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WBCA Basketball Series

(See more by Jackie Ansley Andy Landers)

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WBCA Basketball Series

(7 Items)
  • Learn how to keep the ball out of the paint while turning up the ball pressure
  • Learn the "finer points" of offense that can make your players difficult to defend
  • Get six different variations of the shell drill that allow you to simultaneously work your defense and offense
  • Develop a defensive rebounding mentality using drills that put players in disadvantageous situations
  • Learn a zone offense that will showcase your best player and get them more shots
  • Get 20 quick hitters that provide scoring opportunities against man defense, zone defense or end-of-game situations
  • Maximize athleticism and explosiveness using proven speed, agility and quickness drills

The 2-3 Flip-Flop Zone Defense

with Andy Landers, University of Georgia Head Women's Basketball Coach;
distinguished member of the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame (2007);
4x National Coach of the Year; has led Georgia to 5 NCAA Final Four appearances; 7x SEC Champions; over 900 career wins

For the first time anywhere, legendary University of Georgia Head Women's Basketball Coach Andy Landers shows how to increase ball pressure and prevent the ball from getting into the paint with his twist on the 2-3 zone defense. The key to this defense is the "flip-flop" rotations that allow interchangeable players to cover multiple spots on the floor.

The defense is explained in a three-part, on-court player demonstration featuring:

  • guard responsibilities and rotations
  • forward responsibilities and rotations
  • live 5-on-5

Guard Responsibilities
Coach Landers shows how the two guards-one high and one at the high post-start in the defense. He explains their responsibilities and shows how they effectively eliminate perimeter penetrations using his "Flip-Flop" philosophy between the two players. Learn how the guards rotate to apply ball pressure and deny the high post at all times versus ball movement, player movement and changing alignments along the perimeter. Coach Landers also shows how to eliminate dribble penetration by using run and jump principles to help on a blow-by or to disrupt ball screens. The rotations allow these two players to keep pressure on the ball while the rest of the defense protects the paint. To close this segment, he discusses how guards defend the low post for situations where they need to double team the player.

Foward Responsibilities
Again using his "Flip-Flop" philosophy, Coach Landers demonstrates how to cover the low post, corner, wing and, the most dangerous spot for a zone, the short corner. He starts by showing how the defense doubles any time the low post player gets the ball in the paint. You'll see how his backline defenders work together to deny the post from ever catching the ball while also extending their coverage to the perimeter by pressuring the ball at the wing and corner locations. Finally, Coach Landers explains how to use the weak side defender to guard flashes and to help with post defense on the ball side. These rotations give your team a structure to crowd the paint and lock down star post players. Several details are covered, including where the defender should line up when the ball is on the wing .

Throughout the presentation, Coach Landers covers game-like situations that every zone defense faces.

Coach Landers gives you a clear system for implementing a zone defense that prevents the ball from touching the paint while allowing your players to turn up the ball pressure.

Produced at the Spring 2014 WBCA Convention in Nashville (TN).

54 minutes. 2014.

Essential Components for a Successful Offense: Cutting, Spacing and Fakes

with Melanie Balcomb, Vanderbilt University Head Coach;
Most winning women's basketball coach in Vanderbilt history; over 400 career wins;
3x SEC Tournament Champions; 12 straight NCAA Tournament appearances at Vanderbilt (2003-14)

Iconic Vanderbilt Women's Head Coach Melanie Balcomb demonstrates why she has been so successful on the offensive end of the court. In her 12 years at Vanderbilt, her teams have averaged 23.5 wins per year (2003-14). In this on-court demonstration, Coach Balcomb goes deeper than the traditional set play, devoting an hour to teaching the finer points of an offensive attack. Coach Balcomb believes in teaching offensive concepts rather than memorized set plays. She trains her teams to play conceptually on the offensive end rather than just focusing on strict motion offenses with little quick hitters. Players are more effective when they're taught to read and react to a defense for multiple scoring opportunities rather than executing for a specific shot.

Coach Balcomb discusses the top four things offenses can do to control any defense:

  • proper spacing
  • timing
  • reading defenses,
  • moving without the basketball

From there she talks about the development of off-the-ball actions. Coach Balcomb dives into ball fakes and shot fakes that slow down the defense so you can read or make a play for someone else. Cutting is also a major emphasis within her conceptual offense as well as adding details to the offense in order to counteract defensive adjustments within the game. Your players will understand that when the defense takes away an option, another one will open, leaving your opponent vulnerable to any counter action you throw their way.

Through the use of a Vanderbilt main set play, you'll learn five scoring options that create confusion and include all elements and players within your offense. In her "5-v-0 Putting It All Together drill," players learn to maximize the "little things" that an offense must do to be an efficient scoring machine.

Coach Balcomb shares the finer points of offensive concepts that every successful team must master. She teaches players how to play and coaches how to instruct their players in movements and actions, not patterns. With the Finer Points of Offense, you'll develop players who attack more freely, more effectively and as a team.

