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Joe Kuhn's Blocker-Mover Offense 2-Pack

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Joe Kuhn's Blocker-Mover Offense 2-Pack

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  • Joe Kuhn's Blocker-Mover Offense 2-Pack
  • Joe Kuhn's Blocker-Mover Offense 2-Pack
  • Adapt the blocker-mover structure to maximize the strengths of your roster
  • Run the "Get Open" drill to rehearse numerous options in the blocker-mover offense

Blocker-Mover Offense: Out of Bounds Plays, Set Plays, Reads and vs. Zone Offense

with Joe Kuhn,
Joliet Junior College Head Coach;
2016 NJCAA Basketball Coaches Hall of Fame inductee;
2015 Illinois Basketball Coaches Hall of Fame inductee;
2010 NJCAA National Championship

With simultaneous screening actions that incorporate every player on the court, the blocker-mover offense is team basketball at its finest. This highly adaptable style of attack can be tailored to fit the needs of any coach and any team.

Hall of Fame Coach Joe Kuhn shows you how you can structure the blocker-mover offense or allow for players to freelance. You will see how the system can work against man-to-man defenses as well as zones. Learn how to run your opponents through the barrage of screens that is the blocker-mover offense with the use of whiteboard diagrams, on-court demonstration, and game film.

Offensive Entries

Kuhn gives you three different entries into the offense for any team that frequently encounters pressure defenses. You will see how you can keep your opponent guessing with three different options for getting open at the wing using the pin screens featured in the main alignment. The "Detroit" alignment adds an extra screener to assist with extreme pressure that is giving your players trouble. You will also learn multiple options for spacing the floor when a dribble entry is needed to initiate the offense.

Alignment Options

This offensive system features two designated "blockers" that look to constantly screen for "movers" in their designated area. By adjusting the assignments for your blockers, you can change the spacing and screening options that are created in the offense.

The "Lane-Lane" alignment is a great option for teams with two post players or coaches that need to find a productive use for non-scorers. This strategy will create scoring opportunities off of flare screens, pin screens, and ball screens. The "Lane-Wide" and "Wide-Wide" alignments can provide additional spacing with blockers who have more perimeter skills. The "Top-Bottom" alignment is a great way to utilize a four-guard lineup and keep a post player close to the rim. With each of these adjustments, you can tailor the offense to fit the personnel you have.

Zone Offense

The rules of the offense can work perfectly to take down a zone defense. Coach Kuhn shows how you can use the "Top-Bottom" alignment to create a motion offense versus the zone. In addition to basic strategies within the blocker-mover offense, you will also see two additional concepts that can be used to defeat the zone. The "Step Out-Step In" action is a great way to create a quick ball reversal that pulls out defenders to free up a post feed in the short corner.

Transition & Set Plays

Learn a simple transition offense that flows directly into the screening actions of the blocker-mover. You will see how you can create early scoring opportunities with drive and kicks by your movers, feeding the post, or wide pin down screens being set by the trailing blocker.

Five set plays that perfectly complement the offense are also shown. These plays incorporate concepts from the main offense to create specific scoring opportunities. "Panther" can quickly create a 3-point shot or post opportunity. Coach Kuhn teaches how to add some additional action to your offense with hand-offs in your set plays. The "Vermont" sideline inbound play will free up a lob opportunity or get your best ball handler attacking downhill off of difficult to defend ball screen actions.

This video from Coach Kuhn shows exactly how you can mold this classic offense to become the perfect style of attack for your team!

88 minutes. 2019.

Blocker-Mover Offense: Core Drills and Shooting Drills

with Joe Kuhn,
Joliet Junior College Head Coach;
2016 NJCAA Basketball Coaches Hall of Fame inductee;
2015 Illinois Basketball Coaches Hall of Fame inductee;
2010 NJCAA National Championship

When the blocker-mover offense is operating at its best, the defense will be completely scrambled as every defender on the court is caught up in screening actions. Before you can get your players to freelance within the structure of the offense, they will need to learn the reads and options involved in the multitude of available actions. Coach Joe Kuhn has constructed a series of 14 foundational drills that will help athletes execute the offense at a high level within a single season. See how you can use these drills in your practices to accelerate the learning process for your team!

Core Drills

Coach Kuhn presents nine practice drills that will help your players learn the various reads necessary to effectively run the blocker-mover offense. The "Get Open" drill features a variety of actions that can be rehearsed with scripted defenders to develop the instincts your players need to find scoring opportunities. This drill will help players learn how to get open on the wing by using pin down screens. Players will also learn how to play off flare screens, side ball screens, and baseline screens based on the many ways the defense can play them.

Two different actions in the "Top Ball Screen" drill will teach your players how to get open on flex cuts or by using down screens. You can insure a higher transfer of the concepts you are practicing into games by using the "Free Lance" drill. With the use of restrictions and scripted defensive tactics, you can tweak the drill to focus on a variety of priorities that you would like to emphasize.

Shooting Drills

Five shooting drills break down the options within the blocker-mover offense to train your players on the shots they will take in games. The "3 Spot" shooting drill will simulate different shots that can be created off pin screens and flares for your "movers." The "Blocker Shooting" drill will condition your posts to find scoring opportunities as screeners through post ups and flashes to the ball. Finally, the "Combo" shooting drill puts both player positions together to rehearse shots off flare screens.

This is a must-have video for any coach that is interested in using the blocker-mover offense with their team!

54 minutes. 2019.

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