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Travis Steele Open Practice 2-Pack

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Travis Steele Open Practice 2-Pack

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  • Travis Steele Open Practice 2-Pack
  • Travis Steele Open Practice 2-Pack
  • Attack in transition off makes or misses with two unique strategies to play as quickly as possible, no matter the scenario
  • Learn the basics of the pack line defense and drills that will help your team make it tough for opponents to score

Open Practice:Transition Offense, Spread Attack & Skill Development

with Travis Steele,
Xavier University Head Coach;
3 seasons as Associate Head Coach and 7 seasons as an Assistant at Xavier;
8x NCAA Tournament appearances; 2017 Elite Eight

Xavier University head coach Travis Steele has developed an offensive system that fits perfectly into today's brand of modern basketball. This video will help you learn how to play with incredible pace and space in both the full court and half court through two fast break strategies and a simple, yet effective motion offense. Steele's system thrives on opening the floor for driving lanes and playing through pick & roll action.

Additionally, you'll see effective practice drills for developing low post play and handling pressure. Coach Steele also shares insight into his package of baseline inbound plays. You will learn a great strategy for creating numerous options off a single play by rearranging player assignments.

Transition Offense

Maximize the pace at which your team plays with two distinct strategies for fast breaks. Utilize a more structured approach after made baskets with Coach Steele's "Carolina" break. This transition offense will give your players specific responsibilities to play as fast and as spaced as possible.

Meanwhile, learn how to attack quickly off a missed field goal with the "Phoenix" break. You will see how to open up the floor with player spacing in order to put pressure on the basket through rim runs, drives, and pick & rolls. The "Run the Circuit" drill is also demonstrated, which will help you efficiently run through all of the numerous options in this transition system to build up this style of play.

Spread Offense

Steele's teams don't let up on their attack as they flow into their half-court offense. You'll learn a motion offense that will space the floor with four perimeter players to create great driving lanes. You will also see how to generate ball and player movement through cuts, dribble hand-offs, and brush screens.

The low post can be incorporated into ball screens at any spot on the floor with the "flip" action. Steele explains how to communicate actions on the court so your entire team operates with coordination. You will also learn how to add weak-side actions into your ball screens to occupy help defenders and confuse tag responsibilities on the roller.

This practice also features multiple breakdown drills to develop this specific phase of Steele's offensive system. Players demonstrate how to attack hard hedges on side ball screens to feed the post as they roll to the rim. You will also see different techniques for delivering on-target passes to perimeter shooters or the big man sprinting to the rim. Steele's 2-on-2 Ball Screen drill will teach your players how to beat their defender to draw the big man into helping. Adding additional players to progress into a 4-on-4 drill challenges ball handlers to make the correct tactical decision based on how the defense is rotating to help on the play.

Skill Development

Five additional drills will develop your players' discipline to handle pressure and the physicality needed to effectively play through the low post. The "Two Feet in the Paint" drill creates a partnership between your guards and posts to hold seals and deliver accurate post feeds. Another drill will add cuts by your perimeter players after the post has secured the ball.

The "Baseline Finishes" drill teaches posts to relocate and finish strong in reaction to dribble penetration into the paint by your perimeter players. Next, "Around the Horn Passing" will challenge your players to work on passing and catching through extreme defensive pressure. You'll see how to seal defenders and meet the pass in addition to pivoting with strength.

Finally, the "12-Second Drill" is the ultimate exercise for teaching your players how to maintain their composure through all-out defensi

Open Practice: High-Intensity Defensive Practice Drills & Concepts

with Travis Steele,
Xavier University Head Coach;
10 seasons as an assistant at Xavier before being hired as head coach;
8x NCAA Tournament appearances; 2017 Elite Eight

Head coach Travis Steele has carried on the high level of play that he helped Chris Mack establish over a decade at Xavier University. Much of Xavier's success is due to their lock-down defense. Coach Steele has established a repeatable defensive approach based on pack line principles in which players create a protective wall around the rim. In this video, you will get an inside look at how Steele puts together a practice with the goal of creating a sound team defense.

On-Ball Defense

Starting with drills to pressure the ball, Steele has players build their closeout skills through a solid foundation of high hands, choppy feet, elbows tight and with constant movement of their feet. In Vegas Closeouts, players are trained to closeout with high hands and pressure the ball handler. After popping back off a jab step, players work on their push steps in order to stop the driver from getting around them.

In 2v2 early stunt, early recovery players use their closeouts and progress into a 2v2 situation. Athletes start in the gaps and must closeout and be there on the catch to prevent a rhythm 3-pointer. Drills like this will force your players to focus on being in help position, but still possess the ability to recover.

Off-Ball Defense

Beginning with a 3v3 situation, players build their back-side defending abilities by guarding cutters. Coach Steele has his players progress in 3v3 and eventually adds a fourth defender and offensive player to simulate a post-up. You'll get breakdown drills to help your post players work on fronting, being in the gap, and walling up when the ball goes into the post.

In 4v4 Shell, Steele simulates game situations and actions for players to work on their defensive rotations in the half court. You'll see how to improve your athletes' ability to defend drives and create early stunt situations, as well as defense against passes and cuts where players build walls around gaps and avoid getting face cut.

Ball Screen Defense

Rounding out the defensive practice, Coach Steele teaches his team how to hard hedge ball screens on the wing. Once post players hard hedge, the back-side help must rotate over to maintain the wall that was created around the ball. Post players specifically will learn how to "X-Out" and switch post defenders.

Coach Steele's players work hard to create a wall around the ball so offensive players struggle to get a good look at the rim. If you're looking to advance your team using pack line principles, this is an incredible look inside the practice of an up-and-coming head coach!

81 minutes. 2020.

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