Produced at the Spring 2014 WBCA Convention in Nashville (TN).

54 minutes. 2014.

This video was shot at the WBCA Convention an Nashville, TN in the Spring of 2014. Unfortunately, technical difficulties have resulted in a slight degradation in audio quality. We have done our best to correct the issue in order to bring you great coaching information.

Maximizing the Shell Drill for Defensive Success

with Bob Starkey, Texas A & M University Assistant Coach;
former coach at LSU; back-to-back Final Four appearances as acting Head Coach at LSU

Legendary LSU Assistant Coach Bob Starkey gives one of the most effective presentations ever on implementing the shell drill into your practice sessions. Using on-court demonstrations, he shows you how to use the shell drill to teach the basics of your defensive philosophy as well as how to defend certain movements and actions, and adjust offensive tendencies so you can use it to scout opponents.

Coach Starkey demonstrates how to make players think and get away from patterns while using purposeful, meaningful communication. This will help your players become better at guarding your opponent's strengths and learning how to take away what they do best. He discusses and demonstrates six types of shell drill, including:

  • Pitch and penetrate
  • Add cutters
  • Add post player
  • Add two post
  • 6-on-4 baseline rotation
  • 5-on-4 open post low

Using 6v4, 5v4, 4v4, and 5v5 situations, you'll accomplish any goal you set in practice that day. Coach Starkey also demonstrates a 4v4 change drill that creates chaos in practice by simulating game-like actions and teaches players to communicate with each other. Whether it's full-court or half-court, this is a drill that incorporates every offensive action your opponents will throw at you.

Coach Starkey's "Maximizing the Shell Drill" is an all-inclusive presentation that will help every coach improve their defensive pressure.

Produced at the Spring 2014 WBCA Convention in Nashville (TN).

38 minutes. 2014.

Competitive Rebounding, Defense & Transition Drills

with Holly Warlick, former University of Tennessee Head Women's Basketball Coach;
distinguished member of the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame (2001);
WBCA Maggie Dixon Rookie Coach of the Year Award (2013); 3x All-American point guard at Tennessee

Great defensive teams know the work isn't over until you've secured the ball. Using on-court demonstrations, Holly Warlick shows you how she gets her SEC championship teams at Tennessee to play tough defense and dominate the boards to spark their transition game. Coach Warlick shares the competitive drills that she uses daily in her Volunteer program to build a rebounding and defensive mentality.

In this incredible presentation, you'll get four competitive rebounding drills responsible for the Volunteer's aggressive rebounding style. Each game-like drill simulates a specific aspect of rebounding, such as sprinting out of help positioning and into a box-out position, or securing the defensive rebound and pushing the ball to half court in less than 2 seconds in order to quickly transition from defense to offense.

These drills put defensive players in a disadvantaged state, which helps them understand that securing a rebound is a team effort. In addition, offensive players develop a mindset to crash the boards. The "War Drill" culminates this package of competitive rebounding drills with 5-on-5 action that works on rebounding and flowing into your transition offense for quick scoring opportunities.

In order to instill a never-give-up defensive attitude, Coach Warlick uses the "Persistence Drill," which creates a defensive mindset of playing all the way through the shot clock. This drill requires a team of three defenders to continually defend against a rotating group of two other teams on a possession-by-possession basis, securing "perfect" stops for a total duration of 30 seconds before being allowed to exit the drill. Any score or offensive rebound on any possession resets the clock. Any stop causes the clock to stop temporarily while the new offensive team rotates on. The clock begins with whatever time is left in the 30-second window. Various defensive themes can be added as a penalty to restart the clock. Players quickly learn that any let down by their teammates could result in restarting the drill.

To help develop your transition offense and defense, Coach Warlick shares her "Transition Drill." This competitive 5-on-5-scrimmage drill forces players to communicate and quickly react on the fly.

Continuing the Volunteer tradition created by her legendary coach, Pat Summitt, Warlick brings a toughness not unlike her Hall of Fame predecessor. These competitive drills will become staples of your practice and will help you develop the fundamentals and attitude you need to excel on converting defensive stops into easy, fast-break scoring opportunities.

Produced at the Spring 2014 WBCA Convention in Nashville (TN).

44 minutes. 2014.

Harry Perretta's Unscoutable Zone Offense, Volume 2

with Harry Perretta,
Villanova University Women's Basketball Coach;
2018 Big East Co-Head Coach of the Year - 4x Coach of the Year;
over 740 career wins - All-time winningest coach in the history of Villanova basketball (men or women)

Legendary Villanova Women's Head Coach Harry Perretta describes the zone offense that he has perfected over the last decade. In this on-court demonstration, Coach Perretta takes you through a conceptual offense that defines roles for your players and allows your team to exploit gaps within any zone defense. Drawing on 30-plus years of experience, Coach Peretta has evolved a continuity zone offense based on patterns and predictability into an unpredictable, concept-based offense. Your players will learn how to play the game of basketball instead of memorizing plays and patterns.

