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winter sandals
November 28, 2019 02:23AM
I love a comfortable shoe. I am pro-Dansko, I stan all Birkenstocks, and even though my feet are way too sweaty for a

Croc, I see you, Ariana, and I am jealous. During the summer, I’m constantly in and out of my Birkenstock Arizona EVA

sandals. Few shoes are more convenient and comfortable (and cool). Running to the store? Throw on my sandals. Last-

minute drinks at Birkenstock sale one of L.A.’s 2 million small-plates

restaurants? Throw on my sandals. Frances McDormand even wore

Birk sandals while PRESENTING AT THE OSCARS (albeit a pair co-created by Valentino), because she clearly gets that

standing for hours in comfy shoes is way better than standing for hours in heels. When I moved to L.A., I thought I

arrived in year-round sandal bliss. But I thought wrong. It gets cold here! (I hear every New Yorker rolling their eyes

while reading this.) Sure, it doesn’t get Sorel-boots cold, but it does get chilly enough that I am forced to retire

my Birkenstock sandals. I can muster wearing them with some cute socks through mid fall, but then November hits, and it

’s goodbye to my Birkenstock shoes sale favorite kind of comfy, convenient

footwear. Or so I thought.

Subu’s “winter sandals” entered my life this past January, on a visit to Akomeya, a Goop-approved store in the Chao

neighborhood of Tokyo. The shop is filled with all sorts of amazing gifts to bring home to lucky friends and family,

like beautifully wrapped bundles of rice, bamboo ear picks, or the Mount Fuji tea towel you never knew you needed. My

boyfriend, who loves a house shoe, first spotted the Subus among Akomeya’s curated selection. (He’s my boyfriend for

a reason people!) While they are technically slippers by design and appearance, Subus are not meant to be confined to

the house — they are Birkenstock sandals sale also meant to be worn out on

the town, or at least around the neighborhood.

Which is why I, and the brand, prefer to call them a winter sandal. The Tokyo-based company was born out of a

longstanding Japanese tradition of taking one’s shoes off when entering a home. In warmer months, this means sandals

are not surprisingly a popular choice of footwear, because nobody wants to lace up sneakers every time they need to

take out the trash, walk the dog, or meet their delivery person at the front door. But Tokyo gets cold in the winter,

so the company developed birkenstock shoes mens its shoes

to function as effortlessly as a sandal while providing comfort (and warmth) in cooler weather.
Re: winter sandals
December 10, 2019 09:07PM
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