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Lindsay Gottlieb: Attacking Zone Defenses with Continuity Offenses & Quick Hitters

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Lindsay Gottlieb: Attacking Zone Defenses with Continuity Offenses & Quick Hitters

Lindsay Gottlieb: Attacking Zone Defenses with Continuity Offenses & Quick Hitters

Crack the interior of zone defenses with creative offensive strategies!

  • Attack zone defenses with three unique continuities that will pressure the defense with constant disadvantage situations
  • Utilize five quick-hitting plays to create scoring opportunities at the rim with your best players
  • Organize your fast break to flow into your zone offense to find open shots before the defense can set up

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with Lindsay Gottlieb,
Cleveland Cavaliers (NBA) Assistant Coach;
former University of California Women's Head Women's Basketball Coach;
2013 NCAA Women's Final Four;
2013 Pac-12 Conference Champions;
2013 Pac-12 Coach of the Year;
2009 Big West Coach of the Year

Zone defenses have become increasingly relevant at multiple levels of basketball. One of the primary reasons for this is many coaches have figured out that their opponents simply don't have sophisticated answers for beating a zone. If you want to win games, you have to be able to score consistently against zone defenses.

Lindsay Gottlieb will help you break from the mold of running only a generic zone offense. This video shows you how to beat zones with three unorthodox continuity offenses and five quick-hitting plays that will create scoring opportunities in the paint.

Continuity Offenses

Coach Gottlieb explains all of the details to her three continuity zone offenses with on-court player demonstration.

California's primary zone offense "12" can be used against a 2-3 or 3-2 zone. This offense uses a unique 1-4 flat alignment to overload the back of the zone to pick on defenders with screens and create 2-on-1 advantage situations. This is a fantastic strategy for any coach looking to take advantage of strong post players or wanting to create space for a talented point guard. Coach Gottlieb demonstrates the basic scoring options and pattern to the offense in addition to explaining common adjustments that can be made based on different strategies your opponents will use.

Additionally, you'll see 12 Shooting, a breakdown drill used to build confidence in the passes and shots players will need to make in the zone.

Another non-traditional continuity offense, "Gaps 4," will spread the floor with perimeter players and leave the high post open. This continuity pattern will use basket cuts, ball reversals, and reading the defense to find advantage situations for open shots in the paint and short corners. This zone will excel for coaches with bigger guards that can be threats along the baseline or if you want to create space for a dominant post.

The final continuity offense, "13," will show you how to attack the high post with your perimeter players while leaving your post players along the baseline to seal defenders with screens and post ups. This offense creates opportunities to score in the paint with post-ups, high/low passes, and lobs. This is a perfect strategy for coaches who want to maximize the scoring threat from the high post with players who can shoot, while also taking advantage of post players where they can be most effective.

Quick Hitters

Coach Gottlieb shows five of her favorite set plays for attacking the inside of zone defenses. "West" is designed to force the defense into the conundrum of deciding whether to cover your best finisher in the paint or shooter on the perimeter. "Stack" and "Wave" find ways to attack the rim by distorting the zone to open up lobs and post flashes. "Flier" can set up your best shooter for a wide open 3-point look and comes with a simple counter for an open shot in the high post. Finally, "Lakers Away" demonstrates how to create an advantage situation with quick ball reversal off a pick and roll.

Secondary Break

Beating your opponent down the floor is still one of the best ways to score against a zone defense. See how Coach Gottlieb modifies the rules of her "Blitz" transition offense to seamlessly flow into her "12" or "Gaps 4" continuity offenses. These principles will allow you to continue your attack without giving the defense a chance to get organized.

From continuity offenses, quick hitting plays and a secondary break, you will never have to worry about scoring against a zone ever again. This video will show you innovative offensive strategies for beating a zone that won't b

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