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The Hybrid Mover-Blocker Offense & Pack Line Defense 2-Pack

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Item Number: BD-05736

The Hybrid Mover-Blocker Offense & Pack Line Defense 2-Pack

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  • The Hybrid Mover-Blocker Offense & Pack Line Defense 2-Pack
  • The Hybrid Mover-Blocker Offense & Pack Line Defense 2-Pack
  • Make sharp cuts to get open on offense and increase clean looks at the basket
  • Teach your players optimal defensive footwork to keep them balanced and in control at all times

The Hybrid Mover-Blocker Offense: Spacing, Screens & Cuts

with Tom Palombo,
Guilford College Head Coach;
4x Bob Johnson ODAC Men's Basketball Coach of the Year;
4x ODAC Tournament Champions;
2007 NABC South Region Coach of the Year;
11x NCAA Tournament appearances;
over 550 career wins

With effective screening action, hard cuts and precision passing, Tom Palombo's Hybrid Mover-Blocker offense provides his team with so many options - making it incredibly hard to defend. In this video, Coach Palombo breaks down the various steps of his offense in detail with a variety of drills that directly relate to the motions on the court. You'll get game footage of the actions taught in every drill, as well as diagrammed playbook tutorials so that you'll be prepared to install this great offense immediately.

Rules and Offensive Foundation

Palombo begin with the offensive rules you'll need to install his Hybrid Mover-Blocker offense. One of the main rules is that offensive players must learn how to read both the defense and each other on the court. "Blockers" must be player-watchers that can read specific angles in order to set screens that create the best options for the "movers." Additionally, everyone on Coach Palombo's team must be able to rebound after every shot.

Next, Palombo breaks down specific actions related to his offense. Three essential actions in the offense include:

  • Freddy - Fade screens
  • Charlie - Curl cuts
  • Ricky - Re-screens

Each of these actions are repeated over and over to help players learn the basics of getting open and reading the defense. Players who receive screens get multiple opportunities to create space upon receiving the ball, which consistently leads to open shots and opportunities to drive.

Ways to Score

For blockers, scoring opportunities are plentiful. Many times in a game, screening is a selfless action that doesn't get rewarded. However, in Coach Palombo's Hybrid Mover-Blocker offense, bigs have tons of options to get post-ups and score off of rolls.

Some other keys to the Hybrid Mover-Blocker offense that you'll see broken down by Palombo are:

  • Timing - Timing is essential so that each person receiving a screen comes off their screen in a manner and at a moment where they can get a chance to score.
  • Spacing - Palombo does a great job allowing space for each of his players coming off a screen so they can shoot or drive into gaps.
  • Fluidity - Players constantly move, which puts defenders in a compromised situation at almost every moment.

Coach Palombo does a great job of breaking down each piece of his Hybrid Mover-Blocker offense in this video, while also taking the time to install basic fundamental basketball concepts throughout. Your team will undoubtedly find success on the court with this offense and the teachings in this video.

101 minutes. 2020.

The Hybrid Pack Line Defense: Stance, Position & Movement

with Tom Palombo,
Guilford College Head Coach;
4x Bob Johnson ODAC Men's Basketball Coach of the Year;
4x ODAC Tournament Champions;
2007 NABC South Region Coach of the Year;
11x NCAA Tournament appearances;
over 550 career wins

"Defense wins championships" is a standard tenet in the coaching profession. In this video featuring Guilford College's Tom Palombo, you'll see how to build an airtight defense starting with the basic principles of stance, position and movement.

Defensive Breakdown

Coach Palombo meticulously breaks down each aspect of individual and team defense and shows you how to implement the fundamentals necessary to build a defensive powerhouse. By mixing in game footage, Palombo allows you to see how these drills translate into high-level execution in a game.

If your team has ever struggled with defensive rotations, Coach Palombo's X's and O's illustrations and on-court demonstrations of a variety of different drills will help your team improve. One of the key strengths of this video is the collection of drills Palombo presents for building a strong defensive base.

Stance, Position, Movement

You'll learn how to accelerate your team's defensive progress by focusing on three basic principles that form the foundation for a stifling defense. With great attention to detail, Coach Palombo describes each defensive drill and the game scenarios each drill is designed to address. Key drills you'll get include:

  • Guard Your Yard
  • 2-on-2 and 3-on-3 Positioning
  • 4-on-4 Shell (with many variations)

You'll learn key progressions for every drill and get to see how players respond and build their skills in a live-practice setting. During and between each drill, Palombo also expands his coaching to cover the individual technique he prefers to see out of his defenders.

With a mix of individual and team techniques, this video from Coach Palombo will give you drills and practice insights for virtually any defensive situation!

100 minutes. 2020.

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