This zone offense scheme, which cannot be scouted, gives players the freedom (and responsibility) to adjust and attack freely within a distinct concept. Play can start from any position, against any defensive set-up and cab be adjusted even while in motion. Each position has specific rules in terms of location, spacing and movement. Shots are not predetermined but instead develop naturally based on your philosophy and your players' preferences.

Because this offense is so flexible and will adjust to you and your players' strengths, Coach Perretta emphasizes the importance of having your team's leader (or smartest player) in a specific role. This determines the style and effectiveness of your team's version of the "Unscoutable Zone Offense." Coach Perretta explains position rules and defines them in detail. He discusses the role of the baseline player, designated flasher (who is the focal point of his zone concepts) and the perimeter players. For the most part, this offense starts in a high-low set-up stressing the defense right from the start, forming gaps for perimeter players. He breaks down the perimeter duties and emphasizes their main responsibility of keeping the floor spaced while providing a pass and fill mentality.

The most difficult thing to guard in a zone is inside-out ball and player movement. The designated flasher will work from both the inside and outside while creating holes in the high post that filter out shots to the other perimeter players-all while still providing inside scoring.

Coach Perretta shows how his zone offense can be initiated from any spot and quickly adjust to any defensive alignment, such as 2-3, 1-3-1, or the 3-2. He also covers ways to get into the offense as well as how to customize it by adding your favorite elements, like pick-and-roll, back screens or backdoor cuts. He finishes with two sets-Strong and Weak Wave -which he uses to get specific looks. Villanova's zone offense, which truly cannot be scouted, will allow your team to attack and score against any zone defense.

Produced at the Spring 2014 WBCA Convention in Nashville (TN).

60 minutes. 2014.

20 Quick Hitters for Scoring Against Man or Zone

with Jeff Walz,
University of Louisville Head Women's Coach;
2018 ACC Coach of the Year;
2018 & 2019 ACC Champions;
2018 Final Four;
2x NCAA National Championship Runner-up (2009, 2013);
2019 USA Women's Basketball U19 World Cup Team Head Coach (Gold medal)

Louisville Head Coach Jeff Walz shares 20 quick-hitting plays that have helped make his teams a perennial national title contender. This collection of plays gives you scoring opportunities at crunch times against man-to-man or zone defenses. Also thrown in the mix is a full-court, end-of-game situation with multiple scoring options.

Zone Quick Hitters
In this segment of the presentation, Coach Walz shares nine quick hitters that show various ways to score against the 2-3 zone defense. With each technique, players learn to create misdirection with your best shooter, use the post to screen and score lay-ups around the rim, get a 3-point shot for your best shooter in the corner and attack gaps to create mismatches and scoring opportunities.

Man-to-Man Quick Hitters
Learn how to dissect man-to-man defenses with the Top, Green and 41 groups of quick hitting plays. In addition to basic plays that give various inside and outside scoring options, each of these has counters and variations that will thwart any play your opponent might use to stop you.

Special Situations
When the game is on the line and there are fewer than five seconds on the clock, use misdirection to travel the full distance of the court to score Coach Walz shows you how with two end-of-game strategies-the Stack and Illinois baseline inbounds plays.

With numerous ways to score both inside and outside with different players, any coach will find new quick hitters to add to their playbook to beat any type of defense your opponents throw at you.

Produced at the Spring 2014 WBCA Convention in Nashville (TN).

52 minutes. 2014.

Movement Training for Building Explosive Basketball Players

with Jackie Ansley, CEO, Owner and Performance Coach of Performance Training Inc.;
WNBA Strength Coach for Atlanta Dream, Washington Mystics, Detroit Shock;
has trained over 130 professional basketball players

WNBA Strength Coach Jackie Ansley helps you develop the athleticism of your players in a presentation packed with strategies from her own experience. You'll learn basketball-specific drills that can be performed on a court to train the athletic movements behind multiple facets of the game.

Vertical Strength & Explosion:
Using basic squat, lunge, and box jump movements, Coach Ansley shows how players can develop the power in their legs needed to play above the rim. She leads players through a challenging workout on the basketball court using resistance bands, platforms and medicine balls.

Lateral Movement:
Basketball is a game that requires solid, explosive side-to-side movements, especially on the defensive end of the court. This series of drills builds players' ability to move in the defensive stance. Skate Jumps is a great drill to train the explosiveness needed to cut off dribble penetration with the first step while still being able to quickly react to a crossover move.

Speed, Agility, Quickness:
Help your players develop the footwork necessary for the quick changes of direction and sharp angles performed by great basketball players. This series of drills uses ladders and cones to improve speed, agility and quickness. With the Square Drill, you can condition players to quickly change speed and direction in a variety of athletic movements like sprints and shuffles.

The exercises in this presentation will enable any basketball coach to develop a program that can improve the athleticism of players without the need for regular access to a weight room.

Produced at the Spring 2014 WBCA Convention in Nashville (TN).

42 minutes. 2015.

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