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'Last Four Standing' Basketball Series

(See more by Dana Altman Mark Few Frank Martin Roy Williams)

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'Last Four Standing' Basketball Series

(4 Items)
  • Teach your players how to compete against the best competition on your schedule
  • Learn the philosophy and drills Coach Altman uses to increase his team's toughness and competitiveness
  • Get a behind-the-scenes look into three practices with one of the most storied traditions in college basketball
  • Get closeout drills for training players to control their man on defense and to defend away from the ball

All Access Basketball Practice with Frank Martin

with Frank Martin,
University of South Carolina Head Coach; 2017 Final Four
2017 Jim Phelan National Coach of the Year;
former Kansas State University Head Coach; 2010 Big 12 Coach of the Year

Frank Martin gives coaches a complete view into what made his Kansas State Wildcats so successful in the Big 12. With this "all access" look at the Wildcats first four practices of the '10-11 season, you'll gain insight into the technique and work put forth by the Wildcats players and coaches to try to make themselves better each and every day.

The first days of practice are about establishing a base of fundamentals to compete at a championship level. Coach Martin emphasizes a full court "pressure" mentality with his players. His philosophy is built on teaching the whole-part-whole method of offensive and defensive concepts. His defense pressures the basketball in the full court and keeps the ball handler out of the middle of the floor. Offensively, Martin runs a disciplined motion offense with correct screening angles on and off the ball while encouraging both inside and perimeter play.

Learn individual improvement drills consisting of full court passing, entries into the post, attacking the rim with the pressure of a defender, sealing in the post, working high/low and shooting drills to gain correct repetitions for outstanding offensive fundamental play.

Martin implements his full court drills--1-on-1, 2-on-2, 3-on-3 and 4-on-4--then brings it all together in 5 on 5 transition drill that teaches his keys for successful full court disruptive pressure.

Through repetition of these drills and more, his players develop a "push the basketball ahead" mentality to get the basketball up the floor as fast as possible. During these drills, Martin emphasizes slicing to get the basketball to the other side of the floor; rim running the posts, which puts intense pressure on the defense in transition and leads to easy baskets; spacing on the court, attacking the middle with the dribble and looking to take advantage of post touches, flare screens and ball screens.

Man-to-Man Defense
Coach Martin pieces together his championship man-to-man defensive principles by breaking them down in individual and team defensive stations. In these stations you will learn Martin's "mirroring the basketball on the perimeter" principles and one-on-one closeout technique. You will see various defensive drills that teach correct on-ball defensive positioning, defensive rotation on dribble penetration, how to take away the ball handler's pivot foot, defending against the back screen, how to avoid multiple screens and stay with your man and more.

Motion Offense
The last part of the Coach Martin's practice is the breakdown of his motion offense concepts in which he shows the whole concept of the players' movements against man-to-man half-court defenses. Martin utilities the Carolina secondary action and allows the players to flow right in their half-court man attack. Players are taught to look high/low for an inside touch, set staggered screens, dribble hand-offs and ball screening on the wings and at the top of the key.

If you are looking to be a disruptive, pressuring, championship team--All Access with Coach Frank Martin is a must-have video!

486 minutes (4 DVDs). 2011.

All Access videos are designed to allow viewers from all over the world to see how successful coaches run their practices in a "live" practice setting. All Access videos allow viewers to see the practices un-edited and in real-time. You will see how top coaches run their drills, interact with their team and staff, how they motivate their team, the cue words they use, the atmosphere of the practice and how practices are structured from day to day. Many coaches visit successful colleges and high schools to watch practice. But if you live out of state or o

Dana Altman: Drills for a Competitive Team Practice

with Dana Altman, University of Oregon Head Coach;
.623 all-time winning percentage in 22 years as a NCAA Division I head coach;
Has won four "Coach-of-the-Year" awards from three different conferences; former head coach at Creighton University where he led the Blue Jays to 13 consecutive postseason appearances, and 11 straight seasons with 20-plus wins.

Your practices should prepare your players to beat good teams. Using on-court demonstrations with players, Altman takes you through over 20 small-group and team drills that emphasize the importance of fundamentals and quality play on both ends of the court.

