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Download Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order a download?
If a download is available for an video, you will see this icon: download icon

On the product information page, you must select the format of the item you wish to purchase. To purchase a download, select "Download" from the box just above the "Add to Cart" button:

How to Order a Download

What is a download?
To download one of our videos, you will log into our website and download it directly to your computer, rather than getting a physical DVD. The video download can be viewed on a computer, or it can be viewed on a mobile device (like an iPad or an iPod).

Downloads do not have menus like a DVD. However, they include the exact same video content as the DVD.

Downloads have no shipping charge, so they are ideal for international customers.

Download time will vary greatly depending on the length of the program and the speed of your internet connection.

How many times can I download an item?
You may download the video as needed.

May I return my download?
The purchase and download of any electronic media (eBooks, downloads, online clinics, etc.) from BasketballCoach.com is non-refundable and may not be returned.

All sales of downloadable material are final.

Can I burn my download to a DVD?
With the correct software, you may be able to burn the download to a dvd. The ability to burn to a dvd is dependent on video editing software and dvd burning software. It is out of the scope of our abilities to offer you help with burning dvds.

How do I watch my download on my iPad (iPod, iPhone, etc.)?
  1. Download the video to your computer.
  2. Add the file to iTunes.
  3. Sync your device with iTunes.
(Do not browse to BasketballCoach.com on your device and attempt to download the video. You will be able to begin watching the video, but your download will NOT be saved. This will cause the video to be downloaded each time you attempt to view the video. Instead, follow the directions above.)

How long will the newly purchased download item appear in My Account?
The download link is available for 1 year. Once downloaded, the video is available to you forever.

We encourage you to make a backup of your download to protect yourself in the event of a computer crash, theft, etc.

Windows Media Player will not play my download.
We recommend downloading the free Quicktime player from Apple.
Or, Google 'Quicktime' to find the download page.
Another excellent choice is KMPlayer. Or, Google 'KMPlayer' to find the download page.

Can downloads be ordered over the phone?
NO. You may purchase the dvd over phone. You must order the download using the web site.

Comparing DVDs and Downloads:

  • Easy to shuttle through -- fast forward and rewind while still seeing the picture.
  • High quality slow motion playback.
  • High resolution picture quality.
  • Plays in a computer or a standalone DVD player.
  • Take it anywhere your laptop or portable player can go.
  • Menus make it easy to navigate the content.
  • Computer playback software allows for bookmarking for faster, customized access.
  • Own it for life; it's yours.
  • You're always on. No internet connection needed!
  • Won't scratch or get dirty.
  • You can get it now -- no need to wait for shipping.
  • No shipping or handling charges.
  • Put it on a portable device [iPad, iTouch, laptop, etc.] and take it to the field or court.
  • Be sure to back up your download library on a regular basis.
  • Lower resolution picture than DVD.
  • Always in stock.
  • No packaging -- go green!
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