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permanent protective
July 16, 2018 01:31AM
What are the materials for the window fence? The material of the window fence is zinc-steel guardrail. Because of its high overall strength, the zinc-steel guardrail has good safety. The surface of the guardrail of this material has been treated by special techniques to form a permanent protective film. Its surface is smooth and smooth, it is not easy to rust and it is very convenient to clean and does not require any maintenance. What are the materials for the window fences? The price of the wrought iron fence is very economical. It needs to take into account the entrance and exit of the fire when installing. It can be used as a small door, and what materials are available in the lock window guard bar? -Stainless steel guardrail style is single, the color is monotonous, the model is not easy to distinguish, generally because 202 is easy to rust, suitable for indoor installation. What are the materials of the window fences? Anti-corrosion wood fences are generally used in villas or high-end residential areas. The strength of wood preservatives is general, the styles are relatively monotonous, very easy to crack or fade, but its appearance Very beautiful, more suitable for interior decoration styles. Window protection fences. Precautions for window protection. - Most of the people's protective fences are exterior, and some space will be placed in the outwardly protruding space. Objects, so you need to consider the load-bearing nature of the fence. Precautions for the purchase of window guards - anti-corrosion If the guardrail is installed outside the balcony and the window, the guardrail must have good anti-corrosion, so as to achieve the effect of lasting protection, it can resist the exposure of the sun and the wind and snow. The anti-corrosion performance of the guardrail often depends on its structure. The better guardrails usually have internal and external base structure complemented by each other. The more complicated the structure, the stronger its corrosion resistance.
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