Before every practice, Altman breaks up his team into small groups to drill offensive fundamentals. These drills are not position-specific, but rather emphasize developing the total player. Specifically, this drill work is intended to improve a player's:

  • Ball-handling
  • Ability to finish at the rim
  • Footwork
  • Passing
  • Shooting form

Defense and rebounding are drilled at the beginning of every practice to set the tone for the day. These drills allow players to work on multiple skills at one time. Altman also keeps score between the squads to make it more competitive. Practice does not progress until these drills are performed correctly.

In all defenses you have to be able to guard the player with the ball. Coach Altman builds his defensive system from the ground up through half-court and full-court 1-on-1 drills. Through the 1v1 drills you can easily evaluate which players need improvement and more importantly which players are competitors and do not like getting beat! Close outs and rebounding are taught through a competitive 2-on-2 drill. Lastly, Altman walks through six different ways to defend and rotate on ball screens from a 4-on-4 set up.

Rather than simply running his team, Coach Altman improves his team's conditioning through a variety of full-court drills. Altman demonstrates three of his most popular full court drills that any coach should have as part of their practice plan. These drills force players to play in transition with and without numbers and make shots while tired. The demonstration is good for any new coach, but his "fine-tuning" instruction and "nuggets" of information are helpful even for the more seasoned coach.

Coach Altman demonstrates a variety of drills on the court that will help your players focus on fundamentals at all times to make themselves better basketball players, and to make your team better. These drills, working from individual all the way to team drills, focus on individual fundamentals on a daily basis, and then apply those to a team setting. All players learn the drills in a game-like setting instead of making drills "position-specific."

Incorporate this drill work into your practices and prepare to beat good teams!

Produced at the Spring 2011 Las Vegas (NV) clinic.

71 minutes. 2012.

All Access North Carolina Basketball Practice with Roy Williams

with Roy Williams, University of North Carolina Head Coach;
2017 NCAA Champions!
3x National Championship Coach (2005, 2009, 2017); 2019 USA Today National Coach of the Year;
9 Final Fours;
Back-to-Back ACC Regular Season Champions (2016-17) - 9x ACC Regular Season and 3x ACC Tournament Champions;
800 career NCAA wins; 2x AP Coach of the Year; member of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame (2007)

Anyone who knows anything about college basketball understands the rich history and tradition of North Carolina basketball. Roy Williams grants you access to one of the most acclaimed basketball franchises in the history of the game. In this All Access North Carolina video, you get the opportunity to see how North Carolina and Coach Williams get ready for the upcoming season through three practices during their first week.

Disc 1:
Even with the talent that North Carolina attracts, Coach Williams shows in this first practice how important learning the fundamentals of the game is. Williams breaks the practice into two segments: offensive and defensive fundamental skill development.

On offense, Coach Williams teaches the players the following:

  • Posts work on in-game low post and trail post moves, while the guards work on attacking the rim with hard drives and precision jump-shooting.
  • Full-court team drills to develop the up-tempo primary break
  • The team's secondary break options: regular, B3, Dribble, among others
  • The offensive set 'Open' as an alternative to their primary and secondary break
  • Freelance offense - whereby players learn to play together, out of their offense

Defensively, Coach Williams builds intensity, tenacity and intelligent ball pressure with drills such as:

  • Half-court defensive shell
  • 'Step-Slide' team defense
  • Inside shot 'walls'
  • Challenging 'outside shots'
  • Closeouts
  • Defending down and back screens

Disc 2:
Building off of practice one, the team continues with individual skill development as post players go through a series of breakdown drills from the 'regular' secondary break. The guards continue their individual skill development as they work on v-cuts and curl cuts.

Defensively, the team continues to build their screen defense as they focus on coverage against: shadow screens, ball screens, and flare screens. In addition, Coach Williams has his players work on these concepts with their progression defensive shell drill. UNC learns to 'talk early' in order to set a good defensive tone for the possession.

Offensively, Coach Williams continues to build his team's famous secondary break actions that have been a staple of Carolina's offensive system. He runs through their full-court secondary break series using 5v0 and 5v5 game situations. Following walk-throughs of each option, the blue and white teams separate to work on their options out of secondary and 'Open' in the half-court. To conclude the breakdowns of each offensive concept, Coach Williams has each team compete against one another in the half-court in 5-on-5 live.

