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Matt Painter's Open Practice 4-Pack

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Matt Painter's Open Practice 4-Pack

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  • Defeat off-ball screens with different strategies to minimize breakdowns while maximizing help support
  • Learn the Purdue motion offense: Primary and secondary looks, to half court actions in 4-out and 5-out motion offense
  • Get two scrimmage drills to minimize turnovers and find easy baskets to make your opponents pay for playing full court defense
  • Defend a variety of off-ball and on-ball screens to eliminate disruptions in your team's man-to-man defense

Open Practice: Championship Man-to-Man Defensive System

with Matt Painter,
Purdue University Head Coach;
2019 NABC Coach of the Year;
2019 Big Ten Coach of the Year;
2019 Elite Eight;
3x Big 10 regular season titles (2010, 2017, 2019);
4x Big Ten Coach of the Year; 2x Sweet Sixteen appearances;
2009 US U19 National Team (Assistant Coach), Gold Medalist at the FIBA U19 World Championship

Coach Painter has used his team's size to construct an elite man-to-man defense. In the 2015-16 season, Purdue was a top 10 team in field goal percentage defense and led the nation in defensive rebounds. This defensive system is based on pressuring the ball with a system of early help support. Within an open practice setting, Painter begins to build the defense from the ground up and covers all things team-defense: closeouts, help positioning, defending on-ball screens, defending off-ball pin down and curl screening actions, helping on the baseline drives, and more!

Painter provides a special lecture segment to this video where he talks about multiple concepts in his defensive system. You'll learn more about the overall philosophy of his defense in addition to how he develops this system through practice. With the Purdue roster consisting of more size than speed, Painter aims to implement more of a `contain the ball' approach to this season's defensive scheme. By keeping the ball on the perimeter and out of the paint, Painter has set his roster up for its' greatest level of defensive success.

Ball Screens

With every team in today's game of basketball utilizing ball screens, Coach Painter installs fundamental techniques that any team must have to be successful defending ball screen action. Beginning with early, loud, and continuous communication, your players learn to be on the same page. Whether it's wing ball screen defense or in the chute ball screen defense, he goes over every little detail that will help his players be successful at keeping a ball handler away from the rim.

Post Defense

You will learn how to control the rim with great post defense that is supported with help from the perimeter. Painter explains his technique for pushing players out of the post area. You will also see how to increase pressure on a talented big with the "Scrape" or "Snap Back" techniques by your guards. Painter shares how he optimizes his defensive rebounding through the spacing of help-side defenders. The Purdue players demonstrate these concepts through 4-on-4 drills that challenge perimeter players to adjust their positioning through constant cutting action in order to provide help on the post as the "low man," while also maintaining awareness of their match-up.

Shell Drill

Through both lecture and on-court demonstration, you will see how the shell drill can be adjusted to emphasize post play or perimeter play. You'll see drill variations to develop close out technique and positioning. Purdue players also show how they provide early help on dribble penetration. Additional layers to the shell drill focus on defeating off-ball screens with different tactics based on the screen's distance from the ball. Coach Painter explains this approach with whiteboard visualization, in addition to discussing his "whip" technique to counter teams that are effective at curling screens.

The Perfection Shell drill challenges your players to do everything right on defense through an entire possession. You'll see how Coach Painter increases the pressure on his defense with penalties for the offense scoring through 4-on-4 half court scrimmage. These drills provide a great balance of breaking down technique and concepts for players to learn while giving them an opportunity to apply their learning to game-like situations.

Transition Defense

Coach Painter uses a lecture segment to explain how Purdue uses a "Jammer" and "Safety" to prevent fast breaks. You'll see how Purdue works on their tr

Open Practice: Special Situations for Your Offensive Game Plan

with Matt Painter,
Purdue University Head Coach;
2019 NABC Coach of the Year;
2019 Big Ten Coach of the Year;
2019 Elite Eight;
3x Big 10 regular season titles (2010, 2017, 2019);
4x Big Ten Coach of the Year; 2x Sweet Sixteen appearances;
2009 US U19 National Team (Assistant Coach), Gold Medalist at the FIBA U19 World Championship

An offense must have structure while also leaving room for players to make plays. Matt Painter is a wizard at using a variety of methods to create a balanced offense. This system utilizes several variations of motion and ball screen offense in addition to a deep catalog of set plays to spotlight his talented post players.

