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Read and React Offense
September 29, 2009 02:12AM
Hi guys,

Been reading heaps of reviews on the R and R offense. I understand the general concepts, and whilst it is a lot of simple logic, the package of it sounds great.
What i am interested in is who is running this offense right now, or in a previous system. How did you go in terms on wins and team offense.
At this point there is a lot of theory, and specualtion. How did people go executing this?

Coach GU
Gary Brendemuehl
Re: Read and React Offense
September 29, 2009 12:38PM

I suggest you go the the read and react site and read through the blog. It contains some good information that will give you a better feel for the system,.

Re: Read and React Offense
September 29, 2009 04:46PM

We implemented some of the read and react into our system last year. We won our league and played for the district championship and eventually lost in the trophy round at the state tournament.

I think the read and react was very effective for us but we did not use it exclusively and we really didn't get really good beyond the introductory layers. I do think it was more managable than trying to run motion which I don't believe we could have done effectively with our personnel last year. It does a nice job of simplifying the game for players who just don't have the floor IQ to run motion.

That being said, it has more limitations than motion and it can become fairly predicatable vs. a good defensive team at the varsity level if you are only using the introductory layers. Once we reached the postseason, it was less effective for us. I don't think that's an idictment of the offense, it was simply more a function of the limitations of our players. As we continued to face better competition, it became increasingly difficult for us to create effective dribble penetration.

I have nothing but good things to say about it and I think it helped make us a better team last year. I don't think (like any other offense) that it is for every team out there. It is a great developmental offense and if you have kids that can drive it and shoot it, then it's a great way to play. It's also a nice change of pace look if you run other things behind it.

We will still use it some this year but probably not as much. We have a shot clock in our state this year so I think that will change our approach somewhat but more importantly I have a team this year that will have to be more structured and more deliberately detemine who is handling the ball and where. I do think the principles of the read and react will really benefit us though particularly in late clock situations and/or when something we are trying to run breaks down. Our kids have become very good at shaping up and spotting off dribble penetration both on the perimeter and in the post and those are habits that will help anone regardless of what they run.
Coach GU
Re: Read and React Offense
September 30, 2009 12:42AM
Thanks for the review,

Does anyone else have comments. I have read multiple review, and the BB homepage blog, but want as much feedback as possible before I spend time and energy installing this. Who else has run this, any success, complaints?
My idea was to utilise the basic principals of the offense, and then when proficient at the basic, run some of the set looks of the principaled offense. Eg, i was thinking some of the on balls, staggers and really work the weave. I haven't got the DVD's yet, but was thinking I could make a call from the side on what to look for (keep in mind ball handler dictates the movement, not the defense). What are peoples thoughts on running it as your system, but options, or deliberate options out of the standard movements?

Coach GU
Re: Read and React Offense
October 14, 2009 12:01AM
I think the R and R is the answer to many things I have been seeking over the years....simplicity, ease of transitioning into, dont have to have many great players to do it, can build it into a program starting at a young age, teaches kids a way to play that could carry over even into an "open gym" setting where no coaching is allowed.
Smally Frys Coach
Re: Read and React Offense
October 18, 2009 06:30AM
I think the most important thing about the R&R offense is it truly just teachs good basketball movement. It's not a set play, it's movement based on the ball. If a player goes through the R&R, they will be able to take the skills sets learned through that system to any level of basketball, street, organized, etc... Obviously, as the higher layers would require some time to bake in, it'll be tough for youth coaches to get that high as they might not have time, but if a highschool implemented it across all levels, I could see the varsity players running a solid version of all 17 layers.
Coach GU
Re: Read and React Offense
October 19, 2009 12:50AM
I have started implementing this with my squad. The constant movement is definitely something i was unable to achieve running motion and princeton sets before (some of that is self explanatory).
It definitely reminds me of a motion, but obviously has set pre determined reactions which simplifies it for players. Right now i have implemented only layers 1 - 4, but it is starting to become automatic yet still looks a little messy as guys come around to reacting.
I am wondering who else man have used this system in games especially. How did it go, are there limitations to this.
I plan to let the players play, but also run "options" from it, such as the staggered screens.
Does anyone have any feedback once used?
Re: Read and React Offense
November 05, 2009 04:41PM
I actually coach at small college level and have used read and react for a few years. I think the offense has given us a nice template to teach our motion and really develop our players overall skill set. Initially, our kids saw it as "organized ball" that they had to figure out until we made them understand that many of them used the same concepts when they play pickup. The real key with this offense is players understanding their strengths and roles. With any motion offense, you run the risk of players trying to do what they can't.So we communicate roles to the players. For instance, we tell our forwards who are not as skilled dribbling/passing that they can't use the Speed Dribble but that they must use the Power Dribble read when under pressure.

On of the biggest issues we've had with our kids is the constant movement of the pass and cut action(by the way we teach the pass & cut first and N-S drive action second) can often lead to unproductive movement & poor spacing. When new kids come into the offense, they are too anxious in their cutting so what happens is guys who should be filling after a pass & cut end up cutting as well and there will be a jam in the lane. We really try to reinforce player with ball makes the read & others react. The other issue with cutting is players not making scoring cuts. Many kids get into the pseudo cutting of pass & cut away. We always tell are kids we want you to be a threat on 100% of cuts even if you don't get ball. A good basket cut can really be a great post up or post seal situation.

If I had any other advice to coaches, lay off circle reverse action until year two if you really want them to get the N-S action. I personally love the N-S drib action and we get tons of penetrate and dish,pitch,safety hits for scores. It takes a year to really understand the N-S action from my perspective.

We like the back screen action as well. What we tell our kids is that backscreen action can help them get open(a back screener will always be open if the defense is defending properly or the screenee will have a layup) and it can also help if you've made a mistake or want to get out of the post. For instance a player cuts and clears out to wrong side, initially our new guys will begin to "back it up" and perform unproductive movement. So if pass is made from top to wing(in 5 out set) & top basket cuts & vacates strong side he now can keep the offensive flow with a simple back screen.

I'd love to hear more from others and their use of the offense and what they do as far as quick hitters or set plays they use.
Wayne Walters
Re: Read and React Offense
November 06, 2009 12:23AM
I would love to send you my version so you could critique it but I need an e-mail address.
Coach GU
Re: Read and React Offense
November 06, 2009 03:07AM
Coach Walters,

send your notes to, would love to see your version of this.

Coach GU
Barry harris
Re: Read and React Offense
July 02, 2011 04:31AM
The read and react has been in my system and it had taught the players how to play. . In year one, I used it as the pass and cut but in year 2we actually developed a middle drive and automatic back cut and found out that we now back cut teams to death. We are now getting lots of backdoor layups. The main part of the offense is the drills. You must drill the actions into automatic reads. If you don't, the players will not do them.
Re: Read and React Offense
August 29, 2011 03:53PM
I have been researching the Read and React offense and have found lots of useful websites and notes. But none of them ever tell where the driver is suppose to fill out to wants he drives and kicks back out to the peremiter. Does he go to the corner? Stay and post up? Can anybody help me out??
Re: Read and React Offense
December 08, 2011 11:51PM
Coach - in most cases, if your dribbler kicked it out, it was because help D appeared in the lane, leaving a perimeter player open for the jumper.

In this case, your original attacker is in perfect position to assume one of the offensive rebound positions (probably center).

If the shot isn't taken, then yes, all the other "houses" fill up, leaving a corner open...OR....if you allow it, your player can set a back screen for any player he wants and assume their house.

Ton's o'options!
Re: Read and React Offense
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