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Championship Instant Video Frequently Asked Questions

Which devices can I use to watch my Instant Video?

Web Browser on Any Computer (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.)







After you have made your purchase, please visit the My Account page, and click the "Get the App and PIN link" for instructions for each device. (You will see this link if you have purchased a Championship Instant Video.)

Need Help or want to ask a question?

Click here for our Knowlege Base or to ask a question!

I think I forgot my password…

We are happy to help. Visit our lost password page and enter your email address. Then, follow the instructions in the password reminder email you receive.

I'm getting an app error code: What should I do?

We are sorry. You can still try to stream the video again, you can troubleshoot any new issues at uservoice.intelivideo.com, or you can contact us directly with your name and email address at [email protected] and we will get any issues straightened out.

Where do I find my pin?

It's on your "my purchases page." Visit your My Account page and click on "Get the App and PIN" link. (You will see this link if you have purchased a Championship Instant Video.)

Where do I find the documents that came with my video?

Documents are located in the documents tab underneath the video player. The video player can be found for the product in question by clicking on "My Account" and then clicking on the video under the "My Championship Instant Videos" heading. This will take you to the video player. Look for the documents tab under the video player.

I ordered the wrong video. Can I get a refund?

Accidents happen. Contact us at [email protected] with the name and email address you used at purchase and we can refund your purchase.

Where do I find the apps?

Visit intelivideo.com/downloads to find the latest apps for iOS, Android, Mac, PC, Roku or the Chromecast plugin. Otherwise, when you login online to view your purchased content, apps are available in the members area on your purchases page.

How do I burn this video to a DVD?

No need! Our apps allow you to take your content with you. Championship Instant Videos can be delivered instantly thanks to their secure encrypted format, this means that they will play in perfect quality in your player, but cannot be burned to a DVD disk.

How do I download a video?

You can stream a Championship Instant Video from any web connected device or app. To download a video, tap or click the cloud/arrow icon in the top nav bar next to the star. Your video will begin downloading to your device. Once the video is downloaded, it can be played with or without a data connection - on an airplane, for example.

What is the difference between a pin and a password?

The PIN allows you to access your videos on any app.. Click the menu icon (three bars at the top left of the media player app) and tap ‘Manage Accounts' in the dropdown. The ‘Add Account' button at the bottom will allow you to submit the email address and PIN you received with purchase.

Passwords are used to view content online from the video pages where you purchase them. Login in the top right of the page and then enter an email and password. Once you are logged in you can instantly access and play all of the videos you have purchased, as well as any free videos the Championship Productions has made available to you.

I purchased additional videos - where do I view them?

If you've added new titles, close the app and reopen it and all your new videos will be added. You don't need to re-enter a pin or password.

What's my login?

When you purchase a Championship Instant Video, you will receive login information including a username, a password, and a PIN. The username is the email that you provided at purchase. You created your password when you set up your account - if you have forgotten it, click here. Your six-character PIN will enable you to access or watch videos in any of the free apps. Get your PIN by visiting your My Account page, and then clicking on "Get the App and PIN here" link. (You will see this link if you have purchased a Championship Instant Video.)

My app keeps crashing, what should I do!

You may not have a recent version of the app. Uninstall your app and reinstall it from the app store and this should resolve the problem. Note: Unfortunately you will have to re-enter the email address and PIN you received at purchase to open your library. Download any videos you want to view offline again.

I am getting a message about downloading all the videos in a product. How do I just download a single video within a product?

A "product" can refer to a full-length video or segments of a full-length video. Click the product title in your library to see all of the videos segments and extras associated with that product. Scroll down the list of videos until you find the one you want save to your app and tap the cloud icon to download it.

Can I close the app while the video is downloading?

Yes, however, downloading will pause until you re-open the app. You can view the progress of your download via the progress bar beneath each video as it downloads.

How long does downloading a video take?

This can be quick, but depends entirely on your wifi or data connection.

How do I remove videos I have downloaded to my app? I want to save space.

Click the cloud icon with the arrow from your library to see all downloaded products. These are available without an internet connection. Tapping the trash icon will give you a prompt to remove these titles from your device. Note: Your videos will never be removed from your library and you can download them again at any time.

What is the circle around the play button?

This icon shows that you have started watching a video that has not completed. Click to resume watching from where you left off. A gray dot indicates that you've viewed a video all the way through at least once.

What does the little clock symbol in my app library mean?

This indicates that the video in your library is expiring. Access will expire within 24 hours. Most Championship Instant Videos do not have an expiration date.

I lost my phone - Can I still access my videos?

Sure! Videos you purchased can be viewed from any device. To access your videos using a web browser, enter your username and password. To access your videos using our app, download the app and enter your username and PIN on any device.

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