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The Buzz Defense 2-Pack

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The Buzz Defense 2-Pack

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  • The Buzz Defense 2-Pack
  • The Buzz Defense 2-Pack
  • Discover the "home bases" within the Buzz defense and the types of players you should assign to each
  • Get drills that develop rotations, improve rebounding, and perfect closeout techniques to amplify your buzz defense

The Buzz Defense: A Half Court Pressure Defense

with Mike Divilbiss,
former Associate Head Coach at Wisconsin Green Bay & Illinois;
30 years of coaching experience at the collegiate level

Mike Divilbiss has had his fair share of successful teams in his career, and one of the commonalities shared between those teams is a high-pressure trapping defense called "The Buzz". In this unique style of play, he teaches players how to use their aggressiveness to fly all over the court and trap the opponent out of their game plan.

If you want to learn how to run "The Buzz" yourself, then this video from Coach Divilbiss will outline what you need to implement it for your upcoming season.

Basics and Alignment

Beginning with the setup, Coach Divilbiss lays out where your post players, best anticipator, best rebounder, and best trappers need to be. Players must understand their "home base" to allow them to read and anticipate where traps are going to occur. Additionally, athletes must get into passing lanes in order to force opponents exactly where you want them.

With each pass, Coach Divilbiss slows down the defense and walks you through each player's home base and responsibility so you can do the same with your own team.


In order to effectively play the Buzz defense, you must be able to do three things:

  • Play hard every single possession
  • Avoid mistakes
  • Prevent straight line passes

With each rule, Divilbiss takes you through various examples so you can see how your defense should look and react to offensive attacks. As long as your players remember to sprint, closeout and stop at their home base on the flight of the ball, you will be able to shut down the most effective offenses on your schedule.

"The Buzz" has players fly around the court, apply pressure and speed up opponents - meaning it's a blast to play in for athletes and fun to direct as a coach. Coach Divilbiss does an excellent job describing how to install and move as the ball moves within his defensive system.

77 minutes. 2019.

All of Coach Divilbiss' proceeds of this video will go to benefit Lakeland High School Athletics.

The Buzz Defense: Breakdown Drills & Special Situations

with Mike Divilbiss,
former Associate Head Coach at Wisconsin Green Bay & Illinois;
30 years of coaching experience at the collegiate level

The Buzz defense is a fast-paced trapping zone defense that you can use to disrupt your opponents' offensive attack. In this video, Mike Divilbiss teaches the breakdown drills that will help your players master moving, reacting, and rebounding out of the Buzz defense. Additionally, Divilbiss demonstrates how to prepare your Buzz defense for a number of special situations that will arise during games.

Breakdown Drills

You'll get a drill that teaches guards how to move from on-ball defense at the half court line to another "home base" on the court. Defenders sprint from one pass to the next, trying to get deflections and disrupt offensive movement. Your players will practice trapping and also defending with a one- or two-guard front. Coach Divilbiss covers taking away direct passing lanes and pushing opponents out of the middle of the floor.

Another great drill from Divilbiss is the "Inside Drill." This exercise teaches the bottom three players in the Buzz to move and rotate if the ball gets past the two trapping guards at the top. Your players will develop the ability to anticipate where the ball is going to move while also learning what to do when the ball is skipped, enters the corner, or enters the high post.

Rebounding out of zone defenses can be difficult if your athletes aren't trained on what to expect. Coach Divilbiss goes over where players need to rotate and spots on the floor they need to cover as a shot goes up. Guards must take wing shots while forwards have the responsibility of taking corner or short corner shots.

Special Situations

Divilbiss has seen plenty of opponents try to break down the Buzz over the years and discusses plenty of the most common scouting adjustments that teams attempt to use against the Buzz. He covers defending out of bounds situations, adjusting to a 1-4 high set, the best opportunities to trap, and covering in defensive transition.

Much of Coach Divilbiss' success over the past 30 years is due to his Buzz defense. This great video will show you the drills and special situation work that ensure the Buzz is operating at its best. Empower your players and watch your wins pile up while running the Buzz this season!

103 minutes. 2019.

All of Coach Divilbiss' proceeds of this video will go to benefit Lakeland High School Athletics.

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