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Pick and Roll vs 2-3 zone?
January 05, 2009 02:47AM
I was wondering if you can help me out... I coach in a league where a majority of the teams play 2-3 zone. I love the pick and roll. Can it be run effectively against a zone? I was looking at Billy D's Spread PNR dvd. Any help/opinions would be great, thanks
Re: Pick and Roll vs 2-3 zone?
January 05, 2009 03:18AM
I run a simple but yet extremely effective 1-3-1 zone offense which incorporates ball screening. Set up with your wings at the 45 degree spot. This causes confusion with the bases and guards of the 2-3. One post player runs short corner to short corner and one post player is the screener/roller. The point guard initiates offense by passing to either wing or to the high post. If the pass is to the wing, the high post screens the guard on the ball and the guard comes off to score first. The point guard drifts to open area around the top of the key...if the off guard helps on the wings penetration then the wing kicks it to the point and the point penetrates the seam to score first. The post after screening opens up and finds the open area in the middle of the lane no lower than the dotted circle. This is to occupy the middle man in the zone. While this is taking place the short corner runner is headed the opposite short corner. If the point is stopped then he kicks it to the wing to lift the bottow wing on the 2-3....thus opening up the short corner. If the wing doesnt have shot we throw to the short corner and then hit our high post diving to the front of the rim. Simple but very effective, especially against the bumping 2-3 Syracuse type zone.
Re: Pick and Roll vs 2-3 zone?
January 05, 2009 04:54AM
How about the pass is to the high post? Thanks.
Re: Pick and Roll vs 2-3 zone?
January 06, 2009 02:45AM
If we throw to our high post at any times are rules are simple......shot/dump/weak. When the high post catches the first look should always be for a shot. If not the defense will play the next pass and it becomes extremely difficult to run offense. If a shot is not open we teach our post players to always look for your buddy. High Post looks for short corner player diving to front of the rim. The wings fly to the corners and the point gets "in vision of the post player". I stole this idea from Tom Izzo. If the bases of a 2-3 pinch on the short corner player the weakside corner is wide open for a shot. If the shot is not there, we drag the bottom defender up with a drag dribble and look to throw back to our short corner runner.....very effective vs. matchups.
Coach T
Re: Pick and Roll vs 2-3 zone?
January 06, 2009 04:22PM
We do a lot of ball screening on the wing. Attack to the middle of the floor. Someone has to step up and help. You have weakside shooter, opposite post stepping in, and someone run baseline. If top defender steps over for help, shooter is open and baseline defender has to come out thus short corner is open. If nobody steps over to help on drive, attack the rim. Opposite post should also be stepping in and posting up. Multiple options.
Re: Pick and Roll vs 2-3 zone?
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