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Don't Put Down the Competition
December 04, 2019 01:09AM
For everything that we Text Chemistry Review do, there is always an underlying reason or a key belief, as we like to call them in Theta Healing. You see, you have these belief programs that are running in your subconscious like the hard drive on your computer. These key beliefs of yours go all the way back to your childhood, to your family genes, and even to your soul.

Somewhere within the system of beliefs, you may be feeling like the only way you can be fulfilled is to have problems in a relationship. Maybe this is your way of proving to yourself that you are resilient or tenacious. Perhaps having problems in a relationship make you feel like you have purpose in life. Maybe, just maybe, you've been told by family and friends that it is "normal" to experience the things that you have been experiencing in your relationships and there is nothing you can do about it.

These beliefs are affecting your feelings and your actions toward your loved one. In fact, the beliefs are so strong that it affects the way you carry yourself, the way you perceive yourself to the opposite @#$%&, and even how you respond to the opposite @#$%& and it probably goes beyond all of that. The truth is that you don't HAVE TO continue going through what you are experiencing unless you choose too. You Are Still Holding Onto Resentments, Regrets, or Grudges The majority of the time that we spend trying to recreate or reinvent ourselves is wasted simply because we refuse to let go of resentments or regrets.

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