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Kelvin Sampson Basketball 2-Pack

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Kelvin Sampson Basketball 2-Pack

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  • Kelvin Sampson Basketball 2-Pack
  • Kelvin Sampson Basketball 2-Pack
  • Break down spacing and relocation in an in-depth "chalk talk" session with Coach Sampson
  • Start practice with a high-energy warm-up drill that works on layups, shooting, and conditioning

Running a High-Powered Offense: Spacing, Sets & Inbound Plays

with Kelvin Sampson,
University of Houston Head Coach;
2018 & 2019 American Athletic Conference Coach of the Year;
2x National Coach of the Year; former Oklahoma, Indiana and Washington State head coach;
former assistant coach with the Houston Rockets and Milwaukee Bucks

Coach Kelvin Sampson has turned the Houston Cougars into a championship-caliber team in large part due to proficiency of his teams on offense. In this video filmed at a University of Houston practice, you will see how the Cougars prioritize spacing and ball movement to break down defenses. Additionally, you'll get multiple baseline and sideline inbound plays with various options that Sampson has used to help establish Houston as one of the top teams in the nation for scoring on out-of-bounds plays.

Offensive Approach

Coach Sampson introduces the essential components to his base offense before hitting the practice court. You'll learn how to maximize your spacing with four perimeter players. Effective concepts such as ghost screens and scrapes will help you create player movement that can spread defenders out. The discussion also includes how to incorporate weak-side screening to occupy help defenders. Sampson also explains how you can teach lesser athletic players to beat their opponent on the catch to create driving opportunities.

Next, you'll get a series of plays from the Cougar playbook. Learn how to execute the Loop series through whiteboard lecture and on-court demonstration. This effective play begins with a 1-4 high set and creates easy backdoor opportunities for layups. You will also learn how to create backup plans for defenses that overplay the passing lanes.

Coach Sampson breaks down an additional set from the 1-4 high alignment that will screen your post player into an ideal position to score. You'll also see two options out of the Floppy action that continues movement after post feeds into two effective attacks. Chicago creates a wide-open jump shot for a post player, and Detroit creates a difficult ball screen situation to defend off the Floppy action.

Sampson also shows how he teaches his athletes to play with pace and space in their offense with the "After Free Throw" controlled scrimmage segment of practice. You will see how players push the ball up the court while flowing through half court offensive attacks with this drill.

Inbound Plays

If you need some great inbound plays, Coach Sampson has you covered. He first covers baseline inbound sets, including:

  • 21 - A box set screen-the-screener to get an outside shot and a post-up.
  • 51 - 3 seconds or less for a quick shot on the weak-side and a player rolling towards the basket.
  • Quick - A play to get a cross screen post-up, a shot at the top of the key, and a pick & roll option to follow.
  • 52 - A play for a quick high-low to a post player off a tight back screen.
  • Thumb Down - An elevator screen play for a 3-pointer.
  • Thumb Down Counter - A rip screen counter.
  • Slice Weak - A misdirection play for a quick pin down jumper run from a box set.

The next portion of practice is devoted to running sideline inbound plays. Many of the plays ran to execution from the baseline can also be run from the sideline, making it easier for your team to remember. Plays include:

  • Slice Weak - The same concept as the baseline inbound version, ran from a zipper screen.
  • Quick - The same play as from the baseline, except now from the sideline in a box formation.
  • Loop 2 - A pick & roll play with an empty corner.
  • Barber Pole - A great play to get action going toward the rim with a back screen and a cleared out side.
  • Slice Pick - A set that runs right into a middle pick & roll.

Rounding out the practice, Coach Sampson has his players run through a game of execution from sideline and baseline i

Fast-Paced Skill Development Drills: Shooting, Passing & Rebounding

with Kelvin Sampson,
University of Houston Head Coach;
2018 & 2019 American Athletic Conference Coach of the Year;
2x National Coach of the Year; former Oklahoma, Indiana and Washington State head coach;
former assistant coach with the Houston Rockets and Milwaukee Bucks

Kelvin Sampson has a history of creating winning programs at every stop his long coaching career. The Houston Cougars have surged to the top of the American Athletic Conference in recent years under the leadership of Coach Sampson.

In this video, you will see 10 different drills you can use with your entire team in a normal practice setting. In a practice setting, Sampson and his team demonstrate numerous competitive shooting drills and additional skill development exercises that will get your players scoring with ease in the open court.

Shooting Drills

Coach Sampson leads players through four different practice drills that will refine your players' shooting prowess from every spot on the floor. Demand perfection from your players with the "25 Right & Left Layups" drill. This drill will challenge even collegiate athletes to meet strict expectations while working on finishing around the rim. You will see how to break down your scoring options through pick and rolls with "Shake Shots." This drill gets each player a shot every repetition as you rehearse the 3-man action of side ball screens with the corner filled. You will also see the Houston players competing in two team shooting drills that are bound to get your players' blood pumping as they race around multiple spots on the court to get the win!

Transition Drills

Six practice drills will progress your players through the necessary fundamentals of playing fast in the full court in addition to breaking down Coach Sampson's primary fast break attack. The "One Minute Passing" drill will teach your players to get open on the perimeter with L-cuts to reverse the ball. The "War Drill" will develop some individual fight in your players to go dominate the boards. "Full Court Layups" teaches athletes to score at high speed with bust out dribbles. A second variation to this drill prepares your players for pulling up in transition for jump shots.

The "Four Second Fast Break" drill begins to teach principles to the Cougar fast break attack. You will see how to quickly advance the ball up the floor without a dribble to score within seconds. The "Rebound to Tow Man Fast Break" is another fantastic drill for teaching players how to quickly outlet the ball off missed baskets.

This video will give you an inside look into the skill development methods that Coach Sampson has brought to the college game from the pros. Boost the development of your players to raise the ceiling of your team!

62 minutes. 2020.

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