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Best Defensive DVD
June 02, 2008 03:31AM
What are the top 3 or 5 best man to man defensive dvd's (Gillispie, Lowery, Huggins, Fox, Bennett, Dixon) ? Any HELP would be greatly appreciated. I own the Billy Gillispie and Bennett's dvd. Who is the best m2m dvd and WHY?
Re: Best Defensive DVD
June 03, 2008 09:24PM
Well, my personal recommendations are

1. Don Meyer
2. Bob Knight
3. Dick Bennett
Anonymous User
Re: Best Defensive DVD
June 12, 2008 07:08AM
I don't know about Meyer's. I haven't seen it. However, if I recall correctly, Knight and Bennett's stuff wouldn't really complement each other at all. Again, correct me if I'm wrong, but I remember Knight advocating for all out denial of all wing passes "on the line & up the line". Whereas Bennett encourages perimeter passes by dropping the defender that is one pass away into a pinched position in support of the ball defender. To me they seem to be contradictory philosophies.
Re: Best Defensive DVD
June 12, 2008 10:22AM
In Bennett's pressure defense video, his first one, he teaches full denial on wings in "up the line-on the line" position. It is often considered the quintessential video on the up and on the line philosophy.

His later video, the pack-line, is more conservative in terms of denial on the perimeter.

The Don Meyer video is very similar to the Bennett pressure defense video.

Knight's video has some minor differences in philosophy, however, many of the main ideas are the same, and the drills are applicable to just about any defense.
Re: Best Defensive DVD
July 10, 2008 04:04PM
Top 5 M2M Defensive videos? Great question. Here are my 5 I go back to over and over.:

First thing you have to ask your self is how do I want to play. Personally, we play a containing, pack line style of defense in that I believe dribble penetration into the lane hurts you more that anything else, followed by passes into the lane, offensive rebounds and finally, poor transition defense. With that in mind, thats where I start. The first thing we want to do is guard the ball and force him away from the rim to the sides. Next, we want to help from one pass away, not deny. With that in mind, here is my list:

1) Steve Alfords 8 Principles for M2M Defense - I love this video because he really talks about stopping the dribbler. He does a lot of 1 on 1 play in practice and focuses on staying square to your man and not "opening the gate". Based on this, I sell to my guys that if we can win what I call the one step race, you can contain your guy.

2) Tom Izzo's Basketball Smorgesborg - This isnt thought of as a defensive video but he goes through the series of breakdowns they do every day at Mich State and they work for us. He goes through his 1, 2, 3 and 4 man breakdowns, again, all initially predicated on stopping the dribble.

3) Dick Bennett's Pack Line - Outstanding. I know a lot of you guys are pressure / deny guys but this guy took lesser talent in the Pac 10 and held teams like UCLA to 41 points. Now I dont like that they force middle. I think the ball in the paint is bad. We force baseline but then take away baseline in the corners. That said, this video is full of great principles that can work in any defense.

4) Kevin O'Neill's Defensive Phylosophy and Drills for Successful Team Basketball (5-Star) - This is one of the 5 Star videos. I gotta tell you, this guy can coach his ass off. He is really good. He has coached at every level from Middle School to the NBA. I like how he puts in a defense that he can sort of adjust the pressure as he sees fit during the game. I also love how he guards and doubles the post. He doubles with his wing defender, butt to the baseline to maintain vision, but he doesnt double until the post puts it on the floor. Until then, it is too easy for him to kick out to a 3. We started doing this with fantastic results.

5a) Ed DeChellis 1-3-1 Video - I know this was about M2M, but we run a little 1-3-1 and I love how this guy teaches it. He traps less out of it and runs it more like a matchup. For an alternative to change things up, this is a good one.

5b) Jim Boeheim 2-3 Zone - He has 2 or 3 out and they are all sort of the same. If you are more of a 2-3 guy, no one runs it better than Beoheim.

Last thing, as I said, I am a man guy but we actually play about 10 to 15 minutes of half court 2-3 Zone vs. our 3-Guard Zone O and 10 to 15 minutes of half court 1-3-1 Zone vs. out 2 Guard Zone O at every practice (along with 10 to 15 minutes of half court man vs Open, our motion). We do this for 2 reasons. 1), we want to be good at Zone offense so if you zone us, my guys will react quickly and with great confidence. They believe that if you zone us, we will cut it up quickly. But just as importantly, 2), if I need to, while I am a man guy, I can zone you up quickly because we do run it every day in practice.