In addition to Coach Painter detailing his offensive philosophy, you will see a Purdue basketball practice that is specifically focused on the offensive side of the ball. This practice will show you his three motion offense attacks versus man-to-man defenses, as well as zone offense, inbound plays, and how to break multiple types of full court presses.

Chalk Talk

Coach Painter devotes an entire segment of this presentation to discussing the elements he believes are important in building a motion offense. You will gain insight into explaining good shot selection to your players. He explains the three essential pieces to a motion offense, including post play, dribble rules, and screening.

The bulk of the practice sees Coach Painter pacing the team through the various ways that team offense can be initiated. All are handled within a controlled environment, whether it be 5-on-0 dummy offense, half-court shell, transition-based, or originating from a free throw or inbound action. You will also learn about several drills that Purdue uses to teach their motion offense:

  • 4-on-4 No Dribble Drill will develop the coordination your team needs for great ball movement and cutting action.
  • Transition Motion teaches your players how to flow into their half court offense from a fast break.

Inbound Plays

You will learn a ton of new options to add into your playbook as the Boilermakers rehearse their half court inbound plays. These plays will create scoring opportunities and safe inbound options from any location on the court versus both man and zone defenses. If you've ever been stuck trying to get the ball in from the corner, Coach Painter has a solution for you with Line.

Coach Painter explains how you can vary the simple actions of the Split baseline series into an entire suite of play calls based for whichever player you want to create a scoring opportunity. He will also show how you can run Split into screen-the-screener actions, side ball screens, stagger screens, or zone offense. Versus zone defenses, you will see how you can use "Box Z" to flow into four different zone offense attacks. You will also see three sideline inbound plays that utilize hand-offs, stagger screens, and baseline drives to score quickly in short clock situations.

Full Court Plays

Coach Painter continues to walk his team through special situations with strategies for attacking multiple types of full court defenses. You'll see how you use the "Box" sideline inbound versus pressure defenses. Painter explains how to create space for the ball handler versus a run and jump press while maintaining outlet options that can quickly flash back to the ball when the defense traps.

Using the "Free Throw Transition" drill, the details of breaking a 1-2-2 zone press are demonstrated. You'll learn how and when the inbounder should run the baseline to look at other receiving options. Three inbound plays are shown to help you find an opening against even the most aggressive full court presses. You'll also see how to align your players into a diamond formation to maximize difficult coverages for opponents trying to slow you down with a 2-2-1 full court press.

Open Practice: Game-like Transition Drills for Practice

with Matt Painter,
Purdue University Head Coach;
2019 NABC Coach of the Year;
2019 Big Ten Coach of the Year;
2019 Elite Eight;
3x Big 10 regular season titles (2010, 2017, 2019);
4x Big Ten Coach of the Year; 2x Sweet Sixteen appearances;
2009 US U19 National Team (Assistant Coach), Gold Medalist at the FIBA U19 World Championship

How do coaches get their practices to simulate game-like situations? Too often, players go through the motions at practice and expect to just 'turn on a switch' when it's time for the game. In this video, four-time Big Ten Coach of the Year, Matt Painter, gives you his methods to make his practices as game-like as possible.

You'll see three fast break and transition drills that you can implement with your team. Learn the importance of having different ways to score drills to emphasize what is important within your basketball program. Also, you'll view how to effectively work on your press and press break situations within practice.

