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Robert Ehsan 2-Pack

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Item Number: BD-05709

Robert Ehsan 2-Pack

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  • Robert Ehsan 2-Pack
  • Robert Ehsan 2-Pack
  • Use the ball screen motion offense with different continuities that pair well with specific personnel
  • Condition your players through 1-on-1 competition to get them in shape for the season

Breakdowns and Continuities for the Ball Screen Motion Offense

with Robert Ehsan,
former University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Head Coach;
2019 College Basketball Invitational Tournament appearance;
was an Assistant Coach under Jerod Haase at UAB, Seth Greenberg at Virginia Tech, and Gary Williams at Maryland

In this video, you'll see how you can install a multiple-option motion offense that will give your players a structured template while still allowing them freedom to maximize their individual skills.

The ball screen offense is one of the game's most-used and most successful offenses. Whether you have only two players who are consistent scorers or five threats that all can score, Coach Ehsan's ball screen motion offense will fit your team.

Sets and Systems

Coach Ehsan gives a high-energy presentation showing various sets in his motion offense that can be used depending on your personnel. By tailoring the system to the players you have, this offense assures that you can effectively attack match-ups and other opponent weaknesses.

With a variety of ways to initiate the offense, Ehsan shows you how to seamlessly flow into the offense from transition or from a more traditional half-court attack. The constant player movements and options make this offense difficult to play against and to scout.

Exploiting Ball Screen Defense

You'll appreciate how there are multiple attacks out of this offense, depending on different ways the defense covers ball screens. For every defensive adjustment, Coach Ehsan walks players through effective counter attacks so you know exactly what to do.

Among the key concepts covered in this video are:

  • How to make defenses pay for aggressive hedge and blitz coverage
  • Effective use of ball movement to isolate and get great shots for your post players
  • How to increase the efficiency of the offense by training wings and guards to be able to play every position

If your team has ever struggled to improve ball and player movement, this is a video you'll want to refer to over and over again. With multiple initial sets, a variety of cuts and excellent attention to detail on screening angles and timing, Coach Ehsan's system will greatly expand your offensive arsenal.

45 minutes. 2020.

Basketball Conditioning: 1-on-1, Big Men and Team Competition Drills

with Robert Ehsan,
former University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Head Coach;
2019 College Basketball Invitational Tournament appearance;
was an Assistant Coach under Jerod Haase at UAB, Seth Greenberg at Virginia Tech, and Gary Williams at Maryland

Coach Robert Ehsan has developed an extraordinary conditioning program that every basketball coach needs to examine. This series of competitive drills will have your players getting in shape while simultaneously working on their basketball skills. It will challenge your players to push themselves harder than they ever would through generic running activities. If you want to build mental toughness, reinforce basketball concepts and physically prepare your athletes for competition, then this is the video for you!

Core Competitive Drills

With the Knockout series of 1-on-1 drills, your players will battle through the entire workout as they attempt to drive their teammates to total exhaustion. Coach Ehsan demonstrates five 1-on-1 games that will work different elements of your athletes' skill sets. The "4, 3, 2" drill helps players tighten up their triple threat attack by limiting the number of dribbles they are allowed. The "Earn Your Dribbles" drill positively rewards great technique on defensive slides. Additionally, the "50 Point Game" incorporates 3-point shooting plus attacking in transition. You will also see how the drill can be modified to accommodate different gym settings with a half-court variation.

Finally, the "1-on-1 Full Court" drill simulates applying pressure and ball handling in the open court. You will learn how to emphasize defensive priorities throughout the workout by modeling Ehsan's system for tracking breakdowns.

Modified for Personnel

In addition to his primary drills, Coach Ehsan explains how you can modify drills to work out your post players. Two post-specific drills are demonstrated to teach new concepts such as duck-ins at the rim. The "Ball Screen Game" reinforces ball screen defense while also allowing your players to simulate a post-up after rolling to the rim.

These workouts can also be modified to include larger numbers in the same session. Ehsan details how you in can incorporate up to 12 players with the "2-on-2 Full Court" drill. This adaptation will improve your team's ability to full court press and handle pressure. You'll also see how to keep your players continuously working with the addition of a workstation. This concept allows athletes to stay engaged and improve while waiting for their next opportunity to compete in a game.

Motivate your players to push past their limits and get in great shape for next season with the drills and concepts in this video from Coach Ehsan!

47 minutes. 2020.

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