Anyway, sorry about the length of the post but I do love talking about this stuff with you guys,
Coach LeClaire
Re: Best Defensive DVD
July 11, 2008 12:11AM
Typo - In the above post, I amde a little error. The Kevin O'Neill video I like is called "The Complete Guide to Man to Man Defense", and again, it is by 5 Star. Sorry for the confusion. Great video top to bottom. Might be my all around favorite,

Re: Best Defensive DVD
July 11, 2008 03:04AM
CoachLeClaire do yall have a shot clock where you coach and what level do you coach at? I coach at a 2A high school in Texas and the biggest level is 5A. I can't decide if I want to pressure or pack the defense in. It seems that most teams do not have that many ballhandlers, but at the same time most teams do not have many if any shooters. In one of Tom Izzo's DVD he said that if he coached high school he would play a zone defense because of the lack of shooters.
Re: Best Defensive DVD
July 11, 2008 08:49PM
I run a large club program in CA so I have kids from the 3rd grade to Elite Varsity guys and I coach them all as much as schedules permit. Funny thing is, I learn something in every game I coach, from the littlest guys to the most Elite.

Anyway, I understand what Izzo is saying and if you play that Pack style of defense, it is sort of the best of both worlds. It is man with some great zone principles. With regard to ball handlers with your opponents, I am not saying dont pressure the ball. Quite the contrary. We say all defense starts with pressure the ball. We want to take away vision and force mistakes. Turn the guy twice and he will turn it over. That said, I prefer to protect the rim as opposed to denying a kid 20' from the rim. I am one of those guys that feels like we should pitch a shut out every time we play so gambling and spreading my guys out full court, while it creats chaos and works for a lot of guys just isnt my style. I am not saying its wrong, its just not me.

We want to do 4 things all the time:

1) Pressure the ball/Contest all shots.
2) No balls in the paint, by drive or pass.
3) 1 and Done, no 2nd shots
4 Dont foul shooters

If we can do that, we will win most of the time. Now it is easier said than done but I believe we can accomplish my goals better by playing 1 on the ball and 4 guys helping him and protecting the rim.

Good luck coach, if you have any questions, drop me a line at

Coach LeClaire
Re: Best Defensive DVD
August 01, 2008 09:12AM
Agreed, it depends in part on what kind of man system you want to run. My favourites in each category are
a) Pressure - Huggins (Dominating the box..), Avery Johnson, Larry Shyatt
b) Pack-line - Dick Bennett, Kevin O'Neill, Jack Bennett
c) Ball-line - Tubby Smith (10 rules for...)

There are variations within each system, e.g., Huggins has deny defenders help on penetration (but no direct pass), Florida (Shyatt) doesn't, and some teams don't force, they just play the dribbler straight up. We also use forcing left (force left hand, deny a pass to the attacking right, gap left), Dave Smart's system, but no DVD.
Re: Best Defensive DVD
August 02, 2008 03:35PM
EricJ, where can you find information on Dave Smart's defensive system? Do you coach high school kids?
Re: Best Defensive DVD
August 03, 2008 07:32PM
Yes, I coach high-school (and club) kids. I got the info from another coach who knows Dave Smart, and also uses forcing left. My write-up is at
Re: Best Defensive DVD
August 03, 2008 09:47PM
Was it hard for your kids to pick up?

Great site full of info! Thanks!
Re: Best Defensive DVD
August 04, 2008 07:49AM
I find it easier now for a couple of reasons. First, we start with gap defence as a base, then add pressure defence (deny one pass away) because other teams play it against us, and we may need a come-from-behind defence (we have a 24-second clock only in the play-offs). Then the progression to forcing left is fairly straight-forward, since the guys have figured out forcing, gapping and denying. The second reason is that I explain what are, in my mind, the pros and cons of different systems, and why I like forcing left because it tries to dictate what the offence will do with the ball. See
Anonymous User
Re: Best Defensive DVD
August 24, 2008 10:29PM
Have any of you used bob kloppenburg's "S.O.S."man 2 man defense?
Re: Best Defensive DVD
March 25, 2009 11:14PM
I like both of Bennett's DVD's pressure is awesome and so is the pack line. Great Coach, great defense.
Re: Best Defensive DVD
April 17, 2009 05:26PM
Sean Millers Packline dvd is really good.
Re: Best Defensive DVD
September 25, 2010 04:20PM
Is Sean Miller Packline dvd very similiar to Dick Bennett Packline dvd? Why is Miller dvd really good? Thanks in advance.
Re: Best Defensive DVD
August 09, 2018 04:55AM
I don't know much about DVDs, nice to find these suggestions.
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