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Attacking Basketball 2-Pack

(See more by Trae Cunningham Andrew Grantz)

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Attacking Basketball 2-Pack

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  • Attacking Basketball 2-Pack
  • Attacking Basketball 2-Pack
  • Build an attacking offense that will create shots at the rim or wide open 3-point shots
  • Create possessions by speeding up your opponent's offense to create turnovers

Installing the Dribble Drive Motion Offense

with Andrew Grantz;
Our Lady of Providence (IN) High School Head Boys Basketball Coach;
former Indiana University Southeast Assistant Coach

and Trae Cunnigham,
former Indiana University Southeast Assistant Coach

Learn America's favorite offense! The Dribble Drive Motion Offense has taken the country by storm with its success at all levels. Learn the key concepts and essential terminology associated with this high paced, attacking offense - including the breakdown drills for each part of the offense that will allow your players to quickly learn the offense and get valuable skill development in, as well.

Indiana University Southeast has enjoyed much success since installing the dribble drive motion offense. The have become one of the top scoring teams in the country at the NAIA level. In the 2011-12 season they averaged 49.5% field goal percentage in the dribble drive motion offense. See how the coaching staff breaks down the system and how they teach their players to play within the offense.

Assistant coaches Andrew Grantz and Trae Cunningham take turns breaking down the offense and teaching the essentials so that any coach can easily install this player friendly attack. They demonstrate how to properly use NBA spacing to take full advantage of their "attack hard to the rim" mentality. The coaches break down the zones where the attacks begin and discuss how the players work into these areas and then quickly pass out of these areas.

Watch as the coaches diagram how to implement their dribble drive offense into your practice session. They demonstrate how to start out teaching your players the basic elements of the kick up/kick back movements of the offense. They use several build up drills to teach their players how the action and drives are supposed to look. By moving their players to different spots on the floor, they are able to demonstrate the kick out.

By the time you are at your fifth or sixth day, you have added all five offensive players into the mix and demonstrated how they are to move depending on where the drive comes from. With each day, they progress their offense a little more. This action is fantastic for high school coaches that are limited in the amount of time to implement an offensive system.

The coaches also run through a number of breakdown drills that emphasize their attack, attack, attack mentality on offense. Break out your guards and post players to maximize the time needed to teach the basic skills a player needs to thrive within the dribble drive motion offense.

Their warm-up drills are great for players to get loose, get a lot of shots up, and understand how the drives are supposed to develop. Their post player drill is great for any post that wants to dominate at his position by keeping the ball high and relocating once a guard drives to the rim. All of these drills simulate game action and truly make a good use of your practice time.

This comprehensive DVD includes quick game clips that demonstrate how each piece works and will truly make a believer out of any skeptic.

Bring this aggressive and fun attacking offense to your gym and see the amazing results both on the court and with your players. This is really a player friendly offense that constantly keeps your opponents on their heels.

100 minutes. 2012.

Full Court Trapping System and Breakdown Drills

with Andrew Grantz;
Our Lady of Providence (IN) High School Head Boys Basketball Coach;
former Indiana University Southeast Assistant Coach

and Trae Cunnigham,
former Indiana University Southeast Assistant Coach

Indiana University Southeast has established itself as one of the top defensive and scoring teams in the country. Their full court pressure mentality never allows their opponents to have a break on the offensive or defensive end. Their number one goal is to constantly pressure the ball and in this DVD, they detail how they do it using a full court trapping system.

Coaches Andrew Grantz and Trae Cunningham detail the Indiana University Southeast full court trapping defensive system by demonstrating their White, 22, 1 Up, and Face and Double Face presses. You can use each press to gain a distinct advantage over your opponent and leave them guessing as to which press will hit them next.

White Press
The White Press is a full court 1-2-1-1 defensive-system that aims to trap when the ball in the short corners of the court. Coach Grantz outlines how to place your players on the floor to create havoc on with deflections and steals. They emphasize and demonstrate how important it is to get a good trap at the start of the defense. Grantz and Cunningham demonstrate what to do in any situation if the trap is broken: sideline drive, pass to the middle, reversal, or a skip pass.

22 Press
The 22 Press is a soft 2-2-1 full court defensive system you can use to lull your opponent into a false sense of security and bait them toward the mid-court sideline area before springing an unexpected trap. You'll learn the techniques to pressure the ball handler and force him pass backwards to maintain your goal of keeping the ball out of the middle of the floor. Once the ball handler takes the bait (opening along the sideline), the ensuing trap occurs. By having active hands and keeping an ear to the chest of the offensive player, your opponent will feel uncomfortable from the minute they touch the ball.

1 Up Press
In the 1 Up Press, Grantz and Cunningham diagram a simple man-to-man press to provide the opponent with a non-zone based look. This scheme is designed to keep the ball handler under control and in front of the defense at all times with constant pressure and sideline focus on the ball. They take it a step further by demonstrating how they use their 1 Up Press to run and jump out of a man-to-man full court press. This allows them to gain a defensive advantage and has the offense constantly on their heels when passing.

Face and Double Face
In another version of their man-to-man press, Grantz and Cunningham outline how to use face and double face press to take away the quick point guard or hot hand that has been beating your team all night. You will see how to isolate your opponent's best player and force traps on their weakest ball handler leading to easy steals in the open court.

Each of these defensive schemes are sliced into specific segments and are drilled in order to teach angles to the trap, anticipation, and the 'on-a-line' approach to the movements within each scheme.

You will see build up drills and a variety of trapping drills to teach your players to have their ear to the chest of their opponent, how to maintain active hands in a trap, and how to transition right into defense after a made basket, not allowing your opponents any breathing room all night. And you can use these drills to condition your players to play at this high octane pace.

While constantly varying the schemes and areas of the floor where traps occur, Indiana University Southeast has consistently achieved a high level of success while piling up over 100+ wins in the past five years. Take advantage of these pressing systems and elevate both the defense prowess and attack

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