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Achieving Success - 10 Important Ingredients
December 03, 2019 10:32PM
Failures occur because Overnight Millionaire System Review the desire and the willingness fades out or the wrong desire is attached to the goal, or maybe you don't even know what your real desire is. For a desire to be real you must be able to develop a three dimensional picture of yourself achieving the goal, then develop the ability to just tuck that picture away in you brain's filing system. This is a simple practice that can be used for planning and achieving the goals that you set for yourself on a daily basis. This is the exact same principle used by coaches of elite athletes, they are trained to see, smell and feel the victory long before the event.

When your disillusioned with the readings regarding success being all in the mind, think of it in terms of that three dimensional picture you have put away, use it as your purpose and meaning to giving to you a path to a better life, perhaps even in helping to create a pathway for a better world. Goals have been dropped to number four on this hit chart, goals are important, but a goal does not mean anything without the decision being made to give back something for what you received and for the desire and willingness to succeed. Goals are your strategies to reach your desire.

Goals are another issue that will bring about a halt to attaining success. The same occurs in a business situation. Business's fail because they have no goals, or no strategies to reach a success level, your success level must have strategies. Can't write goals? Here is an easier approach for you to try. It has been taught by one of my mentors and used successfully by many. One large piece of paper or a journal so that it is permanent, write your desire at the top of the page, then list twenty ways in which you can reach your desire. Now you can write down anything that comes to you, the first ten will be easy, the next five a little harder and the last five you will no doubt find still harder, but you must have twenty no more, no less. It does not matter how ridiculous they seem at the time these goals are for you, they are what will keep you on the right track. As you are successful with the easy steps your confidence is increased.

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