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'Chaos' Full Court Pressure Defense

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'Chaos' Full Court Pressure Defense

'Chaos' Full Court Pressure Defense

Throw many defensive looks at your opponents to lead them into chaos while on offense!

  • Get multiple full court and half court trapping systems that speed up ball handlers and keep your opponent off balance
  • Learn to focus more on transition defense and offense to disrupt your opponent's rhythm
  • Install a fun, up-tempo pressing system in your program to create a style of play that all of your athletes will love!

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with Brian Field,
Providence Day School (NC) Head Coach;
2016 USA Today North Carolina Coach of the Year; 2016 North Carolina (NCISAA) 3A State Championship

Brian Field has learned from some of the best minds in high school basketball, such as Dave Price, Kipper Todd and David Carrier. Along the way, Field built a full court pressing system based on the details and philosophies from each coach. His system is one of the most chaotic full court defensive systems in today's game thanks to its ability to create traps all over the court.

In this video, you'll learn the ins and outs of how Coach Field utilizes his intimidating pressing system.

Black 1-2-1-1

In your typical 1-2-1-1 full court trapping defense, you work to speed up your opponent and force rushed shots and bad passes. In this system, Field uses this same philosophy and adds a flooding system. Once the ball is rotated to the front court and into the deep corner, the defense floods the paint in order to protect the rim from easy baskets. Field uses this system off of any made basket in the paint.

As you force your opponents to take rushed shots or turn the ball over, your team also works to create re-trapping angles and opportunities. Communication is a must for this defense!

White Run and Jump

Building on his system, Coach Field shows his man-to-man run-and-jump press. In the demonstration, he describes the element of surprise and why he doesn't use this as a typical run-and-jump press.

Once the offense turns their back at half court, Field uses his trail defender to sprint ahead and trap just after half court, only allowing a long, cross-court skip pass as an open look out of the trap. By taking away passing lanes with off-ball defenders, your team will create deflections and pressure all over the floor.

Full 2-2-1

In a more traditional approach, Field uses his 2-2-1 full court press to speed up opponents and force traps just past half court. Starting in an offset alignment to the right, he plays into his opponents' strengths and forces them up the sideline into a trap with his most athletic and long players. As the ball is moved up the floor, he also has his trapping players creep up the floor. Players learn to trust each other as they sell out once the traps occur to cover open areas.

Blue 2-3 Zone Trap

Used after a timeout or change of a quarter, Field takes advantage of a stoppage in play to change the pace. Using a packed-in style of play, guards start the trap once the ball goes below the free throw line. Your defenders will focus on trapping in the deep corner and only allowing a skip pass (that oftentimes sails into the stands!).

Pink 1-3-1

Rounding out Field's chaos pressing system is the 1-3-1 half court trap where players fly all over the floor trapping in the four corners. Field uses this trapping defense to trap in the high corners, low corners, or all over; this style of defense is used at a stoppage of play or during a timeout.

Coach Field has constructed a system that will allow your team to play up-tempo and have fun playing fast. Use it with your team this season to create more turnovers and score more points!

78 minutes. 2018.

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