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Brad Underwood Open Practice 2-Pack

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Brad Underwood Open Practice 2-Pack

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  • Brad Underwood Open Practice 2-Pack
  • Brad Underwood Open Practice 2-Pack
  • Learn how to utilize the spread offense and score in less than seven seconds
  • Tailor your defensive drills based on scouting reports to maximize repetitions with the tactics you'll need to destroy your opponents' game plan

Brad Underwood Open Practice: Offense

with Brad Underwood,
University of Illinois Head Coach;
former Oklahoma State & Stephen F. Austin University Head Coach;
3x ('14-'16) Southland Conference Regular Season & Tournament Champions;
2x (2015 & 2014) Southland Conference Coach of the Year;
2014 Joe B. Hall Award Recipient (Nation's top first-year coach), 2014 Jim Phelan Award Finalist (top Division I coach), 2x (2015 & 2014) Hugh Durham Award Finalist (top mid-major coach)

Brad Underwood's spread offense has been one of the most efficient passing and scoring systems seen in the NCAA - the same offense he used during successful seasons at Stephen F. Austin and Oklahoma State.

On the court, you get a front row seat to see how Coach Underwood builds his offense from the ground up with skill drills, offensive breakdowns and controlled scrimmages. You'll learn in-depth nuances of the offense from Underwood and his assistants working with the team, breaking down the offense to develop bigs and guards.

Open Practice - Video/Disc 1

Coach Underwood shows the importance of teaching immediate flow from transition into your spread offense, individual development drills that prepare players for success within the spread, and how to prepare for an opponent that uses full-court pressure.

Underwood puts his players into intense, game-like practice situations; you'll see:

  • Drills to teach the spread offense
  • Multiple entries into the spread offense
  • An individual development drill designed for the spread
  • Instruction on how to defeat full and half court trapping situations

Learn the basics of Underwood's version of the spread offense and the entry flow options that will have transition defenses wondering what hit them.

At the beginning, Underwood goes over the X's and O's of his practice and his philosophies of player development. He emphasizes this individual development section of practice by training his players to complete passes, shots and footwork that the spread offense requires. In these sessions, Underwood teaches:

  • Fighting for position on the perimeter
  • How to use the high post 2-man game
  • Footwork and passing to the post
  • Dribbling attacks and techniques for the spread
  • How guards and bigs can defeat traps with footwork and sharp passes

Coach Underwood and his unique spread offense create post-up opportunities for every player on the court, while also allowing freedom for players to take advantage of mismatches on the perimeter by creating plenty of space for dribble attacks.

Open Practice - Video/Disc 2

This video stresses player development as Underwood offers plenty of ways to develop a fast-paced offense and a press break that is precise, and, fundamentally sound.

Watch as the players warm up using Star Passing. This drill requires concentration, precision and communication. Your team will progress from intense individual skill builders, to game-speed drills where players work on their offensive flow options in 5-on-5 and even 5-on-7 scrimmages. Everything focuses on trying to score in seven seconds or less.

Coach Underwood's players break out into position groups. The posts are taught the fundamentals necessary in the team's press break. This progression teaches players the importance of:

  • Moving towards the ball to receive a pass
  • Catching the ball on balance in a triple threat position
  • Aggressively pivoting with purpose to see the floor
  • Stepping through the trap to make a pass to the middle or down the sideline

Simultaneously, the guards are drilled on their duties in the press break. The skills taught to guards are:

  • Proper cuts to get open for the inbound pass
  • Positioning themselves off of the sideline to allow for better passing angels
  • Making a middle cut with precision
  • Brad Underwood Open Practice: Defense

    with Brad Underwood,
    University of Illinois Head Coach;
    former Oklahoma State & Stephen F. Austin University Head Coach;
    3x ('14-'16) Southland Conference Regular Season & Tournament Champions;
    2x (2015 & 2014) Southland Conference Coach of the Year;
    2014 Joe B. Hall Award Recipient (Nation's top first-year coach), 2014 Jim Phelan Award Finalist (top Division I coach), 2x (2015 & 2014) Hugh Durham Award Finalist (top mid-major coach)

    Brad Underwood has consistently built teams that thrive on creating chaos for their opponents with an imposing half court pressure man-to-man defense. This style is designed to force your opponent to deviate from their game plan with its intense ball pressure, pass denial, and toughness. Learn how you can take a team with lesser talent and win challenging games through discipline and overwhelming effort.

    These two practices give you an inside look into how this defense is installed through drills and scrimmage. You'll also get a chance to see how you can switch to attack your opponent with zone defense and full court pressure. Additionally, Underwood discusses his strategies for a variety of coaching and defensive topics.

    Lecture Segment

    Coach Underwood shares a wealth of information related to the philosophy and methodology that has guided him to consistent success in his coaching career. You'll gain insight into a variety of topics, including how to optimally structure your skill development program, how to demand maximum effort from your players on a daily basis, and how to design your practices for the best results.

    You'll also get an in-depth explanation of Underwood's approach to half court man-to-man pressure defense. He describes the terminology and teaching points that his coaching staff use to teach players how to challenge every pass with aggressive denial and shrink the floor to provide help on dribble penetration. Using different ball screen strategies to force your opponent toward their weaknesses and fighting through screens by "going third" are also covered.

    Up-the-Line, On-the-Line Denial

    The basis of Underwood's defensive philosophy comes from the concept of up-the-line, on-the-line denial. This means no direct passes are allowed to be made regardless of how many passes from the ball the player being guarded is.

    Up-the-line, on-the-line denial forces teams to become more one-on-one oriented. The positioning of any off-ball defender requires one hand and one foot in the passing lane. This forces soft passes to either go over or go under and never on a direct line. This gives the defense time to jump to the ball or the defender and time to tip, deflect, or intercept the pass.

    Ball Screen Defense

    Coach Underwood discusses the three main ways in which his teams defend ball screens.

    With the ball on the offense's left side of the floor, "Blue" is the call, forcing the dribbler to the baseline and away from the ball screen. The top help-side defender rotates hard in the direction of the ball screener looking for a possible steal, something that typically happens at least once a game.

    If the ball is on the offense's right side of the floor, "Red" is the call. This hard hedge is designed to force the dribbler up the sideline and keep them out of the middle of the floor. The rotation takes away ball reversals, and guards against pick & pop and pick & roll action.

    On flat ball screens in the middle of the floor, "White" is called. These ball screens, typically made because of ball pressure, force the ball-handler to go to their left where they are then guarded by two defenders. Rotation is designed to take away pick & pop action and provide effective help.

    Fundamental Defensive Drills

    Learn six practice drills that present the teaching points you'll need to teach players the fundamentals needed in this aggressive style of play. The T

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