Transition Drills

Coach Painter shows you "the progression drill," 3-on-2 to 2-on-1, and the Kansas City drill to help emphasize transition basketball within your practices. You will see:

  • The value of kicking the ball ahead in transition
  • How to get your team to talk effectively and consequences if they do not
  • See how to emphasize more than just the 3-point shot, and get the ball inside
  • How to condition your players in game-like transition drills

Press Situations

Coach Painter gives you two key press drills that you can use to help press and break the press. The 7 Minute Press game and the Competitive Press drill get your team to work on and against a press in a game-like situation. You will see:

  • How to use the concept of "double points" to penalize your team for turning the ball over.
  • How to work on your man and zone press within the same drill.
  • How to make use of your assistant coaches so they can lead teams.

5 Ball Shooting

Coach Painter uses his 5 Ball Shooting drill to get his players conditioned and get game-like shots up during practice. He also uses this drill to get players talking and communicating with one another. See how to make this drill competitive in your own practice, so that every shot and layup matter.

Coach Painter gives you insight into his open practice and how he gets his team to be competitive to help simulate game-like situations. This video is a must-have for any coach that is looking to run competitive practices.

66 minutes. 2017.

Open Practice: Developing Interchangeable Perimeter & Post Players

with Matt Painter,
Purdue University Head Coach;
2019 NABC Coach of the Year;
2019 Big Ten Coach of the Year;
2019 Elite Eight;
3x Big 10 regular season titles (2010, 2017, 2019);
4x Big Ten Coach of the Year; 2x Sweet Sixteen appearances;
2009 US U19 National Team (Assistant Coach), Gold Medalist at the FIBA U19 World Championship

Your offensive and defensive tactics will only be as good as the talents of your players. This makes skill development on both sides of the ball a critical aspect of any successful basketball program. Matt Painter shows you how the Purdue Boilermakers approach their skill development with breakdown drills that will improve the offense and defense of your perimeter and post players. These drills are also intended to reinforce the concepts of their motion offense.

This video provides you a unique learning opportunity as Coach Painter explains his skill development philosophy in a classroom setting. He will speak to you about a number of concepts, including the major goals of his skill development session, the basic screens utilized in his motion offense, playing with actions after post feeds, and practice ideas for reinforcing coordination and communication between your players as they run a motion.

Perimeter Breakdown Drills

Eight different practice drills help the Purdue perimeter players develop their entire game in a well-rounded workout. Perimeter players work on the execution of down screens and back screens in their motion offense, while also training how to fight through those same screens on defense. You'll learn the details of how both defenders involved in the screening action need to work together to neutralize the offense. Variations to these screening drills show how defensive strategies change when screens occur further away from the ball.

Other defensive-focused drills improve on-ball defense with the Superman closeout drill and demonstrate how perimeter players can switch screen-the-screener actions with the "scissors" tactic in 4-on-4 play.

Offensively, four additional drills break down scoring opportunities in Purdue's ball screen and motion offenses. Players run through the side ball screen and dribble hand-off actions in the Through continuity offense, based on different ways defenders might try to fight through the actions. You'll also see the different ways to play off down screens in 2-Ball Shooting and Build Up Motion.Post Breakdown Drills

Painter shows you nine practice drills that focus on developing your post players. Three drills show you how to lock down the paint with post denial in transition, from dives to the low block, high post flashes, and cuts from block to block. Post players also learn how to defend pick & rolls using hard hedges, sagging, and downing the ball screen.

Offensively, posts work on how to score through ball screens and dribble hand-offs. You'll see how Purdue adjusts to opponents that down side ball screens by flashing their low post to the ball. Coach Painter demonstrates the primary actions he wants his posts using in transition. Two breakdown shooting drills show how your posts can score through down screens, back screens, and ball screens.

Live Skill Development

Once players have developed a new move around the rim or perfected their jump shot, they must be able to translate those skills to score in a game setting. Coach Painter throws his players into a full court 5v5 game-like atmosphere, with the players running the 41 and 50 motion offenses. You'll see how five players coordinate with one another to create a flurry of screen-the-screener action while maintaining great ball movement and spacing on the floor.

Learn how Purdue uses their skill development sessions to develop a well-rounded team by improving both the offense and defense skill sets of their players!

125 minutes. 2017.

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