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Neil D
Soft Hands Drill - Basketball/Football
November 27, 2012 09:03PM
Soft Hands Drill - Basketball - Football
This drill is a single player high repetition drill to teach the proper way to catch a ball and reaction to the ball with game like conditions. I believe it can be used in Football for receivers and defensive backs as well.
I developed this drill because I would work hard and shed my defender and be open for a easy basket only to have the pass bounce off my hands resulting in a turn over or allow the defense to recover and contest my shot. It didn't happen every time so it was extremely frustrating. I began to try to figure out why this was happening.
I began dribbling my basketball off the wall to try to help train my hands and it helped some. But it wasn't till I by chance used a rubber school yard ball that I figured out what was happening. I was using my whole hand to catch the ball. This meant that a hard pass or one that was at the wrong angle would hit my palms and bounce off. The bouncy rubber ball made the problem of catching worse, but, I could hear the ball hit my palms telling me why it bounced off. It would make the same sound hitting my palms of my hands as hitting the wall. Knowing this I began to train myself to catch with the fingers and the inch of the palm at the base of the fingers. This kept the ball from hitting my palms and bouncing off. I then added moving toward the wall and farther away from the wall, changing the speed of the dribble off the wall, moving along the wall dribbling off the wall, dribbling the ball higher and lower on the wall. This helped me to learn to catch ball under more game like conditions not just a perfectly thrown pass and get a lot of repetitions in a short time.
Soft hands Drill:
You will need a solid concrete or cinder block wall that is 20-30 feet or longer (drywall, paneling will be damaged) and a ball. I recommend starting with the rubber school yard balls then a basketball (mini basketball for football).
Stages 2-4 can be added, mixed as wanted.
Stage 1. Start by dribbling and catching two hand chest passes off the wall from 6-8 feet. Establish a rhythm then begin to speed up the dribble to as fast as you can, then slow the pace down. Challenge yourself to see how long and fast you can go.
Stage 2. Add moving closer and farther away from the wall to while dribbling against the wall.
Stage 3. Add moving (walking, running) along the wall while dribbling against the wall.
Stage 4. Add Dribbling the ball higher and lower on the wall. Mix it up so you are catching the ball at all heights and in front and behind you as well as right at you.
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