Disc 3:
The third practice session is a very competitive practice as the teachings in the first two practices are put into effect as two teams are pitted against one another to promote healthy competition. Learn the importance of rebounding and running in order to implement a successful fast breaking system. Coach Williams introduces the 'pitch ahead drill' which is designed to generate easy baskets in transition. Watch as the team works through simulated 5 on 5 live to learn the options in secondary break. Moreover, the team continues to implement elements of the 'Open' offensive set by breaking down the offense step-by-step.

On defense, the Tar Heels look at closing out defensive possessions with successful on ball defense, shot contests and proper boxi

All Access Basketball Practice with Mark Few

with Mark Few,
Gonzaga University Head Coach; 2017 NCAA National Championship - Runner-Up;
2017 AP Coach of the Year;
2017 Naismith Coach of the Year;
2017 Henry Iba Award;
2017 NABC Coach of the Year;
19 consecutive seasons in NCAA Tournament (2000-2018) with 7 Sweet Sixteens, 2 Elite Eights and 1 National Championship Appearance;
Six straight WCC Regular Season/Tournament Championships (2013-18);
has led Gonzaga to 17 Regular Season and 15 Tournament titles total;
13x WCC Coach of the Year;
over 500 career wins

Efficient is the word to describe Mark Few's practices. Every minute of every drill is used to improve his players' skills and understanding of the game. Coach Few opens the doors to the first three practices of the 2014-15 season, which resulted in his 11th West Coast Conference crown and an Elite Eight appearance in the 2015 NCAA Tournament.

Practice 1
In Gonzaga's first practice of the 2014-2015 season, you will see live, unedited practice footage of the Bulldogs working on defense, transition, and half-court offensive execution. Using breakdown drills, Coach Few introduces the principles and fundamentals of man-to-man defense. In the "3 v 3 Circle Drill," players work on close outs, defensive positioning, and "bluff and recover" to help on dribble penetration.

On the offensive side, a mix of breakdown drills to improve passing and shooting are taught. In the "In/Out Shooting" and "Angle Passing" drills, you'll learn how to teach common actions. The Bulldogs also begin to develop their offensive system using 10 set plays.

Throughout the practice, you'll see how Coach Few breaks down the whole to ensure players learn how to do the little things - which leads to getting the big things accomplished. Coach Few and his staff are constantly communicating and teaching. Every mistake is addressed and every success is acknowledged.

Practice 2
Coach Few continues establishing the foundation of his defensive system. Many of the drills emphasize raising the intensity of the on-ball pressure. In the "Z Drill" and "Snake Pit," defenders focus on keeping the ball in front of them. The "Pressure Trap Drill" teaches players to aggressively play for deflections. In another major defensive segment, the team focuses on coordinating with one another to defend ball screens with hard shows, soft shows, traps, switches, and X-outs.

The team breaks down by position for individual skill work. The post players work on high/low entries and finishing in the post while the guards drill driving, spacing, and relocating. Both guards and bigs simulate the shots that they will get in Gonzaga's half-court offense. The practice session concludes with a 5-on-5 half-court scrimmage. Coach Few goes into the detail teaching the Bulldogs' set versus man-to-man defense. He stresses making the proper reads and knowing the fundamentals of each play.

Practice 3
The building blocks of offensive and defensive strategies continue to be emphasized in the third practice. To read ball screens effectively, new drills are introduced to teach players how to quickly dismantle defensive reactions. After working on fundamentals, the Bulldogs work on defending off-ball screens and helping on drives.

Coach Few introduces "icing" the pick-and-roll in this practice. Icing is a ball screen defense in the NBA that forces the ball handler, in a side pick and roll, towards the baseline and away from the middle. Gonzaga's Blue coverage is also introduced. Blue is a big-on-big double on the post when the offense has three on the perimeter and two inside. Coach Few goes over how to trap and rotate. In 4-on-4 shell drill, the Bulldogs use a scoring system that rewards defense in various ways.

On offense, breakdown drills are used to teach players how to make reads out of side ball screen situations

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