rep your players will need to be successful against the zone. Everything he coaches and reinforces is movement and common actions/situations your players can recognize in the game as they work to find the gaps and holes in any zone.

Since Dixon has coached against some of the best zone defenses in the country, his approach to countering them is a 'must-have' video for your library! Your players will learn how to read the defense and then find the gaps and scoring lanes against a 2-3 zone.

"A comprehensive zone offense video that has easy to teach actions and movements. I was able to start the guard/post breakdown's right away in practice! Great video!" - Customer Review

68 minutes. 2018.

Open Practice: Transition into the 4-Out 1-In Motion Offense & Special Situations

with Jamie Dixon,
Texas Christian University Head Coach (TCU) Head Coach - 2017 NIT Champions;
former University of Pittsburgh Head Coach;
2009 Naismith College Coach of the Year; 2x Big East Regular Season Championships (2004, 2011);
USA Basketball U-19 Team Head Coach - 2009 FIBA World Championship Gold Medal

If you're a coach that has an offensive-minded mentality and wants to score early in the clock, or push the ball for quick scores, then you'll want this video for your collection. Jamie Dixon opens up his practice for an inside look at how he practices his team to reinforce proficiency in running motion and transition offense.

For his current roster, Coach Dixon has chosen a spread 4-Out, 1-In attack that focuses on early offense He provides chalk talk covering his transition and motion offense strategies, and breaks down the movements and key points surrounding them on the court.

Transition Offense

Pushing the ball up the floor in early offense is something Coach Dixon emphasizes. His scheme has four players that are labeled as his "bust-out" guys. These positions can all handle the ball, are able to start pushing the ball once a rebound is obtained, and find the open man if ahead - or fill in spots offensively. By doing so, early offense and quick points are achieved, and if not, you'll be able to get into your secondary offense or motion.

The action by the point guard and the trailer are also critical. If the trailer is able to get ahead of the point guard, the trailer is taught to set a good ball screen. Otherwise, the point guard can look for a good pitch ahead to another guard or making a pass to the trailer.

Half Court Sets

Dixon uses half court sets with a 2-Out and 3-Down set, which incorporates screens, dribble hand-offs, and constant motion. The offense starts with an open wing, and screens should be on that side to maintain spacing. These offensive sets can start from different areas of the floor to give you different looks and options, which can make your team less predictable. Elbow options with screens that come to the elbow allow you to switch into a Horns look.

Full Court Quick Hitter

Having plays available for all situations is important. Dixon provides options that include long passes deep, and short options that include screens and pushing the ball up the floor. These looks also provide open shots on depending on the area of the floor and what defense your team is up against. For situations with more time available, Dixon runs press break options into his motion offense.

This video gives you a rare 'insider's look' into Coach Dixon's offensive scheme practice!

"A smorgasbord of all-things offense surrounding a quick strike offensive attack"- Customer Review

72 minutes. 2018.

Open Practice: Skill Development & Shooting Drills

with Jamie Dixon,
Texas Christian University Head Coach (TCU) Head Coach - 2017 NIT Champions;
former University of Pittsburgh Head Coach;
2009 Naismith College Coach of the Year; 2x Big East Regular Season Championships (2004, 2011);
USA Basketball U-19 Team Head Coach - 2009 FIBA World Championship Gold Medal

The TCU basketball program has experienced an almost immediate turnaround upon hiring Jamie Dixon. The Horned Frogs won the NIT Championship in just their second season with Dixon at the helm. This is in large part due to the player development that has occurred over this time.

In this video, you will see how Coach Dixon improves the offensive ability of his players through a collection of individual skill development drills. Coach Dixon spends an entire practice session training his players to make simple and effective decisions. Every drill has the purpose of training athletes to make the simple play or the right pass at the right time. This 'Open Practice' video provides you with an 'insider's view' of this valuable practice session - all focused on individual improvement!

Passing and Shooting Team Drills

You will observe six passing and shooting drills that you can use with your entire team. Three passing drills will have your players refine their ability to make accurate passes, catch under control while on the move, pivot to find open passing windows, and finish around the rim.

The Warrior and Maverick shooting drills will get your entire team competing against one another. Players will maximize the importance of every repetition when they know each shot matters to beat their teammates. Pre-Game Shooting will simulate scoring options in your transition offense with players catching on the move and utilizing fakes to gain an advantage for scoring at the rim or creating space for pull-up jump shots.

Guard Drills

Building complete guards is a top priority for Dixon. He demonstrates four competitive shooting drills that push his players to make good shots at game spots within their offensive system. You'll learn how to simulate transition jump shots, drive and kick situations, passing out of double teams to the open shooter, and setting up the defender to attack off ball screens.

In TCU's pick & roll series, players are prepared for any pick & roll defense. Your athletes will be able to read what the defense is giving them and look for counters, gaps, and open shots.

Post Drills

Coach Dixon gives you a wide-ranging workout that starts with teaching basic post stance and goes into pass fakes, finding the defense, and making a move to score. Post players have to be versatile and have good hands. Dixon has developed a post progress routine that makes sure every player has a go-to move, counter move, and another move in their arsenal, perfecting their footwork in the paint. Having Dixon comment on these drills and seeing Dixon's coaching first hand makes these particularly interesting to watch.

Being versatile also means being able to score away from the basket. Players work on range from the free throw line and beyond. The Circle Shooting drill is the perfect way to develop touch around the rim while extending the range of your post players.

Rounding out the post workout session, players develop their decision making skills coming off of a pick & roll. The Pick & Roll series will have your post players working through a progression of moves out of ball screens including short rolls, slips, pops, and more. From a pick & pop, to a roll, to a counter move in the paint, your post players will have a full range of moves and counters to be a complete post player.

Improve your team's offense by enhancing the ability of every individual player on your roster with these skill development drills that are perfect for any program!

50 minutes. 2018.

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